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Example sentences for "ensign"

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  1. And he heard an ensign say: "Do pilgrims disdain a leg of mutton for the nonce?

  2. He never would wear the ensign of royalty, saying, “it was too great arrogance for him to be crowned for glory, in that city, in which God had been crowned in mockery.

  3. Our soldiers, who in the onset were so hemmed in as to be unable to see each other, then exercised their valour in such wise, under the ensign of the Holy Cross which preceded them, that they killed five thousand.

  4. The guns were fired, and soon after the smoke had cleared away, the boat, with its long ensign trailing on the water, was pulled alongside.

  5. But here he comes at last; they have hoisted the ensign on the staff in the boat; there--they have shoved off.

  6. In a short time the French ensign was seen blowing out at her peak, leaving no doubt as to her character.

  7. I was accompanied by Ensign Duffy and Larry.

  8. Lower and lower it went, then down she plunged, her ensign flying from the spar secured to the stump of her mainmast, streaming upwards, alone showing us the spot where she was sinking into the depths of the ocean.

  9. Presently the French ensign was run up at her peak.

  10. We had a long and a hot pull, and Ensign Duffy, who was in my boat, declared that if it was proportionately hot on shore to what it was on the water, he should expect to be turned into baked meat before he had been there long.

  11. We watched her for a few minutes, when her stern rose, the sea rolled up and plunged into it; down she went, the fly of her ensign the last object visible.

  12. I should have said that we had had a spar secured to the stump of the mainmast, to which an ensign with a jack downwards had been nailed from the first, in the hopes of attracting the attention of any passing vessel.

  13. We were pacing the deck together, when we were joined by one of our passengers, Ensign Duffy.

  14. Still we gained but slowly upon her; and the afternoon was far advanced without our being satisfied of more than that she was an enemy; for she must have seen us for some hours, and our ensign was flying at our royal mast-head.

  15. While the enemy were retiring, Hornby and his brave little crew sallied out from their fastness, and erecting their fallen ensign gave three cheers.

  16. Nelson pushed on, and found Berry in possession of the poop, and the Spanish ensign hauling down.

  17. I immediately gave orders to make the signal of distress, hoisting the ensign on the stump of the mizen mast, union downwards, and firing one of the forecastle guns.

  18. The ensign blew away soon after it was hoisted, and it was the only one we had; but I had the satisfaction to see the Ville de Paris wear and stand towards us.

  19. Every man of the children of Israel shall pitch by his own standard, with the ensign of their father's house; far off about the Tabernacle of the congregation shall they pitch.

  20. The next instant, through the smoke, the Frenchman's ensign was seen in the act of being lowered, just in time to save them from another broadside.

  21. Discovering a fresh trail, he detached one hundred and eighty of his men, and placing them under the command of Colonel John Hardin and Ensign Hartshorn, sent them with orders to move with all speed with a view of overtaking the fugitives.

  22. The Marines captured only one Japanese officer, 30-year-old Kiyoshi Ota from Nagasaki, a Special Duty Ensign in the 7th Sasebo Special Landing Force.

  23. Ensign Ota told his captors the garrison expected the landings along the south and southwest sectors instead of the northern beaches.

  24. It may be inferred from these two examples of Ensign Spoonbill’s ideas of discipline and the service, what was the course he generally adopted on duty, without our being under the necessity of going into further details.

  25. When Ensign Spoonbill “mounted guard” himself, his vigilance on his new post equalled the assiduity we have seen him exhibit in barracks.

  26. Brief ceremony attends a young officer’s introduction to his regiment, and the honorable prefix to Ensign Spoonbill’s name was anything but a bar to his speedy initiation.

  27. Ensign Spoonbill then rose with the lark, though much against his will, his connection with that fowl having by preference a midnight tendency.

  28. The maxim of “Early to bed” was not known in the Hundredth; but the exigencies of the service required that Ensign Spoonbill should rise with the reveillée.

  29. Captain Cushion, one day on his return from parade, from which the Honorable Ensign had been absent on the plea of indisposition.

  30. In addition to the officers named, Don Miguel Costansó, ensign of royal engineers, was ordered to join the expedition as cosmographer and diarist, and Don Pedro Prat was appointed physician.

  31. It was the principal ensign of the office of fan-bearer, which was one of great distinction, and one of the highest in the gift of the monarch, none but royal princes or scions of the first nobility being permitted to hold it.

  32. The fan is at once the creation of Amor and the chief ensign of his sovereignty!

  33. They enter it also with the rank only of corporal, and are not eligible to the grade of Swordknot Ensign until they have passed three months at least in the school.

  34. By these regulations, the first step in official rank is that of Sub-Lieutenant; the rank of Cornet and Ensign being no longer recognized.

  35. A stricter examination before granting the first commission, an improved training afterward, and a further examination on promotion from ensign to lieutenant, are measures perfectly compatible with the system of purchase.

  36. Ensign in a Man-of-War “ First Lieutenant ditto.

  37. Though too late to fulfil his mission, on July 15th the doughty astronomer and surveyor, in his canoe manned by eight men and having the British ensign flying, stopped in front of the new fort.

  38. The flag-staff, on which, as is the custom at all Hudson's Bay Company posts, the ensign with the magic letters H.

  39. In the governor's or chief factor's brigade each voyageur wore a feather in his cap, and if the wind permitted it a British ensign was hoisted on each light canoe.

  40. He sent them home again with a guard of an ensign and a private, who had orders to prevent their house being burned.

  41. The ensign had much to do to fulfil his orders.

  42. Mays was serving in the capacity of ensign of the regiment, and died at the front, where danger was met and glory won, with that flag which he had so gallantly, proudly and defiantly borne aloft on many victorious fields.

  43. Here Ensign Mays planted the colors of the 7th regiment on the Union guns.

  44. The young ensign was lying in his tent, weary, but wakeful.

  45. The young ensign was in his place, weary and wretched after his miserable night.

  46. A prominent hill, part of the Wasatch spur which bounds the present city on the northeast like a fortress wall, was chosen as the flag site; and this elevation is to-day known as Ensign Peak.

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