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  1. I was conversing with a young lady one evening at a recherche ball in my far away home in the free and unfettered West, a very brilliant affair, I remember, under the auspices of Hose Company No.

  2. At his feet, the garden hose gurgled noisily over the curb into the gutter; it had vindicated his midnight estimate, proving just long enough.

  3. Ernie swung the hose around, flipping his thumb over the end to make a spray, and nonchalantly began to water the little rectangle of lawn between sidewalk and curb.

  4. Frank could hear the hose dragged along the corridor.

  5. The others will hand him up the nozzle of a hose running to the faucet in their room.

  6. Go hang thyself, coward, or, if you choose, swim out to the Spaniard, and shift from thy wet doublet and hose into a sanbenito.

  7. Well, the first thing, they was there a couple of weeks and I have a window fan in the kitchen, and I take the screen down to hose it and clean it, and I didn't put the screen back up.

  8. I have a window fan and it gets dirty, and I take it off and hose it and clean it, but I didn't put it back.

  9. As the temperature is low or high, the wind fresh or light, the degree of pressure on the hose in throwing the water to the required height will be greater or less.

  10. If a joint come off when the engine is in operation, a whole length of hose is rendered useless for the time, and a considerable delay incurred in getting it detached, and another substituted.

  11. Where the pressure is sufficient, and the mains large enough, by far the most efficient and economical mode of using the water is to attach the hose directly to the mains.

  12. Running the engine close upon the fire serves no good purpose, except to shorten the quantity of hose that would otherwise be required.

  13. The addition of twenty or thirty feet of hose makes very little difference in the working of the engine, and, when compared with the disadvantage of the men becoming unsteady from the idea of personal danger, is not even to be named.

  14. I may also add, that when any piece of hose has been under repair it is proved in the same manner before it is deemed trustworthy.

  15. Footnote H: The hose are made up in flat coils, with the male coupling-screw in the centre, and the female on the outside.

  16. The number of men required to keep steadily at work for three or four hours is 26; upwards of 30 men are sometimes put on when a great length of hose is necessary.

  17. The bar of iron is drawn along, and the same operation repeated till the length of the hose be finished.

  18. Maybe Wango got loose and came over here and picked up the hose to get a drink or something, and so wet you.

  19. Surely the hose didn't wet me all by itself.

  20. I like to water the garden," said Bunny, and he took great delight in directing the stream from the hose over the cabbages, beets and potatoes which were coming up.

  21. Your dog picked up the hose after you left it, and raised it high, so the water shot over the hedge and on me!

  22. Sue must have picked up the hose that I left and squirted water on somebody!

  23. Sue, coming along and seeing the hose turned on, with the water spurting out, had picked up the nozzle end and was watering the garden.

  24. As Bunny and the stranger were walking back toward the hose, Splash, the big dog, ran out from under the back porch and took hold of the hose in his teeth.

  25. Only she held the hose so high that the water shot over the high front hedge and was wetting some man passing in the street.

  26. The hose was attached to the faucet, for Uncle Tad had been watering the garden the night before, and he had gone away, leaving word that if any one had time to spray more water on the vegetables they should do so, as the ground was very dry.

  27. Then I knew it was some one using a hose and spraying me.

  28. I left the hose here while I went in to get some bread and jam.

  29. He laid the hose down, with the water still running, but he turned the stream so it would spray on the grass and not on the garden, so it would not wash out any of the growing things.

  30. He thought the hose was left there for him to play with.

  31. But not hose or doublet; so the magical virtue of his staff has not helped him much.

  32. It was a satisfaction to know, however, that the Highland Brigade suffered less in this respect than any other brigade in the Division, the possible reason being the wearing of hose tops instead of puttees.

  33. The Highlanders, however, were able to wear two pairs of hose tops, thereby keeping the men's legs warm without interfering with the circulation, by pressing the feet into boots when wearing two pairs of socks.

  34. This house proved of the greatest value, as the temporarily sick were employed in washing socks and hose tops, which were dried in this room, so that every night we were able to send up a supply of dry socks, etc.

  35. But home then came that lither lad, And did off his hose and shoon; And cast that collar from about his neck: He was but a churles son.

  36. But up then rose that lither lad, And did on hose and shoon; A collar he cast upon his neck, He seemed a gentleman.

  37. But up then rose good Glasgerion, And did on hose and shoon, And cast a collar about his neck: He was a kinges son.

  38. The Gordons good, in English blood They steeped their hose and shoon; The Lindsays flew like fire about, Till all the fray was done.

  39. His attire consisted of a black satin doublet, slashed with white, hose of black silk, and a short velvet mantle.

  40. His dress consisted of a doublet and hose of sad-coloured cloth, over which he wore a loose gown of black silk.

  41. His garb was not that of modern times, but consisted of a doublet and hose of rich material, wrought in the fashion of Elizabeth's days.

  42. The mesh hose that encased her shapely legs were held up by flowered supporters in such a manner as to leave four inches of white leg exposed between hose top and lacy panties.

  43. The Norman wore a cap or bonnet on his head, a shirt, a doublet over his shirt, a cloak with wide sleeves, hose and shoes.

  44. She seemed to scorn the work she mechanically produced; yet the hose she made were as nearly perfect as possible.

  45. The hose came up warm and newly pressed from the workrooms.

  46. THE MAN WITH THE HOSE A feeling of elation is like a feeling of alcohol.

  47. With that he started for the boss's door, trailing the hose after him.

  48. When we took the hose they crawled forward and got the shavings cleared away; that was how they burned their hands, I expect; and I hear they tumbled down insensible when they got out.

  49. While the other firemen were fitting the hose to the fire-plug just outside the gates one of them made his way into the planing-room to ascertain the exact position of affairs.

  50. The hydrant communicated with the great tank at the top of the building, and as soon as the hose was screwed on and Bill stood with the nozzle directed towards the burning door, George turned the cock and volumes of water flew out.

  51. He has a cuirass in the antique manner, all red and gold, as are his hose and his buskins.

  52. For several days after this nothing happened in the pigs' pen except that they were washed off with the hose now and then, to clean them of mud and make them cool.

  53. But after Squinty and his brothers and sisters had rolled in the mud, they were always glad when the farmer came with the garden hose and washed them clean again, so their pink skins showed beneath their white, hairy bristles.

  54. And the Jews said to each other, Let us give him a good gift for this which he has done; and they said to him, We will give you enough for hose and for a rich doublet and a good cloak; you shall have thirty marks.

  55. He who was born in happy hour made no tarriance; he drew on his legs hose of fine cloth, and put on over them shoes which were richly worked.

  56. There is no preparatory trickle at outboard end of the hose ejections; with a rush and roar, a clean, solid flood pours over, an uninterrupted cascade at seven tons from each per minute!

  57. Every man of the busy group of mechanics and riggers has 'a brick for the wall,' and the wriggling lengths of armoured hose are coupled and launched over the coamings as quickly as the massive motors are lowered.

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