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  1. But Diderot's asides are usually in less tragic matter.

  2. As, in the glints of emotions under emergencies, and the indirect traits and asides in Plutarch, we get far profounder clues to the antique world than all its more formal history.

  3. In very old and primitive ballads I have come across lines or asides that suggest it.

  4. Usually they are irrelevant and inartistic asides by the author.

  5. While many of the asides and interjections are gross, vulgar, and, seemingly, pointless, others show a pretty and pungent wit.

  6. Twice during the meal she retailed Newton's tender asides to his wife, asking, laughingly, if she recognized the vintage.

  7. Every hour convinced me that the two understood each other, not merely from the little asides and confidences they kept exchanging, but even more so from the way Miss Cullen would take his lordship down occasionally.

  8. His illustration of Sir John Brute is, however, not wholly fortunate, for his asides are not conventional but are characterizing touches.

  9. Asides in which the speaker merely says to the audience what he might perfectly well say to the people on the stage are foolish unless the author wishes to make the point that the character has the habit of talking to himself.

  10. Asides of the first group, confidential remarks, gain much in naturalness if spoken in half tones.

  11. In this once popular drama we have five asides close together, for of course "to himself" is the equivalent of an aside.

  12. Asides which are only brief soliloquies are little better.

  13. Study the asides of Sir John Brute--they are not very many after all--and note that practically every one might be said directly to the people on the stage.

  14. This question with its asides and amendments kept us talking all day; for a norther had sprung up, and it was too cold for any of us to venture outside.

  15. For I did not forget that all Robert's energies at this time were required for one end and object, and that the smaller asides of individual feelings must not be allowed to interfere with that purpose.

  16. His perpetual flow of asides is pleasant because the asides are piquant and, in their way, to the point.

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