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  1. Dilatation of the pupil occurs, whether the poison be taken internally or applied locally to the eye.

  2. The symptoms of botulism are dryness of skin and mucous membranes, dilatation of pupils, paralysis of muscles, diplopia, etc.

  3. This has actually been done in some very remarkable work by M.

  4. It may be purely fortuitous, but we can hardly refrain from finding in it a physical meaning.

  5. Evidently this view is incomplete, but we may endeavour to state it precisely.

  6. A few years later he would learn that Charles had enunciated a capital law on the dilatation of gases; that Pierre Prevost, in 1809, was making a study, full of original ideas, on radiant heat.

  7. Guillaume--exhibits in the matter of dilatation are now utilized so as to almost completely annihilate the influence of variations of temperature.

  8. Sir James Dewar has effected careful measurements of the dilatation of certain bodies at low temperatures: for example, of ice.

  9. In general, their cohesion is greatly increased, and the dilatation produced by slight changes of temperature is considerable.

  10. A moment’s reflection will at once make clear, that in a strong muscular person, the resistance to the necessary dilatation will become correspondingly great, because the muscles are so strong and tense.

  11. Pilocarpine: in abundant non-purulent exudation; not to be used in dilatation of veins and right side of the heart.

  12. Dilatation of Cervix: in dysmenorrhea; in pinhole os uteri; and in plugging of the cervix with mucus.

  13. Wells, in the Philosophical Transactions, relates the case of a young person who, from a permanent dilatation of the pupil, saw near objects with much difficulty and confusion, but remote bodies with singular accuracy.

  14. This dilatation of the pupil, which may be artificially produced by the application of belladonna, can be remedied by the use of convex glasses.

  15. Experiments were then made with dilated gases, to ascertain whether dilatation caused any change in capacity, and it was found to diminish slowly but regularly with the diminution of pressure.

  16. Extract of Belladonna, applied upon the upper surface of the feet, produced all the consequences derived from its internal exhibition; such as dilatation of the pupil and impaired vision.

  17. Mr Tweedy further states that, in every case in which he has used duboisia to produce dilatation of the pupil of the eye, its action has been beneficial, and he is induced to conclude, more advantageous than that of atropine.

  18. The opening must be carefully made with the finger, and when that has entered the womb further dilatation may be effected by inserting a sponge tent or by careful stretching with a mechanical dilator.

  19. Dilatation of the cavities has been noticed as existing independently of thickened walls.

  20. A circumscribed dilatation of an artery, constituting a tumor which pulsates synchronously with the beats of the heart, is called aneurism.

  21. They are formed by a dilatation of the hair follicle and sebaceous duct within the skin, and contain a gray or yellowish sebaceous mass.

  22. The appearance of this dilatation marks the separation of the proximal cephalic part (pharynx and oesophagus) from the distal caudal (intestinal) portion of the primitive alimentary canal.

  23. There is no gastric dilatation and hence no differentiation of a stomach properly speaking.

  24. The type-form is presented by a longitudinal spindle-shaped dilatation of the foregut, which retains its foetal vertical position in the long axis of the body.

  25. Frequently this slight dilatation is scarcely differentiated from the oesophagus at the cephalic and from the small intestine at the caudal end.

  26. The first appears like an elongated dilatation of the oesophagus, forming the Proventriculus or glandular stomach.

  27. All the variations observed in the adult caecum are derived from these two foetal types by a subsequent and usually asymmetrical enlargement and dilatation of the pouch.

  28. Pyloric extremity of the slightly marked gastric dilatation presents an angular bend.

  29. The early spindle-shaped dilatation has therefore assumed the general shape of the adult organ.

  30. The greater the activity of tissue changes is, the greater will be the amount of food required and the more pronounced will be the gastric dilatation of the alimentary canal.

  31. To promote the dilatation of the os uteri.

  32. It consists in first driving the blood-vessels into firm contraction, after which secondary dilatation follows.

  33. Light boots keep up a bloodless condition of the feet in the day, and in many women there is no subsequent dilatation of the blood-vessels when the boots are taken off.

  34. When this drug is prescribed as a medicine it should be immediately discontinued if it produce dryness of the throat and dilatation of the pupils.

  35. As a means of diagnosing poisoning by belladonna it has been recommended to introduce a few drops of urine into the eye of an animal, to see if dilatation of the pupil takes place.

  36. For example, belladonna, in whatever way it may be introduced into the system, paralyzes the ciliary nerves and so causes dilatation of the pupil.

  37. It may be complicated by broncho-pneumonia, albuminuria, carditis, endocarditis, and dilatation of the heart.

  38. When there is a dilatation of the organ there is more or less danger of fermentation taking place, with the formation of organic acids.

  39. The patient gives evidence of chronic gastritis with continued pain, localized tenderness, vomiting of partially digested food and at times dilatation from extreme fermentation.

  40. The experiments of Gay-Lussac are more recent, in which he has given the dilatation of the gases, and the quantity of free caloric evolved, which corresponds with the last data.

  41. Dilatation of os and expulsive activities of uterus at full term, or when foetus dies.

  42. Flux and stasis were indicated respectively by increase and diminution of the natural secretions; treatment was of opposites by opposites--of stasis by methods causing dilatation of the channels, and conversely.

  43. Clouds form in this air saturated and cooled by the combined effects of radiation and the dilatation of the ascending air.

  44. The constant occurrence of this clot is due to the presence of the worms, to the inflammation, ulcerative and regressive affection of the intima, and to the dilatation of the arterial tube.

  45. This loss of consciousness is often accompanied by flushing of the face and dilatation of the pupils, or on the other hand the patient may present all the symptoms of collapse.

  46. The application of moderate heat to the surface of the body causes dilatation of the cutaneous capillaries.

  47. Each is a tube dilated at or towards the base and containing a mouth at its extremity, leading into a stomach placed in the dilatation already mentioned.

  48. According to Plucker, the coefficient of cubical dilatation at moderately low temperatures is 0.

  49. On the other hand, these fibrillae may be compared to the muscular fibrillae or "myophane filaments" in the ectosarc of the Infusoria, and may perhaps effect by their contraction a dilatation of the openings of the capsule.

  50. The use of the arteries was to fan and cool the blood, as the lungs fanned and cooled the heart, for the pulse was due to an active dilatation and contraction of the arteries.

  51. During their dilatation the arteries sucked in air, and during their contraction they discharged murky vapours through pores in the flesh and skin.

  52. In the heart, as well as in the arteries, the dilatation was of greater importance than the contraction.

  53. In Diastole, or dilatation of the heart, the conus is drawn from the basis to draw blood by the cava to the right ventricle, and air by the arteria venosa [pulmonary vein] to the left ventricle.

  54. In this way the relative dilatation of the graphite is sufficiently magnified to be easily visible.

  55. The Trampler pyrometer is based upon the difference in the coefficients of dilatation for iron and graphite, that of the latter being about two-thirds that of the former.

  56. Glass, its rate of dilatation by heat, ii.

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