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Example sentences for "ashtray"

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ashen; ashes; ashine; ashlar; ashore; ashure; ashy; asi; aside; asides
  1. I flicked ashes in the general direction of the ashtray on Henderson's desk.

  2. The waiting room was cozy and surprisingly large, large enough to comfortably hold the six maroon leather sofas scattered here and there on the pale green carpet, flanked by bronze ashtray stands.

  3. The cigarette tasted terrible and he put it out in an ashtray from the chair-covered table.

  4. He jammed it into a deep ashtray and put the ashtray back into his desk drawer.

  5. Clearing the ashtray aside, he put the paper on the table and divided the paper into three vertical columns with the pencil.

  6. He put his half-smoked cigar carefully in an ashtray and stood up.

  7. He came over to Malone's desk, looked around for an ashtray and didn't find one, and finally went to the window and tossed the cigarette out into the Washington breeze.

  8. But, in the end, he rejected the notion as being too complicated, and merely sat back in a chair, with an ashtray conveniently on a table by his side, and smoked and thought.

  9. Link picked at the label of his beer bottle and added to the dandruff of shredded paper in the ashtray before him.

  10. He pawed around for an ashtray and discovered that it had been removed, along with the lighter, from the rental car's dashboard.

  11. Downstairs in the living room, on a little table in the southeast corner of the room, you'll find a red glass ashtray which no one but Dexter Sprague used all evening.

  12. CELIA viciously presses cigarette down on ashtray and puts it out.

  13. On table, a lighted lamp and an English periodical, also an ashtray and a vase of spring flowers.

  14. On table are two decks of cards, an ashtray and two bridge-markers and pencils.

  15. Then I came across something that looked like an ashtray with a blue electric shimmer obscuring the bottom of the bowl.

  16. I emptied the pipe into the ashtray and that went, too.

  17. An ashtray with a magnet in its base to hold it to the metal edge of the table.

  18. As he lifted the ashtray there was a concerted gasp from all sides.

  19. By the time he returned, Little Fuzzy had gotten up on the chair, found his pipe in the ashtray and was puffing on it and coughing.

  20. Mr. Chief Justice Frederic Pendarvis moved the ashtray a few inches to the right and the slender vase with the spray of starflowers a few inches to the left.

  21. It infuriated him when she casually usurped his body to bring an ashtray to her side, or to stop him when his hands presumed.

  22. The ashtray assumed a new identity--a scattered pile of broken glass.

  23. Flinn sat in one of the several dozen chairs between Wilmer and Hayes and looked at a glass ashtray that lay on the part of the long table just in front of him.

  24. Lighting a cigarette; then, bound to the telephone with no ashtray in reach, wondering what to do with this burning menace and anxiously trying to toss it into the tiled bathroom.

  25. He waited till she should have finished, but as he rejoiced at her quick crushing of its light on the ashtray she said, "Don't you want to give me another cigarette?

  26. While there, Marina--there is an ashtray on the dressing table.

  27. And Marina comes with bits of paper, and puts them in the ashtray and strikes a match to it.

  28. The blow from the brass ashtray wasn't a sharp pain any longer.

  29. The something had been a small brass ashtray that Sam had thrown at him.

  30. From the side, a hovering waiter produced a shallow ashtray of white china and set it near his elbow.

  31. Please," he said, setting the ashtray in the middle of the table, "do call me Antoine.

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