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Example sentences for "inclement"

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  1. This request was, he explained, his primary motive in subjecting one who held quiet in such esteem to the discomforts of this inclement season.

  2. I did not think of seeking repose in that barbarous and uninviting land, with its inclement sky.

  3. In general, it is advisable to protect the animals so far as possible from inclement weather conditions, such as cold rains, heavy dews, and frosts.

  4. Exposure to cold or inclement weather may produce the disease, especially in debilitated animals or animals fed improperly.

  5. Throughout the whole continuance of the inclement season, they had caused alarms on the frontiers; and, in one or two instances their renowned Sachem had taken signal vengeance for the dire affair in which his people had so heavily suffered.

  6. The weather, too, was inclement and stormy beyond anything that had been known before.

  7. The window shutters had been mended, and could now be used for keeping out inclement wind.

  8. A fireplace and chimney had been contrived in one corner, and some rude shutters had been affixed to keep out the cold air at night, or in inclement weather.

  9. It is economy to provide a warm shelter through the inclement season for all animals, and especially for colts, which, with all other young, should have an abundance of nutritious food.

  10. At Koosh-ab the Seventy-eighth was present with credit; although that success was achieved rather by diligent perseverance in long marches and battling with inclement weather, than by any very remarkable feat of arms.

  11. In most inclement weather, with the canopy of heaven for our covering, wet, cold, and hungry, we were generally marching day and night.

  12. After waiting for some time the rain showed no sign of abating, and as it was already growing dark they decided to continue their journey in spite of the inclement weather.

  13. Your Excellency will understand that at this inclement season it will require time to restore us, and troops to protect us after we are there, for the threats of the mob have not ceased.

  14. Kane, who, from motives of pure benevolence and without any official character or pecuniary compensation, visited Utah during the last inclement winter for the purpose of contributing to the pacification of the Territory.

  15. In the midst of the mountains, in a dreary, unsettled, and inhospitable region, more than a thousand miles from home, they passed the severe and inclement winter without a murmur.

  16. The story of that inclement winter march across the hills, with its attempts at rescue and numberless adventures, would make a charming book for English children.

  17. It was in the inclement month of January: I was starved and half clad.

  18. The whole edifice was built upon rows of stone columns, that permitted the boys a sheltered play-ground beneath the school-room in inclement or rainy weather.

  19. She hunts out a retreat in the ground and passes the winter there, doubtless in a torpid state, as she stores no food against the inclement season.

  20. During the inclement season Downy is anything but chivalrous or even generous.

  21. Birds not of a feather flock together at this inclement season.

  22. Accustomed to warmer lands, men and horses starved with cold and famine in the inclement and foodless Cordillera.

  23. The surrounding vegetation is poor and of melancholy aspect, and corresponds with the inclement situation.

  24. Behold the war-worn and hungry Spaniards, lean and tattered from marching and privations in the inclement uplands, now installed in comfort in the centre of the powerful Tlascalan capital.

  25. It is extremely gratifying to be assured by your presence here this inclement day, and by the kind words which you have addressed to me through your representatives, that I have some part in your friendly regard as an individual.

  26. After the President's address an effort was made to present the veterans individually, but the inclement weather forbade it.

  27. The inclement character of the day has driven us to shelter, and the finding of a shelter has consumed some small part of the allotment of time which our schedule gives to you.

  28. The President responded as follows: My Fellow-citizens--I feel that it would be cruel to prolong this exposure which you are enduring in the inclement weather of the day.

  29. We are glad to welcome you to Indiana, but regret that this inclement day and our muddy streets have thrown about your visit so many incidents of discomfort.

  30. Smaller and ever smaller species have been developed by natural selection to suit the peculiarities of these inclement spots.

  31. But most of those employed in this duty took advantage of it to strip the prisoners, whom to the number of fifty they left almost as naked as they were born, and exposed to all the rigours of the inclement month of January.

  32. Without experience, a lively imagination alone can picture the toil, suffering, and exposure of a journey through the tangled forests and half-submerged bogs and marshes of Canada, in the most inclement season of the year.

  33. Champlain's personal presence was not required at Quebec during the winter, as no active enterprise could be carried forward in that inclement season, and he decided, therefore, to return to France.

  34. The weather has been most inclement and the soldierly spirit in which the troops bore their discomforts was most praiseworthy.

  35. The annual training in camp took place this year at Frith Hill, Aldershot, and was notable for the inclement weather experienced.

  36. In keeping the order of General Wilson the Saints had to leave their crops and houses, and to live in tents and wagons, in this inclement season of the year.

  37. They are entirely willing to leave our state, so soon as this inclement season is over; and a number have already left, and are leaving daily, scattering themselves to the four winds of the earth.

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