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  1. He had, it seems, all the while been assisting his father in the cares of the little hosiery shop; but his mind was with his books, and he employed every spare moment in reading or in study.

  2. Shortly after the death of his dear friend, Vondel gave up his hosiery shop in the Warmoesstraat to his son, while he himself went to live with his daughter Anna on the Cingel, on the outskirts of the city.

  3. In 1597 we find the family in Amsterdam, of which flourishing city the elder Vondel had recently become a citizen, and where he had opened a hosiery shop.

  4. Hosiery is also strongly localised, the majority of the workpeople being employed in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and certain neighbouring parts of Derbyshire.

  5. The play wot come on the staige for the furst time in 'Merica was 'ntitled 'Hosiery Henryettur, or A Boom in Fancy Goods.

  6. The custom of wearing hosiery is one that does great credit to the spirit of American progress, which cannot be thwarted by the puny hand of foreign interference or despotic intervention.

  7. Black hosiery continues to be very popular, I am informed.

  8. In hosiery presses, printers' arming presses, and many others, the top plate also requires to be heated.

  9. Lace and crochet come out of the cabin, the yarn from the wool of the 'mountainy' sheep, carded and spun at home, is feeding the latest type of hosiery knitting machine and the hereditary handloom.

  10. He is superintendent of the Gilford Hosiery Company, and has been so for many years.

  11. For several years, Mr. Moulton was a stockholder in the Gilford Hosiery Corporation at Laconia.

  12. Manufacturing is the most important industry, and carpets and rugs, hosiery and knit goods are the most important products.

  13. I laughed, and told him 'He had better keep his mind on the team, and not think about such things as the kind of hosiery I was wearing, that he must not look upon me as a dry-goods window.

  14. Now and again a great chocolate-and-yellow tramcar ground round a difficult bend under the hosiery factory.

  15. Sir Samuel Clithering, originally a manufacturer of hosiery in the midlands, was at this time acting regularly as an official ambassador of the Cabinet.

  16. I suppose a man cannot be a successful manufacturer of hosiery in the English midlands without possessing the quality of persistence.

  17. The lace and hosiery factories had with one accord closed on Tuesday, and the great Market Place was now filled day and night by thousands upon thousands of unemployed mill-hands of both sexes.

  18. The silk-thread industry at Leek was ruined, so was the silk industry at Macclesfield; the great breweries at Burton were idle, while the hosiery factories of Leicester and the boot factories of Northampton were all shut.

  19. None of them have ever made a pair of stockings, nor a cap, nor a sock; all their hosiery comes chiefly from Champagne, though there are a few skilled workmen in Paris who can rival the Champenois.

  20. This general of hosiery made a commercial campaign of 1814 with splendid but ignored courage.

  21. After 1830 Beauvisage sold his business in hosiery to Jean Violette, one of his agents (grandson of one of the chief witnesses for the prosecution in the Simeuse trial), the proceeds of which amounted to three hundred thousand francs.

  22. Without speaking of the manufactures of Reims, nearly all the hosiery of France--a very considerable trade--is manufactured about Troyes.

  23. Previously to that time hosiery had been cut out of cloth, with the seams sewed up the same as outer clothing.

  24. Fancy hosiery is knitted according to patterns, the setting up of which requires great skill.

  25. Among the manufactures are cotton yarn, hosiery and knit goods, leather, &c.

  26. You can begin business again as a merchant (but not in the hosiery way) with your two thousand, and I shall be as frugal a wife as ever made the two ends of coming and going out meet.

  27. This frame, which, next to the common frame, is most extensively in use, is employed for working those striped or ribbed stockings, which are very common in all the different materials of which hosiery is formed.

  28. In cloth weaving, two different kinds of yarn intersecting each other at right angles, are employed; in hosiery only one is used.

  29. The Deputy at first insisted that my eyes were "good enough" to see the numerous needles of the hosiery machine.

  30. III The doctor's examination has resulted in my removal to the hosiery department.

  31. But in the hosiery department, a recent addition to the local industries.

  32. Chills shake my frame, and the bundle of hosiery drops from my hand.

  33. The Deputy's desk is occupied by "Bighead," the officer of the hosiery department, now promoted to the position of Second Assistant Deputy.

  34. The hosiery department is past the stage of experiment; the introduction of additional knitting machines has enlarged my task, necessitating increased effort and more sedulous application.

  35. The hosiery department produces so and so many dozen of stockings per day.

  36. For years he had been kept in stripes, and constantly punished for bad work in the hosiery department.

  37. I am planning to approach the man, when I am informed that prisoners from the hosiery department are locked up on the upper gallery.

  38. It consists in gathering the hosiery manufactured by the knitting machines, whence the product issues without soles.

  39. Yes; after we were placed in Bethlehem she was a manager of Princess Hosiery on Canal Street and Pittsburgh Plate and Glass Co.

  40. I remember once, it may have been the Lerner shop or it may have been this hosiery shop which you are referring to, that she told me that they let her go because she didn't use an underarm deoderant.

  41. Do you recall her working at a hosiery shop during this period of time rather than Lerner's?

  42. The manufacture of Gloves is connected, in a very large department, with the hosiery manufactory.

  43. William Lee had never been used, but that all machines employed in the manufacture of hosiery had never been thought of; and they could not have been thought of if the first machines had been put down.

  44. The comparative ease and comfort of the workers in our hosiery districts is one of the most satisfactory proofs that invention is as great a benefit to the labourer as to the capitalist.

  45. The hosiery manufacture furnishes employment to many persons besides those who work at the stocking-machine.

  46. Mrs. Jenkins was making breakfast in the small parlour behind her hosiery shop, when her husband appeared.

  47. He was a son of old Jenkins, the bedesman, and his wife kept a small hosiery shop in High Street.

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