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Example sentences for "genuineness"

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genuflections; genuflexions; genug; genuine; genuinely; genuit; genus; genuwine; genz; geocentric
  1. Do you doubt the genuineness of the miracle that took place under our very eyes?

  2. He doubted the genuineness of this divine manifestation!

  3. Defn: A new metallic element, of doubtful genuineness and uncertain indentification, said to exist in certain minerals, as columbite.

  4. To ascertain or establish the genuineness or validity of; to verify; as, to prove a will.

  5. The evidence, both internal and external, against the genuineness of these letters, is overwhelming.

  6. They are described in a work attributed to Philo, the genuineness and credibility of which are now much discredited.

  7. Forgery is more properly applied to making a false imitation of an instrument depending on signatures to show genuineness and validity.

  8. It may be doubtful whether it was really Julie who enounced the principle of renunciation, but there can be no doubt of the genuineness of the next speech attributed to her.

  9. The genuineness of several of them is attested by papal briefs.

  10. Mr. Conant refers to Mr. Pidgeon's work in such a way as to give the impression that he was convinced of the genuineness of his account.

  11. It is this statement that causes many to shut their eyes to what would be otherwise at once admitted and refuse to believe the genuineness of the discovery.

  12. Robertson, to prove the genuineness of the letters, are next examined.

  13. But there are still more reasons for doubting the genuineness of these letters.

  14. It is impossible to deny the truth of his statement, or the genuineness of his certificates.

  15. There is, unfortunately, no documentary evidence to sustain the genuineness of this report; but whatever its origin, it is so nearly contemporary that it probably contains some truth.

  16. I requested my naturalist’s opinion of the genuineness of the animal and he said he could not conceive how it could have been manufactured, for he never saw a monkey with such peculiar teeth, arms, hands, etc.

  17. Forgery is more properly applied to making a false imitation of an instrument depending on signatures to show genuineness and validity.

  18. A new metallic element, of doubtful genuineness and uncertain indentification, said to exist in certain minerals, as columbite.

  19. There is no reason that I know for doubting the genuineness of the present instrument.

  20. As we have already observed, he lost confidence in the genuineness of Jefferson's professions of friendship; and, from this time, there was no correspondence between them.

  21. If he had examined the claims of the Highland seers with half the severity with which he sifted the evidence for the genuineness of Fingal, he would, we suspect, have come away from Scotland with a mind fully made up.

  22. Their genuineness has been discussed ever since.

  23. Many witnesses were called to prove the genuineness of the three names.

  24. The owner, who had paid several pounds for it, declared he could vouch for its genuineness beyond the shadow of a doubt!

  25. The plan of expressing suspicion by obeli was a good one--it raised the question of genuineness without foreclosing it.

  26. Now such a signification raises no presumption whatever against the genuineness of the passage: because we have one distinct and unquestionable case in Homer of an established festival of a deity, that namely of Apollo in the Odyssey.

  27. I do not deny that there are various passages, of which the genuineness is fair matter for discussion.

  28. But the standard by which they gauged the genuineness of the productions was not caligraphic, but literary.

  29. When the expert has been called upon to give an opinion upon the genuineness of writings he embodies his conclusions in a report of which the following may be taken as a fair example:-- To the Chief of Police.

  30. Fortunately the facilities for comparing and testing the genuineness of the autographs of every distinguished person whose holographs are most in favour with the forger, are numerous.

  31. There was no mistaking the genuineness nor the nature of the emotion which made her voice vibrate.

  32. She had felt, too, the genuineness of his interest when, later, she had repeated to him many of the stories White Antelope had told her of the days when he and her father had trapped and hunted together in the big woods to the north.

  33. The joy and peace produced in the souls of many who submit to these ministrations, arise not from the genuineness of the ordinance.

  34. And the penitent has to test the genuineness of his contrition by unmistakable obligations to be complied with, if forgiveness of sin is to be obtained.

  35. But the infatuation of those who are wizards by vocation may be incorrigible by any kind of evidence: especially as to the genuineness of anotheraEuro(TM)s performance.

  36. This, Chimer considered, proved that Isaac dead was more or less of the same disobliging nature as Isaac had been living--a strong collateral evidence of the genuineness of both his messages from the unseen.

  37. Nostromo had lost his peace; the genuineness of all his qualities was destroyed.

  38. A wavering wildness of expression, caused by the passing spasms of a slight colic which had declared itself suddenly, and the rattling teeth of repressed panic, had a genuineness which impressed the envoy.

  39. After a sufficient time had elapsed to demonstrate the genuineness and unfading glory of her experience, Elizabeth wrote home a plain account of it, concealing nothing.

  40. To those who have not passed through such painful experiences I may recommend the brief discussion of the genuineness of the "Casket Letters" in my friend Mr. Skelton's interesting book, Maitland of Lethington.

  41. True for Justin: but there is a school of theological critics, who more or less question the historical reality of Paul and the genuineness of even the four cardinal epistles.

  42. The antiquity and the genuineness of both types cannot be doubted.

  43. The process of registration at that time was regulated by a late law devised to afford the best security then possible for the genuineness of deeds, as far as attestation went.

  44. In one corner, and standing in a leafy and grassy shelter somewhat away from the vegetables, is the poet's tomb, which has a kind of claim to genuineness by virtue of its improbable appearance.

  45. As to the authenticity of the house I think there can be no doubt, and as to the genuineness of the relics there, nothing in the world could shake my faith in them, though Muratori certainly characterizes them as "superstitions.

  46. There is no thought of calling in question the genuineness of "Moses and the Prophets;" but perhaps "if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.

  47. It is deemed clever to doubt the genuineness of Scripture,--fatal, detestable cleverness, from which may the good Lord deliver us!

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