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Example sentences for "hosier"

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  1. The theatrical booth of which they were joint proprietors stood near Hosier Lane, where the tragedy of Tamerlane the Great was presented, the hero being played by Hallam, and Bajazet by Cibber.

  2. Some parley ensues, in which the shrewd hosier promises for the townsfolk to set free their prisoner and pay a round sum of money if the besieging army will depart and leave them in peace.

  3. Our hosier knight, though deft with needle and keen with lance, has a stammering tongue.

  4. With these you will proceed to England, where you will hand them to Mr. Perry, the hosier in London.

  5. St. Just gave him notes for five thousand francs, with which the hosier seemed well satisfied.

  6. The latter, having been told that he might speak to the hosier without restraint, at once explained his errand, and asked his hearer the best way to set about it.

  7. As yet, he had formulated no plan of action; he deferred that, until he should have seen the hosier in the Strand.

  8. Perry told him that Sir Henry was in the habit almost nightly of visiting a certain gambling hell near the Haymarket, at which the hosier had the entree and occasionally tempted Fortune.

  9. The old hosier thereupon became grave, and assumed a very affable manner.

  10. He had formerly been a hosier at Paris, and a purveyor to the Court, but had now retired to Plassans.

  11. No," the retired hosier replied; "but we hear strange noises out in the country; one of my men assured me that he had seen fires along the slope of the Garrigues.

  12. His dress was not that of a common peasant, it was the costume generally adopted by tradesmen, but was much superior in its texture and its smartness to that of the rich hosier himself.

  13. She was the wife of a retail hosier named Ducoudray.

  14. At the approach of the Cossacks, the hosier had closed his door in fear and trembling, having opened it out of curiosity after their first passage.

  15. She is now to be seen at the corner of Hosier Lane, during the time of the fair.

  16. The police think it belonged to Sir Horace because it is the same size as the gloves he wore, and because Sir Horace's hosier stocks the same kind--as does nearly every fashionable hosier in London.

  17. But find out from Sir Horace's hosier if he sold it.

  18. Among these troopers, who were for the most part dissenters, was Daniel De Foe, at that time a hosier in Freeman's Yard, Cornhill.

  19. There can be no objection made to the Bunch of Grapes, the Rummer, or the Tuns; but would not any one inquire for a hosier at the Leg, or for a locksmith at the Cross Keys?

  20. In order to work a frame, the whole apparatus being previously put into complete order, the hosier places himself on the seat B in front, and provides himself with a bobbin of yarn or stuff.

  21. The raising of the jack sinkers and jacks takes place at the same time, by the hosier raising his hands; and for the cause of this we must revert to fig.

  22. In the front of the frame, immediately opposite to where the hosier sits, are placed the needles which form the loops.

  23. The former work is now easily brought over the shut needles, after which, by raising the hands, both sets of sinkers are raised; the jacks are locked by the back springs, and the hosier goes on to another course.

  24. The hosier would dangle a pair of stockings from his pole.

  25. The chaucer or hosier of those days fitted to the leg from the knee downwards the strong leather legging.

  26. At the expiration of the lease of the Duke Street house, so great an increase of rent was demanded that the College gave up the premises, and took a newly-built house in Hosier Lane, on a lease for twenty-one years.

  27. The maiden was a girl called Ursel, and the youth one Conrad; she an old physician's daughter, he the son of a hosier at Tergou.

  28. His prosperity as a hosier ended in 1692, in which year he fled to Bristol, a bankrupt, with debts, according to his own showing, amounting to seventeen thousand pounds.

  29. In 1685 he opened a shop as a hosier in Freeman's Court, Cornhill.

  30. A hosier at Arcis-sur-Aube during the Restoration.

  31. Attend you feeling parents dear, While I relate a sad affair; Which has fill’d all around with grief and pain It did occur in Hosier Lane.

  32. This wholesale poisoning has caused much pain It did take place in Hosier Lane.

  33. It will be remembered that Mr. Hosier was arrested in Norfolk in 1863 by order of the Federal general then commanding that department, and was being carried toward the Indian Pole Bridge to be put to work on the defences of Norfolk.

  34. Mr. Hosier did not state when this was, but said it was long before Drummond made known that he had discovered a lake in the Dismal Swamp.

  35. Business was very brisk, for some weeks afterwards, with the carver and gilder at the bottom of Hosier Lane.

  36. But I have changed my mind and, if you will come with me, you can take your choice with a clear conscience, and (I glanced maliciously at my faded hosier and haberdasher) at the prices which were prevalent a year ago.

  37. My idea was in perfect unison with that of my hosier and haberdasher.

  38. A few days later, still having the wool shortage in mind, I approached my hosier and haberdasher on the subject of shirts.

  39. About a year ago I paid a visit to my hosier and haberdasher with the intention of purchasing a few things with which to tide over the remaining months of winter.

  40. Yesterday I paid my hosier and haberdasher another visit.

  41. I imagined the shock of this procedure on a man like my hosier and haberdasher, whose heart was perhaps a trifle woolly.

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