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Example sentences for "genuinely"

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  1. The final episode of the sudden aging of the miraculously long-lived swans is also genuinely Irish, but its true significance is obscured in our story in a way that sufficiently demonstrates the late and secondary character of the text.

  2. The origin and nature of the story, all the elements of which are genuinely national, assured for it wide and lasting popularity.

  3. Imagine, then, my satisfaction in finding these two things, tales that I could not only admire genuinely but that I could publish, things that ought to have an interest for all who knew even a little about life.

  4. It was one of an agile geniality, unmarred by thought of a serious character but warm and genuinely tender and with a taste for simple beauty which was most impressive.

  5. Dick, in addition to his genuinely lively mental interests, was a most romantic person on one side, a most puling and complaining soul on the other.

  6. And thus it seems that this most popular of the Breton folk-beliefs is genuinely Celtic and extremely ancient.

  7. Molly, genuinely distressed, knit her brows, not knowing what to do.

  8. He was genuinely interested; that was all.

  9. You see, that I am dressing up a genuinely German, and therefore domestic, psychological riddle into a foreign, oriental garment, to make it more interesting and to be able to solve it in a more understandable manner.

  10. It would be difficult to find a prettier room than the dining-room, which our artist has drawn with care; but much of its beauty depends upon the soft colors and tints of its walls and its genuinely old furniture.

  11. A genuinely old thing is competed for furiously; and as it is apt to go with the longest purse rather than the finest taste, we find the past as often re-appearing in a domestic curiosity-shop as in a beautiful interior.

  12. For divine as well as genuinely human purposes it must be subdued and eventually left behind.

  13. The Fourth Party therefore, after the second reading, became the friends of the Reform Bill and genuinely and materially assisted its passage.

  14. For Laurence knew that Arthur was genuinely distressed and suffering; he knew his cousin to be as incapable of sulky or resentful temper as of dissimulation or intentional treachery.

  15. His insight into life is tempered by a deep sincerity and piety; his work is genuinely and powerfully felt.

  16. Again, decoration may employ in its service details that in themselves are genuinely representative art.

  17. Toward the shaping of his own style he is helped by the practice of others, but he is helped and not hindered only in so far as the manner of others can be made genuinely the expression of his own feeling.

  18. Has the painter through these forms, however crude or however accomplished, uttered what he genuinely and for himself thought and felt?

  19. It pleased Rodney thus to give away whatever his friends genuinely admired.

  20. I believe I care for you more genuinely than nine men out of ten care for the women they're in love with.

  21. Only one more name need be mentioned among the ancients--that of Ptolemy, who seemed possessed of a genuinely scientific spirit.

  22. There are also some works that are genuinely Malay in origin and inspiration, and probably of a date that would put them between the ancient and modern periods.

  23. There is always a good deal of youth left in any one who genuinely loves youth; and Gerard always spoke of his youth as Adam, in his declining years, might have spoken of Paradise.

  24. For in any department of life where one is genuinely interested, he will be zealous beyond belief.

  25. Eddy said he did genuinely feel he wanted to do it.

  26. There were few people so kind-hearted, so genuinely courteous and well-bred.

  27. You genuinely feel you want to do this, do you?

  28. I give Dante my highest praise when I say of his Divine Comedy that it is, in all senses, genuinely a Song.

  29. Combined with such an intellectual gift as his, it makes pictures of a certain gorgeous attractiveness: but they are not genuinely poetical.

  30. Cromwell's Inauguration was by the Sword and Bible; what we must call a genuinely true one.

  31. Moskowszki his first taste of international fame, but in spite of much that is genuinely beautiful, especially in its opening melody, I think the work suffers from undue length.

  32. This may not always appeal to the musical elect, but think what it means to the great mass of those who are genuinely musical but have lacked the opportunity for musical study or to those whose taste for music never has been brought out.

  33. You are a genuine music lover, genuinely musical, but you can't play.

  34. Tony was not without his faults, as we shall see, but he genuinely disliked to make other people uncomfortable.

  35. He genuinely believed that Doctor Forester had made a mistake in taking Finch at Deal, and the passage of words with Morris on the occasion of the boy’s arrival, had irritated him intensely.

  36. Jimmie, genuinely distressed by this first serious difference in their congenial little circle, went over to Mr. Morris’s room, and took him into his confidence on the subject.

  37. I have been genuinely lacking in sympathy more than once.

  38. But the little man was so genuinely human and unaffected and so openly scorned all toadyism that they soon forgot his greatness in the financial world and accepted him simply as a good fellow and an invariably cheerful comrade.

  39. But the reaction is false, and hence misleading, in what it ignores and denies: the presence of genuinely intellectual factors in existing powers and interests.

  40. What activities of their own may bring it home to them as a genuinely significant principle?

  41. It was eminently characteristic of them that instead of being a little annoyed at being told that an article had appeared in The Spectator with an unexpected literary charm, they were as genuinely delighted as I was.

  42. Further, he must be genuinely and actively interested in his own life and therefore write about it willingly and with zest.

  43. You always appeared to be, and I think genuinely were, quite as much interested in other people's ideas or personalities as in your own--or even more interested.

  44. I tasted, indeed, almost every form of athleticism and genuinely smacked my lips at the flavour of each in turn, yet never bothered about the super-pleasure which comes from doing such things as well as they can be done.

  45. I should have been genuinely pleased to have pleased them, but as I had clearly failed in that, I did not trouble about it further.

  46. Rhodes was, I believe, genuinely "haunted" by the problem which he could not solve.

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