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Example sentences for "echoed"

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eching; echini; echinococcus; echinoderms; echo; echoes; echoing; echoless; echon; echos
  1. It was well they did so; for the voice of the cougar, that they had heard at intervals, each time growing louder, now echoed through the aisles of the forest, drowning all other sounds.

  2. The kite had heard the cry that echoed his own; and, knowing its import, at once plied all the power of his wings to rise higher into the air.

  3. The hinny of Jeanette echoed wildly from the cliffs, and was answered by the bark and howl of the prairie-wolf.

  4. Oh, Rebecca, how can you--" echoed my Lord.

  5. The paternal laugh was echoed by Joseph, who thought the joke capital.

  6. You've often heard of her," echoed her husband, the Major.

  7. Kindnesses all my life," echoed Rawdon, scratching down the words, and quite amazed at his own facility of composition.

  8. Hysteric sobs and cries ended Mrs. Sedley's speech--it echoed through every room in the small house, whereof the other female inmates heard every word of the colloquy.

  9. Went and left her school behind her," echoed Vi.

  10. Hair-brush drill proceeded in dead silence, only broken by an occasional gasping sigh from Diana, which echoed through the room about as cheerfully as a funeral dirge.

  11. I sang low, for the deserted street re-echoed the lightest sound, and what I sang must reach only my lady's ears.

  12. The sound of the discharges echoed and re-echoed along the tunnel wall.

  13. The girl’s voice, clear and penetrating, echoed through the stillness.

  14. There was silence for an instant, and but for an instant, as the sullen thunder rolled slowly away and echoed along the heights of Inkerman and Mackenzie.

  15. The Russians at once replied, and the noise of cannon soon re-echoed through the ravines.

  16. At dusk our bands played, and the mountains of the Morea, for the first time since they rose from the sea, echoed the strains of "God save the Queen.

  17. The little birds she loved so well, were skimming confidingly and joyously along before me, and singing as merrily as if my heart echoed back their gleeful songs.

  18. This sentiment Mr. Hughes echoed in his acceptance speech.

  19. This was an assertion resting on slender foundation, but it was quickly echoed by the people.

  20. A shout of laughter echoed from the banquet-hall, and she started.

  21. It was a tiny revolver, small enough to fit into a man's vest pocket or a woman's purse, but its report echoed loudly.

  22. Mildred, gazing at them admiringly, echoed the thought.

  23. The waters of the Wahoo echoed with the sounds of boating parties--also frequently given by Morty Sands, and his mandolin twittered gayly on a dozen porches during the summer evenings of that period.

  24. Now it happened that on the night when Laura's laugh first echoed through her temple another rising temple witnessed a ceremony entirely befitting its use.

  25. Grandma's eyes glistened as she echoed his sentiments and began asking me about my underwear and especially my socks.

  26. It was not long though until even I began to feel the West calling to me with a thousand voices which echoed back and forth along the Erie Canal, and swelled to a chorus at the western gateway, Buffalo.

  27. From a pen nearby echoed the grunts of a hog too fat to breathe without disturbing the neighborhood.

  28. And the Rector, filling with deeper and deeper emotion, rapped on that well-padded chest of his, and his thorax echoed like a drum.

  29. Footsteps echoed back across the broad sidewalks as in an abandoned town.

  30. I am so noisy, just now, that I disturb myself," and he fluttered his wings with a clatter that echoed throughout the forest.

  31. Brach, Pierre de, his sonnet on Sleep echoed in Daniel's Sonnet xlix.

  32. The others echoed my "Amen," and for an hour or more we all sat dozing in the heat of the angry day.

  33. Had a pack of wild hounds been slipped suddenly to its prey, no howls more terrifying could have been heard than those which echoed in that house of mystery.

  34. At the front door he stationed two of his companions, and rode back to meet the advancing troop, the sounds of whose approach were now echoed from the surrounding woods.

  35. The narrow stairway was choked with men; the din of their shouts echoed and re-echoed from the winding walls, and above all the uproar Harry distinguished the tones of Aglionby, yelling to his men to make way for him to pass.

  36. Then with a yell of terror that echoed through the cavernous woods, Pedro sprang to his feet, while his hand reached for the stiletto that he always carried.

  37. The rank sulphurous smell of gunpowder, too, and the roar, like thunder, that echoed away through the cavernous woods, were things that he would remember.

  38. As its musical notes echoed through the dewy patio, Murray, the butler, appeared from the kitchen.

  39. The Sans-culottes, their noisy laughs resounding through the corridor and echoed by the baying of the mastiffs, dragged the spy away.

  40. It echoed through the windows across the Court of Marble and down the Great Staircase.

  41. He is certainly an offender," echoed Mademoiselle de Richeval.

  42. A round of laughter echoed through the cavern.

  43. Mr. Swayne sympathetically echoed the sentiment in a varied but not less forcible form of speech.

  44. It echoed and echoed away among the hills.

  45. Palm Beach," echoed Bess disgustedly, as she reluctantly slipped out of her warm bed and reached for her bathrobe.

  46. Nan echoed the wish fervently, but in her heart she was very sure that they had not seen the last of the tall, thin man and his chubby companion.

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