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Example sentences for "dilated"

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dilapidations; dilatable; dilatation; dilatations; dilate; dilates; dilating; dilation; dilatione; dilator
  1. The noble fronds of the Dilated Shield-fern are still in fairly good order, and Ceterach in rocky chinks is in fullest beauty.

  2. The right ventricle is dilated and slightly hypertrophied, the muscles pale and tough.

  3. The right ventricle dilated and slightly hypertrophied, the muscles pale and tough.

  4. The os uteri was sufficiently dilated to enable him to turn the child and deliver by the feet.

  5. Then there is the eye, sunken, with glairy surface, flaccid cornea, and dilated insensitive pupil.

  6. The right auricle contracted and dilated with energy and regularity.

  7. The placenta is formed of dilated blood vessels which meet the maternal blood vessels, also dilated, in the uterine wall, allantois later on becomes the umbilical cord.

  8. The mucous membrane of the cavity of the uterus is very rich in blood vessels which become dilated and gorged with blood under the inhibitory influence of certain nerve centers.

  9. I saw her white hands trembling, her blue eyes dilated with horror; and then my demon was upon me.

  10. But there was one subject on which he dilated without reserve, and that was on Mr. Ferrers's search for Crystal.

  11. As the veins of the lining of the bowel become dilated they form definite bulgings within the bowel, and, at last increasing in size, escape through the anus when a motion is being passed.

  12. Eva, with labouring breath, had fairly hung upon the lips of the revered woman, who at last gazed upwards with dilated eyes like a prophetess.

  13. Accordingly, the dilated pupils, rapid heart, dyspnoea, and a variety of precordial pains and disorder of the viscera would ensue.

  14. The dilated ependyma was surrounded by an area of fibrillary gliosis which had proliferated in the form of a septum in the interior of the canal.

  15. His pupils were dilated and he was sweating profusely.

  16. The pupils were widely dilated and reacted poorly to light.

  17. He now had a pronounced phase, deep sunk eyes, drawn features and anxious look; dilated pupils and an expression of mixed fear and anger.

  18. The pupils were dilated and reacted poorly to light.

  19. Sent to the reserve hospital for his hand injury, he had, two or three times in the night, convulsions with loss of consciousness and dilated pupils; after which there was a thirty-six hour period of depression with refusal of food.

  20. The pupils were dilated and failed to react, either to light or to pain.

  21. There was difficulty in respiration; the pupils were slightly dilated and sluggish in their responses.

  22. He had been instantly stung with remorse for his speech; the words were not beyond his lips when an agony had entered his heart; but her steady, dilated eyes had kept him dumb and motionless as if by a spell.

  23. Her eyes dilated and held his steady gaze prisoner as with a magical charm--neither could look away from the other's wild, searching gaze.

  24. When she saw me she also stood still, her eyes dilated with a curious expression of fear.

  25. Awdrey dropped his pencil and stared furtively with eyes dilated with horror at his own production.

  26. Their noses are short and aquiline, with dilated nostrils.

  27. His eyes dilated with a sudden accession of terror that seemed always a-smoulder.

  28. But the eye examined was exceedingly flat, very thin, with large iris, flat lens, immense petira, and wonderfully dilated pupil.

  29. On th' other side Satan alarm'd Collecting all his might dilated stood.

  30. This dilated until it filled the room, and impelled me to take a candle and go in and look at my dreadful burden.

  31. I now prepared to withdraw, but, in doing so, glanced once more at the features of the elderly lady, and saw that the blue pupils were dilated so as almost to fill the eyes in their entirety, and to leave only a bluish margin.

  32. The swelling is due to the dilated vessels, and to the escape of serum and blood cells from the vessels into the tissues.

  33. Each little tumor is caused by a vein dilated at the point at which it is joined by the intramuscular branch.

  34. They live for the time within the dilated sphere of his intellectual being.

  35. My heart dilated with honest pride, as I recalled to mind the stern yet amiable characters of the English patriots, who sought refuge on the Continent at the Restoration!

  36. Her white cheeks, her trembling lips, and dilated eyes could not have more palpably expressed a great and absorbing horror, had the young man standing quietly before her been a corpse newly risen from its grave.

  37. Her great handsome eyes dilated and flashed, and her cheeks glowed like fire.

  38. Their cheeks glowed, and their eyes dilated over the wonderful thoughts that the subject presented, the endless possibility for climbing!

  39. The next moment he had risen and staggered back, panting, glaring with dilated eyes into the dark.

  40. The nostrils dilated and contracted with indescribable rapidity.

  41. Her thin nostrils dilated once, quickly, and somehow their motion suggested the beginning of a ridiculing smile.

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