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  1. Canals and dikes have been constructed to control and distribute the much-needed water, and the officials are housed in new buildings of substantial appearance.

  2. At present it serves no other purpose than to increase the floods which periodically turn Bagdad into an island city, and sometimes threaten to overwhelm the dikes which protect it and to submerge it entirely.

  3. During the night the populace of Aix are tampered with, and the dikes all give way at the same moment.

  4. Accordingly, the general demolition of the dikes begins as the month of May approaches.

  5. Basalt, frozen in the fissures, forms dikes that commonly weather out above the adjoining softer rocks, as shown in the picture of Kimberly Dike on page 16.

  6. Above the highway several small irregular basalt dikes cut the white beds of the John Day Formation.

  7. Many similar dikes are visible along the road east of Kimberly.

  8. Chattanooga to Dikes Creek, Georgia, where I went into camp.

  9. Whether the sea by its own force broke through the natural dikes of the region, or whether the sinking of the land left it free to invasion, is not certainly known.

  10. Should a foreign army invade her territory, she has but to open her dikes and unchain the sea and the rivers, as she did against the Romans, against the Spaniards, against the army of Louis XIV.

  11. Having no mountains, he took the dikes for background; and with no forests, he imparted to a simple group of trees all the mystery of a forest; and he animated the whole with beautiful animals and white sails.

  12. In Zealand alone the dikes extend to a distance of more than four hundred kilometers.

  13. The arrival of Hereward and his men had of course stirred the great current of her life, and indeed that of St. Omer, usually as stagnant as that of the dikes round its wall.

  14. There are the herds fattening themselves on the richest pastures in the land, and no man needing to herd them, for they are all safe among dikes and meres.

  15. He went out with Pelle past the out-houses, and there stopped, while Pelle went on along the dikes with his sack on his back, up toward the high-road.

  16. Examples of dikes in the Newark system have already been referred to, and others are common throughout the Pacific mountains.

  17. Erosion has cut deeply into the rocks on which the ancient volcanoes stood, and revealed in some instances the dikes occupying the fissures which supplied them.

  18. Although igneous rocks occur near its summit, they are of the nature of dikes or intrusions, probably of ancient date, and not lava-flows.

  19. At certain localities about the Bay of Fundy artificial dikes have been made, which admit the mud-charged waters at high tide, and retain them until much of their freight is deposited.

  20. A large number of dikes of igneous rock occur in the Atlantic coast region from Prince Edward Island southward to Alabama and Georgia, and vast lava-flows of ancient date are still preserved about the south shore of Lake Superior.

  21. Where the Columbia River lava in central Washington has been removed by erosion, hundreds, and in fact thousands, of dikes are exposed in the terranes on which it formerly rested.

  22. The first stand of the enemy was made at Arcola, where a short, narrow bridge connects the high dikes which regulate the sluggish stream of the little river Alpon, a tributary of the Adige on its left bank.

  23. Beryl most commonly occurs in dikes of coarse granite called pegmatite, but also in certain metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

  24. Plate 9 shows small dikes where the molten material was forced from a larger mass into a body of older dark rock.

  25. Dikes of all lengths up to at least thirty miles, and of all widths up to many hundreds of feet, are known, but they are generally less than a mile long and not more than a few feet or rods wide.

  26. Sheets of igneous rock are interbedded with the strata and many dikes of igneous rocks cut through the whole combination.

  27. Dikes are common in many parts of the world and they often excite the interest of lay-men.

  28. Strabo mentions the canals and dikes of Venetia, whereby a part of the country was drained and rendered tillable.

  29. The stone dikes are kept low to permit a judicious amount of flooding for fertilization, and every year five to six feet of silt are removed from the artificial channel of the Min.

  30. Hence the process of confining rivers within dikes goes back into gray antiquity.

  31. Volcanic necks are found in the Carluke and Kilcadzow districts, marking the vents of former volcanoes and several dikes of Tertiary age traverse the older rocks.

  32. They are essentially "dike rocks," occurring as dikes and thin sills, and are also found as marginal facies of plutonic intrusions.

  33. As a rule they do not proceed directly from the granite, but form separate dikes which may be later than, and consequently may cut, the granites and diorites.

  34. A parallel line of evidence relates to the distribution of complementary dikes throughout the granite.

  35. In the main mass of the batholith the dikes are rather evenly distributed as to kind with a slight preponderance of the dark-colored group.

  36. They are everywhere thoroughly jointed; near the batholith they are also mineralized and altered from their original condition; in a few places they have been intruded with dikes and other form of igneous rock.

  37. Upon the southwestern border of the batholith the number of aplitic dikes greatly increases.

  38. Near the contact, however, aplitic dikes cease altogether and great numbers of melanocratic dikes appear.

  39. It might be supposed that the indicated change in the character of the complementary dikes could be ascribed to possible differentiation of the granite magma whereby a darker facies would be developed toward the Colpani contact.

  40. During the present century the destruction by the sea has been minimized, as the dikes are now built strong and high enough to withstand the heaviest seas.

  41. He has to watch the huge dikes which keep the ocean from overwhelming him, and the river-banks, which may break, and let the floods of the Rhine swallow him up.

  42. Mavon Gafe him counsel in breefe who advised him to fill To fille the Dikes þat were depe.

  43. And fille the Dikes faste anoon̄ With alle, that we may ther fynde.

  44. They depended upon each other to build their irrigation trenches and keep their dikes in repair.

  45. That is where the Prince of Orange cut the dikes to drown the land and save Leyden.

  46. He looked after the dikes so that the countryside should not be flooded (just as the first noblemen had done in the valley of the Nile four thousand years before).

  47. For a second time the dikes were opened and the Royal Sun of France set amidst the mud of the Dutch marshes.

  48. The most fertile districts lie on the banks of the Elbe and near the North Sea, where, as in Holland, rich meadows are preserved from encroachment of the sea by broad dikes and deep ditches, kept in repair at great expense.

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