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Example sentences for "clashes"

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clarum; clarus; clase; clash; clashed; clashing; clashings; clasp; clasped; claspers
  1. In the night there were isolated clashes of small fry, the adventures of lame ducks, &c.

  2. In the second phase of the action, which has just been described, there were clashes of light cruisers and isolated torpedo attacks, none of which had any tactical effect on the battle.

  3. He had long been interested in military strategy and had tested his coolness under fire during the first clashes with the French nearly twenty years before.

  4. So alarming did the clashes become that in 1870 Congress forbade interference with electors or going in disguise for the purpose of obstructing the exercise of the rights enjoyed under federal law.

  5. Only, the work clashes in colour with the Chalicodoma's.

  6. At the door of that infinitely restricted law clamour the great tribe of Golden Wasps, whose dazzling splendour, worthy of the wealth of Golconda, clashes with the dingy colour of their haunts.

  7. At least, it is not unlikely that the clashes predicted by the doubters would not be as violent as they fear.

  8. The numerous misunderstandings and clashes with the United States that we have noted had produced an enduring resentment, and in particular our claims and our efforts to have them settled were commonly deemed artificial and unjust.

  9. The series of diplomatic clashes led to the danger of a Mexican attack and hence to Taylor's advance; and his movement, besides exciting further displeasure in Mexico, offered her a convenient and promising opportunity to strike.

  10. So, there will be clashes and tension in Macedonia over Albanian demands for greater autonomy.

  11. Then they disobeyed the rulings of the Supreme Court and instigated violent clashes with the Police (which resulted in deaths).

  12. Hitherto, KLA has failed to establish a presence on Macedonian soil and inter-ethnic clashes have been surprisingly limited and subdued.

  13. A crossroads of fault lines, a confluence of tectonic clashes - the Balkan always obliged.

  14. We are all native born members of this planet, and for the members of it to be divided into groups or units and to be taught that each nation is better than the other leads to clashes and the world war.

  15. Then the war, the commercial struggles, the clashes between groups of conflicting interests, will be a night-mare of the past.

  16. It clashes with everything," said Maudie, quite tragically.

  17. If you chance on one that clashes with the paper, well, your room is spoilt at once.

  18. The carpet gets up and hits the walls, and the walls in their turn slap the screen, and the screen clashes with the chintz, and you and I clash with everything else.

  19. For sheer beauty of writing, for a kind of gorgeous dignity that at times reminds one of Aeschylus and yet is compatible with the subtlest clashes of mood and character, the Trojan Women stands perhaps first among all the works of Euripides.

  20. He makes a most brilliant play with extraordinary clashes of emotion and moments of tragic beauty.

  21. For one only feels its presence strongly when in some way it clashes with the smooth flow of the story.

  22. Naturally there were serious clashes before government was restored to the white South, especially as the KuKlux Klan grew bolder.

  23. The question was indeed constantly recurrent, but even by the end of the period policies had not yet been definitely decided upon, and for the time being there were frequent armed clashes between the Negro and the white laborer.

  24. There was another reason which, although it clashes with poetry, had better be told for the sake of truth.

  25. The effect clashes with Northern taste, but the absence of a columnar system affords a plausible reason for relieving the sameness of these large surfaces with colour.

  26. It gives man license to disregard by shallow reasoning everything that clashes with his own will.

  27. We must go further into detail, in order to give a more exact explanation of how and where the authority of faith clashes with research and restrains it.

  28. Hence, in case of clashes in this respect, the state must listen to the grievances of the Church; this will chiefly concern Theology, rarely other sciences.

  29. Of many Civil War clashes in the valley, Antietam was the most crucial; the Potomac shaped Lee's strategy there, and still ripples across fords by which his troops came to that violent place and afterward escaped it.

  30. During the same period, there were more fatalities in Newer New York as a result of clashes between the private troops of rival racket gangs, political parties and business houses.

  31. This morning's reports from Baghdad and Tel Aviv only list four Arabs and six Israelis killed in border clashes in the past twenty-four hours, so maybe they're really getting things patched up, after all.

  32. He falls heavily on the ground, his armour clashes over him, and his bloodstained face sinks in death on the hostile soil.

  33. Now clangs the gray corselet, clashes the war-wood, Shield answers shaft.

  34. A lurid mountain Rises on the deep; dark in its trail Stirred up with the sea a second one comes, And close to the coast it clashes and strikes On the lofty hills.

  35. These bands frequently encroached upon and entered each other's territory, resulting in clashes and bad blood, though both factions adhered to the same political party.

  36. The letters are a matter of public record, and are instructive, interesting, and will no doubt materially aid the reader to understand the nature of frequent clashes between state, district and county authorities.

  37. In 1841 there followed several clashes which aggravated the situation.

  38. Isolated tenacious detachments full of enthusiasm became convinced themselves of their instability in their first serious clashes with German regulars.

  39. They refer to a custom of the ultramontanists that clashes with modern ideas; I will have an opportunity of seeing whether your opinion coincides with mine.

  40. He despised that tendency which pursues knowledge only to command, which cries down any inquiry that clashes with their theories.

  41. Much of the tragedy of life consists of the clashes between wills equally consecrated and pure.

  42. Of the two the latter is even more imperative than the former, the arbitration of clashes between individuals even more difficult than the governing of the impulses within a single heart.

  43. And this for several reasons: (1) There are frequently clashes between altruistic impulses.

  44. All clashes of interest, friction, and civil strife, all withholding of help, means a weakening of his united forces, an invitation to disaster.

  45. The frieze round the top of the same room clashes hopelessly with the calm pre-Raphaelite figures beneath it.

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