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Example sentences for "impunity"

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  1. Collins continued to pour in his chain-shot from week to week with never-failing pertinacity, and with seeming impunity from the law.

  2. His acquittal on a more serious charge nearly nine years before might well have led him to believe that he could with impunity set the law at defiance.

  3. The knight laid aside his shoes as he was commanded, and the hermit stood in the meanwhile as if communing with his soul in secret prayer, and when he again moved, commanded the knight to knock at the wicket three times.

  4. In a third angle was a Gothic door, very rudely ornamented with the usual attributes of clustered columns and carving, and defended by a wicket, strongly guarded with iron, and studded with large nails.

  5. I do so with impunity because he knows that if he betrays me I can reveal something I know about him--and should do so at once.

  6. Neither can it be denied, but true zeal may sometimes incite people to such exploits for the preservation of religion and liberty, their own lives and brethren, all like to be destroyed by the impunity of beasts of prey.

  7. In this case then I demand, whether their impunity is necessary, because they must not be put to death?

  8. Nor can we admit that they should be both judges and party; for then they might challenge that prerogative in every case, and strengthen themselves in an uncontrollable immunity and impunity to do what they pleased.

  9. Footnote 1: "Man not being created an aquatic animal, his skin cannot with impunity be exposed to perpetual moisture, whether directly applied or arising from perspiration retained by dress.

  10. It is a singular fact that while distant potentates trembled at the thunders of the Vatican, the subjects of Rome scoffed with impunity at its insolent pretensions.

  11. Mavis was so wonderfully better that she could now do with impunity what before might have been risky.

  12. Out of sheer bravado Opal would often do forbidden things, and would boast that she could venture on them with impunity where others would surely get into trouble.

  13. One familiar plant, the so-called poison-ivy, is not harmful for many people even when handled recklessly; it can be eaten with impunity by most domestic animals.

  14. It is a familiar fact that certain foods that can be eaten with impunity by most persons prove more or less acutely poisonous for others.

  15. The latter group includes persons, apparently normal in other respects, who are more or less injuriously affected by some particular article of diet, such as eggs or milk, which is eaten with impunity by all normal individuals.

  16. A deplorable state of things: his orders were violated with impunity by the powerful, and cruelly maintained at the expense of the weak.

  17. Had the Pelican been some distance from the Argus, and in a position where she could pour in her fire with perfect impunity to herself, when the surrender took place, it would have been more justifiable.

  18. Our sailors had gained too great a name for any one to molest them with impunity again.

  19. It would be but another mode of enabling the bank to conceal its proceedings and practice with impunity its corruptions.

  20. These mine-evading craft are able to enter the enemy's own territory with impunity and destroy their merchant ships and warships in their own harbors.

  21. Which of us mortals, however great his powers, can long feast with impunity at the table of the gods?

  22. There are certain enormities in this man-of-war world that often secure impunity by their very excessiveness.

  23. I swear, 'twill not be with impunity that you have thieved so many talents from the Athenians.

  24. The Scholiast says fruit may be eaten with impunity in great quantities if care is taken to drink a decoction of this herb afterwards.

  25. The climate is delicious; and exercise on horseback may be taken with impunity from six to nine A.

  26. This fruit cannot be eaten in large quantities with impunity by Europeans, being of a very heating nature.

  27. Burning elixir of existence, where love transforms itself into a poison,--it is not with impunity that we make use of it medicinally.

  28. The insect braves with impunity the strongest odours and mephitic miasmas.

  29. The faults of Arvandus might deserve compassion; but the impunity of Seronatus accused the justice of the republic, till he was condemned and executed, on the complaint of the people of Auvergne.

  30. Gaul was again overspread with woods; and the animals, who were reserved for the use or pleasure of the lord, might ravage with impunity the fields of his industrious vassals.

  31. We all know what impunity is worth in offensive demonstrations.

  32. They practised their men at the guns, stacked shot and shell, and furnished their magazines, and drilled their raw levies with impunity within fourteen hundred yards of the fort.

  33. The Mongols in Peking were of course too busy with their own troubles to attempt to chastise KoryĆ­ for this; and this very impunity added impetus to the anti-Mongol feeling.

  34. It is also shown in the impunity with which Sin-don took the king to task in public for certain things that displeased him.

  35. No man can with impunity live in the state without some employment.

  36. The impunity is the fruit of love without law; the corporeal punishment is the execution of law without love; Christian correction is the interposition of love acting according to law in restraining the child.

  37. The morning's humidity burdens their heavy wings; the weakest prey at that hour might pass with impunity before them.

  38. You do not interrupt with impunity the natural harmonies.

  39. The latter gave him no concern, for he relied greatly on the sagacity of the elder, and the known impunity with which the younger passed among the savages.

  40. It was almost equally certain that criminals calculated beforehand on the chance of impunity which the known prevalence of these feelings afforded them.

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