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dilatable; dilatation; dilatations; dilate; dilated; dilating; dilation; dilatione; dilator; dilatoriness
  1. His classification of Virtue comprehends (1) Duty to God, which he dilates upon at some length.

  2. Although recognizing in a vague way the existence of genuine disinterested impulses, he dilates eloquently, and often, on the deliciousness of benevolence, and of all virtuous feelings and conduct.

  3. But I am inclined to believe him, as the old Scotch anatomist Munro says, that the iris of parrots contracts and dilates under passions, independently of the amount of light.

  4. Gratiolet says that the pupil contracts in rage, and dilates enormously in terror.

  5. The first vortex dilates and moves slower, while the second contracts and shoots through the first; after which the motion is reversed periodically, as if in a game of leap-frog.

  6. The spirit of wine, you see, dilates by the warmth of my hand as I hold the bulb.

  7. It is thus that caloric dilates or expands a body so as to make it occupy a greater space than it did before.

  8. The pupil dilates in the dark, and the soul dilates in misfortune and ends by finding God there.

  9. A water-plant, which in its dried state is introduced into a canal and dilates the canal as it expands by the absorption of moisture.

  10. The retained menstrual fluid, increasing in quantity at every monthly period, dilates the womb as well as the vagina, and even the Fallopian tubes become distended, presenting at length an urgent necessity for relief.

  11. It contains muscular tissue, which, by contracting or relaxing, lessens or dilates the pupillary opening.

  12. It is known by the whiteness or loss of transparency of the lens, although the pupil dilates and contracts.

  13. Each vas deferens divides once or twice into branches, which immediately reunite; in the last larval stage the termination of the passage dilates into a rounded, transparent vesicle.

  14. Here it gradually dilates into the long and capacious crop, whose large rounded end occupies the fore-part of the abdomen.

  15. The size of the pupil changes with the amount of light--it dilates or contracts, according as the light is less or more intense.

  16. It dilates the pupil, but is less poisonous than atropine.

  17. How is it that Opium contracts the pupil, and Belladonna dilates it?

  18. So does friction, which stimulates and dilates the external capillaries.

  19. The os uteri probably dilates somewhat, but its edge remains thin and tense, and the pains appear to have no effect in dilating it any farther.

  20. Under no circumstances is it of such paramount importance to avoid rupturing the membranes as in these cases, for the bag of fluid which they form dilates the soft passages and protects the cord from pressure.

  21. A muscle which dilates any part; a dilator.

  22. Any plectognath fish that dilates itself, as the bur fish, puffer, or diodon.

  23. PART VI Wherein Mac Dilates on the Human Side of "His Worship, the Chief Justice," and his Fellow Dogs.

  24. Wherein Mac Dilates on the Human Side of "His Worship, the Chief Justice" and his Fellow Dogs VII.

  25. Because the iris, a ring of extremely fine muscles which surround the pupil, contracts when too much light falls upon the retina, and dilates when the light is feeble.

  26. The iris, which dilates or contracts, and thereby increases or lessens the size of the pupil.

  27. Immediately below the dam, the Mississippi dilates into Little Lake Winnibigoshish (once Rush l.

  28. At one point this slough dilates into a body of water which is now called Keokuk lake, but which was charted by Nicollet as "L.

  29. After the oral peritoneal space has become completely divided into two parts, the anterior dilates (fig.

  30. From the disc the stalk grows out which dilates at its free extremity into the calyx.

  31. Anteriorly it dilates into the two procephalic lobes.

  32. As the mesenteric cavity extends it dilates at its distal extremity into a chamber destined to form the stomach (fig.

  33. He dilates on the sad consequence of excess to soul, body, estate, and good name.

  34. Rome dilates them to the full: it is the colossal greatness, the mechanical pride, of her monuments that win our admiration.

  35. Under these happy conditions we feel that the Gothic of the nave, with its superior severity and sombreness, dilates into the lucid harmonies of choir and transepts like a flower unfolding.

  36. This is the kind of panorama that dilates the soul.

  37. Hyoscyamus dilates the Pupils of the Eyes.

  38. Hyoscyamus dilates the pupils of the eyes, the same manner as stramonium, several Eastern species of datura, and belladonna, which the Europeans use.

  39. The body of the womb is where the child is conceived, and this is not altogether round, but dilates itself into two angles; the outward part is full of sinews, which are the cause of its movements, but inside it is fleshy.

  40. And the reason is that the eye has one leading line (of vision) which dilates with distance and embraces with true discernment large objects at a distance as well as small ones that are close.

  41. His most admired part was Hamlet; but Steele especially dilates on his Othello.

  42. Diluted, as in fermented liquors, it dilates the blood vessels, quickens the circulation, hastens the heart throbs, and accelerates the respiration.

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