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Example sentences for "hasp"

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  1. But there is one circumstance that can not fail to strike you forcibly, namely, that the lid was evidently broken off from behind while the hasp and lock remain intact.

  2. At once he slid the door close, and pushed the hasp in.

  3. In a moment, as Jack crouched outside the door, with the heavy hasp in his hand, he heard the slight jar that showed that Pete had done his part.

  4. The hasp is broken, but it makes a pretty bracelet.

  5. He seemed intent on the hasp of the gate.

  6. I don't think I'll tell you how the hasp got broken--little accident as the lady who wore it gave it to me.

  7. Then those who had passed from the roof had been calm enough to hasp the door behind them; that did not look like violence.

  8. Curious Plate of Copper (perhaps a Hasp of the Chest), with Discs fixed on one end, and a Silver Vase welded to the other by the conflagration.

  9. Schliemann supposes it to have formed a hasp to the lid of the wooden chest in which the Treasure was packed.

  10. If the hasp should give way, he and Jarvis would stand face to face.

  11. The iron hasp of the lych-gate to the churchyard was heard to chink, and at the same moment there was the sound of hurrying footsteps on the paved way.

  12. To a hasp in the jamb of the doorway the big mare was tethered, and in the draught between the two openings the lad Davy with wandering mind was kindling a fire of gorse over two stones.

  13. Only as the car slowed down in front of the third-rate hotel did Clo touch the hasp of the gray suede bag.

  14. She picked at the metal hasp which covered the cheap lock.

  15. The padlock and hasp had been forced, and the door was closed but unlocked.

  16. For Manning, as did the other S S men, had attached a hasp and pick-proof padlock to his door.

  17. We must slip out," decreed Juve, as he turned the hasp of the window with infinite care and set it ajar to reach the balcony.

  18. I passed my hand inside and worked the hasp of the window.

  19. An upright post, a hasp of iron around your neck and it, a wheel to screw that hasp tight to the post--with your neck between them!

  20. He opened this gate by kicking up the hasp with the toe of his boot, and found himself at once in the inmost sanctuary.

  21. But they had never been tortured, never shut up in a dungeon with wild beasts in the next compartment, and no hasp on the door.

  22. She has joined the two chains, and has fastened them to the hasp in the tin case.

  23. The action of the water had so rusted the chain, that it was impossible for me to unfasten it from the hasp which attached it to the case.

  24. He deposited his bag of meal upon the ground, set to work upon the hasp with his lever and in a few minutes more the door swung open.

  25. Thrusting the bolt of his handcuffs through a small window in the door, he succeeded in forcing the hasp and regaining his liberty about three o'clock in the morning.

  26. Next came the door, secured luckily with only a hasp and padlock.

  27. Her hands struggled with the hasp of the long-closed outer frame.

  28. When breakfast was over and the girls were clearing the table, Fraulein went to one of the great windows and stood for a moment with her hands on the hasp of the innermost of the double frames.

  29. At last the file had cut far enough into the hasp for Roy's strong fingers to be able to bend the metal apart.

  30. These thoughts shot through Roy's brain, as he selected a file from his fortunate find, and began working away at the hasp of the padlock.

  31. With these words the girl made a spring on the hasp of the padlock, and then got easily over the gate.

  32. Having but one serviceable leg, his descent was slow and awkward, and having got his head to the level of the loft he stopped to touch his hat to me, and to hasp and lock the trap-door.

  33. But before he rode, Carson made the discovery that during the night the staple and hasp on the grain-house door had been wrenched away and that Shorty was gone, leaving behind him no sign of the way of his going.

  34. An admirable jail this, with its heavy padlock snapped into a deeply embedded staple and the great hasp in place.

  35. Scotland for houses in burghs as "hasp and staple.

  36. A heavy hasp was spiked to its place, and the cabin was put under lock and key for the first time.

  37. The hinges and hasp on the great door were heavily corroded, and an old metal wheelbarrow lay on the dump, rusted red.

  38. It was stout and solid and was fitted with both an ordinary door-lock and a hasp and padlock, the latter now hanging on a nail beside the door.

  39. He was trying to open the hasp of a small lean-to built against the cabin wall.

  40. Sandy struck it again and the hasp flew off.

  41. So you didn't get the hasp fixed on the hen yard.

  42. Why, I was just starting to fix that hasp on the gate to the chicken coop when Minnie came running down from the house to say somebody wanted to speak to me on the telephone.

  43. Beth nodded helplessly, for it was the only thing that she could do and with relief watched his evil shape darken the doorway out of which he went, carefully closing the door and fastening the hasp on the outside.

  44. She was not even free yet, for the hole in the wall of the building was no larger than a single pane of glass and the door of the shanty was fastened by the hasp on the outside.

  45. Silently, Hawk Kennedy unfastened the hasp which held the door, and gruffly ordered her to go inside.

  46. A hasp and staple complete the arrangement for use with a padlock.

  47. An ornamental hasp or lock can be fitted if desired.

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