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Example sentences for "circumvented"

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circumstantially; circumstantials; circumstaunce; circumvallation; circumvent; circumventing; circus; circuses; cire; cirque
  1. From Ming time on, fashions changed quickly as soon as government regulations which determined colour and material of the dress of each social class were relaxed or as soon as they could be circumvented by bribery or ingenious devices.

  2. After this, Titus made peace with Nabis, and Nabis was circumvented and slain by the Aetolians.

  3. Owing to the pressure exerted by General van Deventer on Kilossa, and the danger that Captain Schulz might also be circumvented at Tuliani, it was imperative not to miss the right moment for withdrawing Captain Schulz to Morogoro.

  4. Gradually the force at Tuliani became liable to be circumvented on the east, and to lose its communication with the Morogoro country, which was so important for the supply of stores, ammunition and food.

  5. They were a wise people, for they listened to the voice of experience, and they circumvented their enemies.

  6. I have circumvented them once; but they won't let a man do it twice.

  7. This simplified matters, and was not displeasing to Dick and Tom, for two of these active redskins could, as a matter of course, be circumvented with much more ease than could ten times that number.

  8. Marcus the heretic is accused by Irenaeus, to have inveigled a young maid by this means; and some writers speak hardly of the Lady Katharine Cobham, that by the same art she circumvented Humphrey Duke of Gloucester to be her husband.

  9. He filled the cathedral of Worcester with monks, the canons not being driven out by force, but circumvented by pious fraud.

  10. But Canute, possessed of equal penetration, circumvented them by a similar contrivance.

  11. But, circumvented by a contrivance similar to his own, he retreated.

  12. Vortimer, the son of Vortigern, thinking it unnecessary longer to dissemble that he saw himself and his Britons circumvented by the craft of the Angles, turned his thoughts to their expulsion, and stimulated his father to the same attempt.

  13. Madame Eglentyne, for all her simplicity, must have circumvented her Bishop before she got there.

  14. The conspiracy, instead of being carried on within the Government, circumvented it.

  15. John of Jingalo had not yet broken the official leading-strings, but on this occasion he had circumvented them.

  16. Peter had circumvented him by marrying Lucy; the time had arrived for him to overcome Peter.

  17. He burned with hatred towards Peter, towards the man who had circumvented him.

  18. Even our shrewd Hansa merchants, it would seem, were afraid outwardly to present a bold front to their rulers, though secretly they defied them and circumvented their laws.

  19. The difficulties were chiefly that trade regulations were not faithfully observed; that rules of the strictest nature, on which largely depended the Hansa's success, were circumvented and disregarded.

  20. They were three; and, from the distinguished fidelity of their governors, and incorruptible chastity of Agrippina, could not be all circumvented by poison.

  21. When once they drew near the woods, they rejoined and rallied, and thus circumvented the foremost pursuers, such as, without knowing the country, had rashly ventured too far.

  22. We have circumvented the masters, and got our ends, and now we shall just have all we want--roast goose and apple pudding for dinner, and plenty of beer to wash it down with.

  23. As I went upstairs to greet Madeleine, I laughed to myself to think how Fate had circumvented the plotter.

  24. Under the open taunts of his colleagues, a deep resentment had taken possession of him that his work, so hard to do, so important and critical, should have been circumvented by the indiscretions of his wife.

  25. They were embodied at Cross Creek, but having attempted to open their way to Wilmington, where they expected some regular troops were to be landed, they were circumvented by a superior insurgent force, and beaten.

  26. And if Mason had circumvented him; as was alleged, of course there was a very good reason for detraction.

  27. Laxton hates him, because he has circumvented him more than a dozen times in his schemes of iniquity, and will circumvent him again, if I do not greatly err, provided you give him the opportunity of doing so.

  28. The Saxons, after a time, are circumvented in Gaul by the manoeuvres of the Romans.

  29. But I am still more displeased, seeing she complains that you circumvented her by means of numerous baseless accusations, and indirect arts.

  30. We are waiting to find whether the Swiss will suffer themselves to be circumvented by the artifices of Ulysses.

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