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Example sentences for "dilapidation"

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  1. The railways were in a state of physical dilapidation little removed from destruction, save for those that had been captured and kept in partial repair by the Federal troops.

  2. But now it is but the wreck of its former greatness; and the crazy mud hovels and hummocky streets which surround it form an abomination of dilapidation that it would not be easy to match even in Spain.

  3. Perhaps of the two Luarca has the prettier harbour; but the unabashed raggedness and dilapidation of Cudillero, and the old-world simplicity of its people, will appeal more strongly to an artist's eye.

  4. With regard to quantity it is said that in spite of migration to the towns there is a dearth of cottages through dilapidation and demolition without rebuilding.

  5. Till within a year or two of its fall, there were no signs of dilapidation in that stately edifice.

  6. It was my first experience of a Turkish town, and perhaps I was more struck with the dilapidation and evident decay than I ought to have been.

  7. Withington is very prettily situated; it was, and not very long ago, a gay and nappy place; but it now presents a picture of dilapidation and shabbiness scarcely to be equalled.

  8. In all the really agricultural villages and parts of the kingdom, there is a shocking decay; a great dilapidation and constant pulling down or falling down of houses.

  9. Nothing can so strongly depict the great decay of the villages as the state of the parsonage-houses, which are so many parcels of public property, and to prevent the dilapidation of which there are laws so strict.

  10. Dilapidation after dilapidation have, at last, almost effaced even the parsonage-houses, and that too in defiance of the law, ecclesiastical as well as civil.

  11. The dilapidation of parsonage-houses and the depopulation of villages appears not to have been so great just round about Worcester, as in some other parts; but they have made great progress even here.

  12. He shall repair the woodwork and renew the dilapidation of the house.

  13. To give any clear description of this ruined pile would be impossible, the dilapidation is so great, dilapidation evidently less the effect of time than of awful violence, perhaps that of gunpowder.

  14. Dilapidation and peculation, which even Ferdinand's incessant vigilance could not prevent, were the source of constant loss.

  15. The scheme has interest from the insight which it gives into the disorder and dilapidation characteristic of inquisitorial finance, rather than from any improvement which it caused, for it seems to have proved impracticable.

  16. But perceiving that Alfred continued to look serious, the dean added some more proper reflections in a tone of ecclesiastical sentiment, and with a sigh of decorum--then rose, for he smelt that the dilapidation suit was coming.

  17. Apropos to your being engaged in this dilapidation suit, you can speak to Mrs. Falconer about it.

  18. It was at this period the dilapidation charge was made.

  19. The whole of the apartment on the east side has fallen in, or is closed up by the dilapidation of that entire front.

  20. The sooner the process of dilapidation was arrested, the better and with the less difficulty.

  21. Rosalie had learned from no precedent as yet that houses of its kind may represent the apotheosis of discomfort and dilapidation within, and only become more beautiful without.

  22. Where no dilapidation is to be permitted, the bedded structure, well knit, is always used.

  23. Among the tenants of houses that are in the last stage of dilapidation and dirt, we find the sons of officers in the army and navy, of contractors and wealthy tradesmen.

  24. French crown, and the dilapidation which had taken place in the royal demesnes was compensated by several arbitrary resources that filled the exchequer of these monarchs.

  25. Every mark of dilapidation increases this feeling; while these very marks (the fractures of the stone, the lichens of the moldering walls, and the graceful lines of the sinking roof) are all delightful in themselves.

  26. True, the Coliseum will seem vaster close at hand, but from no point can it be seen so completely and clearly, in its immensity and its dilapidation combined, as from that.

  27. Payment of money out of dilapidation account on certificate of surveyor--Liability and duty of incumbent--Rebuilding or remodelling instead of repairing.

  28. All the sums received or lent by them are to be placed in the first instance to a dilapidation account.

  29. The amount of the loan will be placed to a Dilapidation Account, and it will be the duty of the incumbent to execute the required works in the prescribed manner.

  30. If he fails to do so, the cost may be raised by sequestration of the benefice, and the same course will be taken as if that had occurred before the dilapidation proceedings had commenced.

  31. In that case, if the repairs are superseded or rendered unnecessary, the money standing to the dilapidation account may be applied towards the cost of the new work.

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