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Example sentences for "flushing"

Lexicographically close words:
flurries; flurry; flush; flushed; flushes; flushings; flusht; fluster; flustered; flustrated
  1. He stopped in the center of the room, like a pointer flushing his game, and in the second's rapid inhalation he completely changed his scheme of attack.

  2. He bent down, picked it up, flushing crimson, and suddenly going up to Varvara Petrovna held out the notes he had counted.

  3. That letter I received yesterday," Liza began to explain, flushing and speaking hurriedly.

  4. Dasha began stirring uneasily at his approach, and jumped up quickly in evident embarrassment, flushing all over her face.

  5. Varvara Petrovna, flushing all over, sprang up from her seat and cried to Praskovya Ivanovna: "Did you hear what he said to her here just now, did you hear it?

  6. But to-day there was no flushing or faltering of speech.

  7. Let's not discuss it, Mummy," she begged, flushing a little.

  8. It was her first lie, and she told it badly, flushing and stammering.

  9. She dimpled again, flushing under his frank gaze.

  10. I mean," says Mona, flushing a vivid scarlet, "is she stern?

  11. You are wilfully blind," she says, flushing hotly, and smoothing with nervous fingers an imaginary wrinkle from her gown.

  12. I am proud to hear you say so," said Bernard, flushing with pleasure.

  13. At a signal, from the servant he entered the presence of Walter Cunningham, his face flushing with nervous embarrassment.

  14. Every one was glad for the flushing the town received.

  15. Clytie, flushing deeply, watched him so intensely that at last, as if attracted by some mental telepathy, he looked round and caught sight of her.

  16. Sir," exclaimed Edwin, flushing crimson, "you ought not to condemn any one unheard.

  17. No, sir," answered the boy flushing a little.

  18. No; I couldn't condescend to tell him," said Carlton, flushing for the first time.

  19. I know that, too," said Gwynneth, flushing slightly as she smiled.

  20. It is not true," cried Claude, flushing up.

  21. Claude, flushing up to the roots of her hair.

  22. A miracle," echoed Ned, flushing slightly and wondering more.

  23. My duty as a matron," she began, flushing gloriously.

  24. Then it must be meant for you," answered Lena, flushing scarlet and drawing back.

  25. I did," acknowledged Lulu, her head hanging still lower and her cheek flushing more hotly.

  26. Somebody else would take care of you," said Lulu, flushing with pleasure nevertheless.

  27. Scratch a sea-dog and you find a pirate; De Ruyter, who stands in stone for all time by Flushing harbour, lacking the warranty of war would have been a Paul Jones beyond eulogy.

  28. Flushing being avowedly cosmopolitan does not count, but at Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland, you may, although the only foreigner there, walk about in the oddest clothes and receive no embarrassing attentions.

  29. For safe bathing the Flushing baths could not well be excelled, but I never knew shore so sandy.

  30. My advice to travellers in Walcheren is to stay at Middelburg rather than at Flushing (they are very nigh each other) and to stay, moreover, at the Hotel of the Abbey.

  31. Flushing did not actually begin the war, in 1572, after the capture of Brill at the mouth of the Maas, by the Water Beggars under De la Marck, but it was the first town to respond to that invitation of revolt against Alva and Spain.

  32. Returning to Middelburg from Flushing one evening, in the steam-tram, we found ourselves in a compartment filled with happy country people, most of them making for the kermis, then in full swing in the Middelburg market place.

  33. The English had their revenge in 1809, when they bombarded Flushing and reduced it to only a semblance of what it had been.

  34. Flushing does little to amuse its visitors after the sun has left the sea; and we were very glad of the excuse offered by the Middelburg kermis to return to our inland city each afternoon.

  35. They got off at Souburg, the little village between Flushing and Middelburg where Charles V.

  36. Flushing played a great part in the great war.

  37. It was Flushing that heard Philip's farewell to William of Orange, which in the light of after events may be called the declaration of war that was to release the Netherlands from the tyranny of Spain and Rome.

  38. Respect and affection," I repeated, flushing at my own boldness.

  39. She was a little cross," admitted Forsyth, flushing at the reminiscence.

  40. Beaumanoir, flushing scarlet, stopped short in his restless pacing and swallowed the hook.

  41. I have the privilege of knowing Mrs. and Miss Sherman," replied the Duke, flushing under the keen scrutiny to which he was being subjected.

  42. Yes, leases at the solicitors'," replied the private secretary, flushing slightly.

  43. My husband is seldom at home; he is a Flushing pilot.

  44. In a few seconds the woman who had brought us from Flushing came out, and desired us to enter.

  45. If I am not back by to-night, set off for Flushing to-morrow morning.

  46. They have assisted us, and may be inclined to do so again; if they refuse, we must push on to Flushing and take our chance.

  47. Hildegarde; and the king, flushing with pleasure, added heartily, "Amen to the good wish!

  48. I did not wish you to discover what I really am," he said, his face flushing with shame.

  49. He lay in bed, too weak to raise his head from the pillow, the white skin drawn tightly over his hollow features; the cheeks slightly flushing as he watched us coming.

  50. Quite well, thank you," she answered, her cheeks flushing painfully.

  51. Yes," she said, her face flushing again, but speaking very quietly.

  52. He marked joyfully the flush on her face, and did not know that he was flushing himself.

  53. She stood still, flushing faintly, gazing at him with her lips parted a little.

  54. She looked up quickly, flushing a little, and then said coldly: "Yes, I am Miss Hardy.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flushing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    ablution; aglow; beaming; bloom; blush; burning; coloring; douche; enema; flush; gleaming; glow; glowing; hectic; illuminant; incandescent; irrigation; luminous; lustrous; radiant; rinse; rinsing; scouring; scrub; shampoo; shining; shiny; sponge; sponging; starlike; starry; streaming; suffusion; sunny; sunshiny; wash; washing; washout