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Example sentences for "inadvertently"

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inadequateness; inadmissible; inadvertence; inadvertency; inadvertent; inadvisability; inadvisable; inalienability; inalienable; inalienably
  1. Where mental vigour can be kept alive without offence to religion and virtue, innocence as well as happiness is promoted; and the starter of difficulties with regard to the means which point to such an end, inadvertently risks both.

  2. Here, therefore, I seek but to bring back to your memory what livelier sensations have inadvertently driven from it.

  3. Let abler men enlarge the ensuing scanty notices, and correct me if in any respect I shall have inadvertently fallen into error.

  4. How terrible to think that a few hours ago I was conversing with her assassin, as I believe Sam Stay to be, and had inadvertently given him information as to where Miss Rider was to be found!

  5. According to the technical definition of sin, it consists in the violation of law, and in this strict sense sin may be committed inadvertently or in ignorance.

  6. He took the path which was left open to him, fondly flattering himself that, while he had stumbled inadvertently upon her romance, he had kept his own secret safe.

  7. She wrote a hurried note to the Princess, imploring her to be cautious, and not inadvertently give any clue that would lead to her discovery.

  8. This is often caused by improper usage of pointers in the source code, dereferencing a null pointer, or (in C) inadvertently using a non-pointer variable as a pointer.

  9. I regret to say, sir, that I inadvertently omitted to pack the garment to which you refer.

  10. Not even on the occasion, some years earlier, when I had inadvertently become betrothed to Tuppy's frightful Cousin Honoria, had I experienced a deeper sense of being waist high in the gumbo and about to sink without trace.

  11. I fear that you inadvertently left Cannes in the possession of a coat belonging to some other gentleman, sir.

  12. Fleck's first thought was that he might have overheard the little cry that Jane had inadvertently given, but he quickly dismissed this theory.

  13. He listened intently as she told of finding young Hoff standing right behind her as she had inadvertently mentioned aloud "the fifth book.

  14. Here we have the phenomenon in a double form; for not only does the husband regain his wife from the troll by pronouncing her name, but he loses her once more by inadvertently summoning her captor.

  15. A Danish story also relates that a midwife, who had inadvertently anointed her eyes with the salve handed to her by the elf-folk for the usual purpose, was going home afterwards and passed by a rye-field.

  16. Then she accused me of seducing Charlie, and here, I must implore your pardon, for I let out inadvertently that you had initiated him, for I had seen you having him.

  17. The Tongans were subject to induration of the liver and certain forms of scrofula, which they often attributed to a failure to perform the requisite expiation after having inadvertently touched a chief or his belongings.

  18. If it should chance that a person has inadvertently uttered a forbidden name, he must at once throw himself on the floor and say, "I have mentioned a wrong name.

  19. Once the king's own son, a boy of twelve years old, inadvertently saw the king drink.

  20. In one of his discourses, Young seems inadvertently to have admitted the existence of the Danites.

  21. A Southerner, Benham, inveighing passionately against the conditions of the city, in throwing back his coat happened inadvertently to reveal the butt of a Colt revolver.

  22. One result of this mode of action was that he did not see where he was going, and inadvertently thrust one finger into Moses' right eye, and another into his open mouth.

  23. Stretching himself as was his wont he inadvertently touched the head of Van der Kemp, an exclamation from whom aroused Moses, who, uncoiling himself, awoke Spinkie.

  24. She stopped, and Nigel, blaming himself for having inadvertently touched some tender chord, hastened, somewhat clumsily, to change the subject.

  25. If you should find anything else which you inadvertently failed to bring before this Commission, will you mail it to us for examination and we will return it to you.

  26. And you will send anything that you may come across which you may have inadvertently failed to produce before this Commission?

  27. At the same time he inadvertently knocked the torch from the fingers of Bullard, who was going to flash it into the darkness behind them.

  28. His perpendicularity has just been restored by a deft upward movement of Aunt Harriet's shoulder, upon which he had inadvertently rested his head during a quiet snooze while Cousin Edna was making her little speech at the Bridal Dinner.

  29. It is also a sign of good fortune if you inadvertently put on your stocking wrong side out.

  30. Woe, in like manner, is predicted to that wight who inadvertently upsets the salt; each grain that is overthrown will bring to him a day of sorrow.

  31. On a former occasion, as the reader may recollect, I got into a scrape by inadvertently emptying a basin of water out of the hotel window over the head and shoulders of a fiery French officer.

  32. He came to the conclusion that it must be one of two things: either that George Godolphin had inadvertently misplaced it, or that it had been stolen out and out.

  33. I must have inadvertently snapped the catch.

  34. Once to-day he had apologized for inadvertently throwing on the catch and a repetition would seem pointed.

  35. Yet, in one or two instances, he has inadvertently revealed the truth, where the official writers have intended to conceal it.

  36. Rous inadvertently let out the truth, not knowing there was any reason for concealing it.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "inadvertently" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    carelessly; chance; heedlessly; inadvertently; involuntarily; lightly; unawares