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Example sentences for "gruelling"

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grudging; grudgingly; grue; gruel; grueling; gruels; grueso; gruesome; gruff; gruffer
  1. Shilling held Worth's head straight during the last gruelling sixteenth and the colt dashed before the grand stand a neck ahead of Duval.

  2. George Smith was in third position, and Jockey Johnny Loftus was carefully nursing him along reserving his speed for the gruelling drive through the stretch, which he knew must come.

  3. They were worse the next day and still worse the next, dragging back ready for another gruelling pummelling by the following Saturday.

  4. The bloody business of D-Day was, as the troops well realized, only a beginning, for the long, gruelling fight which began the next morning.

  5. The six racers took the water and the gruelling contest began, with two hundred pairs of eyes fastened upon their shining muscles, sleek heads, and straining bodies.

  6. His confidence was justified, for Baseball Joe won out after a gruelling struggle.

  7. Jim had pitched that day and won, after a gruelling contest, and Joe had varied his ordinary routine by knocking out two home runs instead of one.

  8. Gone was the inward despondency which had gripped them since their gruelling loss to Larwood.

  9. There were no expressions of surprise at the sight, only wonderment that John Brown's eleven had withstood the gruelling attack that long.

  10. He and Perk had a double room with twin beds and were not long in turning in, both of them being more or less tired after a gruelling day aloft.

  11. After a hasty lunch, they returned to the gruelling task.

  12. After your gruelling flight of yesterday it will do you good to be out of the air for at least a day.

  13. His thoughts drifted back over their life together, months of gruelling toil and--delight.

  14. In three days of gruelling toil Marcel had got within ninety miles of his goal--within a day and a half of Whale River had the trail been ice hard.

  15. There seemed little likelihood that the French or the British, after three years of frightfully gruelling war, could add materially to their forces.

  16. Here was visible evidence to the Germans that their enemies had finally abandoned the fight after nearly four hours of as frightful gruelling as any ship had ever received.

  17. In the Negative A battalion of the London Regiment had been having a particularly gruelling time in the trenches, but some of the men were cheered with thoughts of impending leave.

  18. Under the Cart The place was a rest billet, which we had just reached after a gruelling on the Somme.

  19. And into the whirl of it Carter Brent plunged with a zest born of youth and of muscles iron-hard from the gruelling trail.

  20. It was out of the question to think of returning to Lashing Water, if he would--the baby could not stand five hundred miles of gruelling winter-trail.

  21. Men and mules had been lost in the recent gruelling service.

  22. But Mr. Leonard had taken great pains to inform them that the successful long-distance runners always take things moderately easy in the beginning of a race, preserving as much vigor as possible for the gruelling finish.

  23. He knew all about that gruelling finish of the big race in the bargain, some of those Allandale chaps passing by in vehicles having readily informed him as to the winner, and what a tremendously thrilling sight the finish had been.

  24. To him came recognition that immediate resistance was necessary to prevent the advent of a gruelling course of physical training, repugnant to his flesh and revolting to his soul.

  25. The boys were doing well, much better than anyone had ever believed possible; but, of course, the gruelling pace must be beginning to tell upon them.

  26. Yes, I'd be willing to stand my gruelling and not whimper if only it turned up.

  27. After the last long weeks of doubt, after the last day of gruelling fear, after the terror of the last half hour, such things as these were soul-satisfying.

  28. Then he pressed one knee into the pit of Wilson's stomach with gruelling pain.

  29. The 5th is a gruelling day; at its close the defenders themselves are amazed at the fact that they are still withstanding the foe.

  30. Major fell prostrate to the ground, and, with a wild, blood-curdling warwhoop, the Seminole warriors discharged a gruelling volley into the advancing column.

  31. But they were met by a gruelling volley, and with the cry of "No quarter!

  32. One can well imagine how the lonely father, doing his distant and gruelling duty, treasured the dainty letters full of quaint stories of childish sayings.

  33. There were some doubtful looks over his selection, but everyone was willing to admit that while he was not as good as Bricktop, he might do after some gruelling practice.

  34. It was one afternoon, following a gruelling hour on the field, that as Tom, his two chums, and Frank were walking toward the gymnasium, they saw several members of the faculty entering the house of President Churchill.

  35. A Chinese cook served hot coffee, bacon and eggs and the food gave Tim new courage and enthusiasm to resume his gruelling search.

  36. After an hour and a half of the gruelling work, Mitchell was exhausted and Ralph decided that it would be best for them to wait until morning before continuing their journey.

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