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Example sentences for "alternatively"

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alternates; alternating; alternation; alternations; alternative; alternatives; alternator; alternators; alternis; altero
  1. One would have expected him to remind the passer-by that it was "a nice day for a sail" or alternatively to demand "Any more for the Skylark?

  2. He stood alternatively on one leg and the other.

  3. Penaud conceived this machine as driven by two propellers; alternatively these could be driven by petrol or steam-fed motor, and the centre of gravity of the machine while in flight was in the front fifth of the wings.

  4. In Central Mexico bricks were used alternatively with stone for facing the gigantic pyramidal mounds which there abound.

  5. He appears as the representative of Buddhism alternatively with Fo or Buddha, and as such holds a roll of manuscript or a sceptre in his hand.

  6. He is called alternatively Lao-tseu and Cheou-lao.

  7. This Prelate has the Directorship of the College of Princes at the Dyet of the Empire alternatively with the Archduke of Austria.

  8. The Duke bears alternatively the Danish Order of the Elephant, the Prussian Order of the Black Eagle, and his own Order which is that of St. Hubert.

  9. It is known alternatively as a Ghul or Sheitan because it is addicted to digging up and devouring the corpses buried in the graveyards; a foul and stealthy brute, but not dangerous to man.

  10. The keleg could only carry two passengers at a time, or alternatively a very small cargo; and the beasts had all to be unloaded, and induced (most reluctantly) to swim.

  11. In the same day this vessel very distinctly appears to divide into two parts, each of which alternatively impel and dilute the blood in the same manner.

  12. A sum equivalent to 26 per cent of the value of her exports, or alternatively an equivalent amount as fixed in accordance with any other index proposed by Germany and accepted by the Commission.

  13. A further sum equivalent to 1 per cent of the value of her exports as above defined, or alternatively an equivalent amount fixed as provided in (b) above.

  14. Two dogs, or alternatively a wolf and dog, are baying at the moon, and in the foreground there is water, through which a crayfish moves towards the land.

  15. Roll a piece of kidney and a piece of fat alternatively in the slices of meat, pile high in a dish, and pour in a gill of water or stock.

  16. This Epping Ambresbury, known alternatively as Ambers' Banks, is admittedly a British oppidum: the remains cover 12 acres of ground and are situated on the highest plateau in the forest.

  17. They figure alternatively as Three Golden Balls or Apples growing on a crystal tree.

  18. Uch or High, the Allon or Alone, who was alternatively the Seven Kings or the Three Kings.

  19. A layer of several leaves of brown paper is placed alternatively with a sample of a plant, or several, if they are small and can be spread on the paper without touching.

  20. With the departure of the von Tolb party Canon Mousepace gravitated decently but persistently towards a corner where the Duchess, still at concert pitch, was alternatively praising Ronnie's performance and the mulberry salad.

  21. They are known alternatively as Marhatia Sunar or Panchal, and outsiders call them Adhali.

  22. The Pans or Pabs are a regular forest tribe, and are sometimes called Ganda, while the Gandas may be alternatively known as Pan.

  23. Often, alternatively to rolling, these thick plates are bent by squeezing them in successive sections between huge blocks operated by hydraulic pressure acting on toggle levers.

  24. Chaucer's service to the English language lies in his decisive success having made it impossible for any later English poet to attain fame, as Gower had done, by writing alternatively in Latin and French.

  25. Sidenote: Matrons and Militants] An equally interesting feature of the times was what might be alternatively called the Revolt or the Apotheosis of Middle Age.

  26. It was only the latest manifestation of a "movement" which runs right through the social history of the whole of this period, and which may be alternatively described as the Emancipation or the Apotheosis of Middle Age.

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "alternatively" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.