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alternate; alternated; alternately; alternates; alternating; alternations; alternative; alternatively; alternatives; alternator
  1. All the Vascular Cryptogams show an alternation of generation; that is, in the life history of each plant there is a sexual and an asexual individual.

  2. The pinnae are arranged in alternation on either side of the rachis, and these are divided into pinnules with blunt points.

  3. There can be no happiness where there is an alternation of listlessness and excitement.

  4. The alternation of its increase and decrease divided the month into two parts, which were then subdivided into four.

  5. Altogether, the Synagogue gave to the annual cycle of the Jewish life a beautiful rhythm in its alternation of joy and sorrow, lending a higher solemnity to general experience.

  6. In these pieces the alternation of masculine and feminine rhymes, which was ultimately to become the chief distinguishing feature of French prosody, is observable, though it is by no means universal.

  7. Here the rhymes were interlaced, and the alternation of masculine and feminine by degrees observed.

  8. In Didon, however, Jodelle settled down to the unbroken Alexandrine with alternation of masculine and feminine rhymes, which has remained the standard vehicle of French tragedy ever since.

  9. Each movement is well and compactly formed, and has an abundance of rich melody, enhanced in effect by the harmonic treatment, the varied character of the accompaniment, and the alternation of the solo instruments.

  10. The Principle here indicated is that of the Alternation and Equation between Absorption and Radiation--a taking-in before, and a giving-out.

  11. But the curb has not been applied quite in vain, for throughout the succeeding verses there is a striking alternation of despondency and hope.

  12. It is by some supposed that this alternation of persons is due simply to the poet expressing partly "his own feelings as from himself, and partly as if they were uttered by another" (Perowne after Ewald).

  13. But the blind mole, with its perfect organization and ceaseless activity, limited to the alternation of insect larvae and hunger, makes the disproportion of the means to the end apparent.

  14. One special motive to intercourse, however, arose out of this very geographical constitution of the country, and its endless alternation of mountain and valley.

  15. This is in fact a true virgin reproduction, and directly comparable to the alternation of generations observed in the jelly fishes, in Salpa, and certain intestinal worms.

  16. Barth diverged somewhat to the westward in order to visit U’shek, the largest corn-producing district in western Bornú; it is characterized by a curious alternation of luxuriance and sterility.

  17. Re spread of anesthesia and alternation of sensory symptoms in this case.

  18. During the war there was the alternation of short periods of intense and exhausting activity at the front and longer ones of as complete rest as the men could obtain at the rear.

  19. This alternation of work and rest together with the general rebellion against routine, broke down the habit of consistent work which is built up with such effort and such inducements in civil life.

  20. During the afternoon and the night there was a continual and rapid alternation of bright calm and cloudless skies, with sudden and violent thunder-storms.

  21. The wide valley of the river here presented a pleasing alternation of heavy forests, with small but luxuriant meadows, affording a profuse supply of grass for our horses.

  22. In these affections likewise Apis acts most promptly and efficiently, if given in alternation with Aconite, both remedies in the third dilution, a few drops dissolved in twelve tablespoonfuls of water, in alternate hourly doses.

  23. This end is not always attained with equal certainty and rapidity, if Apis is not given in alternation with Aconite.

  24. Inasmuch as it is impossible to determine beforehand the degree of sensitiveness, I obviate all danger by exhibiting Apis in alternation with Aconite in the manner indicated for hydrocephalus.

  25. In such cases the tumultuous action of Apis is mitigated, and the continued use of this drug, rendered possible by giving Apis in alternation with Aconite in water, every hour or two hours.

  26. This alternation of continued and intermittent fever is remarkable.

  27. The egg and tongue motif, which has persisted throughout so many centuries and survived so many styles, exhibits an alternation of forms resembling phallic emblems.

  28. Is the alternation of the thumb and the second finger desirable in the playing of a trill?

  29. It may be at once taken again, and this alternation must be kept up where there is either a change of harmony or a succession of "passing notes.

  30. The color purple of the retina is known to become redeveloped in darkness; and it is probable, therefore, that the alternation of day and night is a physical and external condition with which the sight of animals is perfectly in accord.

  31. The alternation of the rent, if not absolutely, is effectively, peculiar to the earth-plants.

  32. It is strange that the mere alternation of the rent should give this effect; the more so, because alternate leaves, completely separate from each other, produce one of the most graceful types of building plants.

  33. It may perhaps appear more difficult to account for the alternation of Titian's great religious pictures with others devoted wholly to the expression of sensual qualities, or to exulting and bright representation of heathen deities.

  34. It was an unrelieved alternation of rosy sunrises and orange sunsets.

  35. It was an unrelieved alternation of gold-glittering sands, under implacable, blazing skies, and fading sands, under endless skies of nocturnal blue.

  36. It was an unrelieved alternation of the peeping, the radiant awakening and the duller waning of the stars.

  37. Hence the alternation is of the type termed metagenesis.

  38. The polyp of the Leptolinae has reached the limit of its individual development and is incapable of becoming itself a medusa, but only produces medusa-buds; hence a true alternation of generations is produced.

  39. The actinula, when free, may multiply by larval budding, but in all cases both the original actinula and all its descendants become converted into medusae, so that there is no alternation of generations.

  40. In Gonionemus the actinula becomes fixed and polyp-like, and reproduces by budding, so that here also an alternation of generations may occur.

  41. In such cases the original parent-actinula does not itself become a medusa, but remains arrested in development and ultimately dies off, so that a true alternation of generations is brought about.

  42. It is commonly assumed that the Trachylinae are forms which have lost the alternation of generations possessed by them ancestrally, through secondary simplification of the life-cycle.

  43. In the alternation of contention which Dr.

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