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Example sentences for "impulsively"

Lexicographically close words:
impulse; impulses; impulsion; impulsions; impulsive; impulsiveness; impune; impunity; impure; impurities
  1. And impulsively she abased herself, kneeling at his feet as at the great double altar of some dark new faith.

  2. Sylvia and Dalrymple, impulsively joined together, were nothing to each other, couldn't even resume their long friendship.

  3. Impulsively he slipped to his knees and placed his head against the side of her chair.

  4. If he should answer it impulsively she would be in a position to hurt him more than she had ever done.

  5. At this moment children's voices sounded in the garden and Honor sprang impulsively to her feet.

  6. By way of thanks, Theo laid his hand impulsively upon Wyndham's arm.

  7. She patted his favourite chair; then, impulsively deserting her seat, crouched on the hearth-rug beside him and nestled her head against his knee.

  8. The words went round the room in a deep disjointed murmur; and Frank Olliver, stepping impulsively forward, held out her glass to the girl.

  9. She looked up at him, and impulsively he took a step towards her; another moment and Micky would have sealed his fate, had not Mrs. Deland pushed open the door and walked into the room.

  10. He tore it open impulsively and drew out the enclosure.

  11. Clytie walked up to her impulsively and held out her hand.

  12. Fancy rose impulsively and put her arms about him.

  13. Impulsively she threw out both hands, impulsively she stopped Mrs Fanshawe's lips with the kiss which she had refused at parting.

  14. John Frenton was standing on the steps as the cars drove up, and impulsively she went up to him.

  15. She stared out of the window: then impulsively she laid a hand on his arm.

  16. As he staggered with the chair she impulsively ran to aid him.

  17. The storm of applause breaking forth once more, the grateful singer raised her arms and spread them out impulsively in gratitude and dramatic abandon.

  18. No one spoke for a moment, for all saw that Barry Whalen was about to say something important, coming forward to the table impulsively for the purpose, when a noise from the darkened room beyond fell upon the silence.

  19. The Little Doctor spoke impulsively as was her habit.

  20. It was only just as he was going and had impulsively raised her hand to his lips to kiss it that a little look almost of horror crossed her white face.

  21. Locke impulsively threw his arms about her and kissed her as they related their narrow escapes.

  22. Impulsively she rang the bell and, when a maid appeared in response, demanded to know the meaning of the alteration.

  23. The girl did not speak, but, bending over, she kissed her aunt impulsively and left the room.

  24. Mrs. Hapgood snatched the note, read it, and turned impulsively to the young girl before her.

  25. Polly dropped down by her side, and impulsively pulling Jean's head over into her lap, she bent down and kissed her.

  26. She was obviously, inevitably, impulsively the original product, and Uncle Percival never realised this more hopelessly than in that unresponsive headshake of dismissal.

  27. I could die for you, Sara," cried Hetty, as she impulsively obeyed the command.

  28. Hetty impulsively threw her arms about the rigid figure, and swept a pleading look from one to the other of the four stony-faced Wrandalls.

  29. I would never let him go from me," she answered, and, leaning over, she impulsively clasped the little Guilbert in her arms.

  30. When, the very day after his arrival, he passed through the Vier Marchi on his way to visit the Lieutenant-Governor, the redrobed jurats impulsively turned out to greet him.

  31. Impulsively she threw her arms around his neck.

  32. Impulsively the wardeness crossed to Celestina; her blue eyes beamed with sentiment and friendliness.

  33. Impulsively he approached a young woman whose complexion was as light as his own and asked her to dance.

  34. And Tillie, who had impulsively said "God bless him!

  35. On the other side, he saw the Lieutenant quietly lay his hand on Miss Fred's wrist that was in shadow, just as she arose impulsively to offer her hand to the man whom she found was handsome when he had the aid of a razor.

  36. She turned impulsively as if to say this to her brother, and have the last word; but that being an impossibility, she was reduced to arguing the question out with herself, as Sarah had a habit of doing.

  37. He paused, then returned impulsively and looked at the dark bundle,--stirred it with his foot.

  38. Now, impulsively and without forethought, she was kneeling before the altar and acknowledging God and the intercession of the Christ.

  39. At the last moment she put her hand impulsively on Wemyss's breast and looked up into his triumphant, flushed face and said, 'Be kind to her.

  40. As impulsively he took both hands, turned them palm uppermost, and kissed them.

  41. Illustration: Impulsively he took both hands, turned them palm uppermost, and kissed them.

  42. Her hand went to his face, impulsively searching for the features her eyes could not see.

  43. She hesitated for a moment, then impulsively placed her cool hand against his flushed forehead.

  44. Impulsively putting out her hand the Duchess exclaimed: "I can't ever, ever thank you.

  45. In another moment the office was full of chatter and scent, and Milly had run impulsively to Ethel: 'What has father given you to do?

  46. Millicent, her youngest, ran impulsively to her in the garden.

  47. And with that he wafted them impulsively into the street.

  48. She put her hand impulsively across the goat-skin, and gave his, with which he took it in some surprise, a quick clasp.

  49. She impulsively added, "She ain't hardly strong enough to be doing what she is, I tell her.

  50. Oh, I didn't believe I should ever see you again," the girl broke out impulsively upon Verrian.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "impulsively" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    abruptly; bang; dash; hastily; headfirst; headlong; impetuously; impulsively; irregularly; plop; plump; plunk; pop; quickly; recklessly; sharp; slap; spasmodically; sporadically; spur; suddenly; surprisingly; unawares; unevenly