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Example sentences for "clumps"

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  1. There were trees and clumps of bushes among the hillocks of sand and a tiny bight for a landing place.

  2. Clumps of taller trees cut off any view of the beach and the camp but he dared stray no farther from the pirogue.

  3. Cardoville thought she perceived a human form issue from one of the clumps of trees in the convent-garden, cross the path hastily, and disappear behind a high hedge of box.

  4. The wall-flower clumps were in bloom in the courtyard of the Abbey, and there were many primroses and delicate primulas in the garden; and all the hyacinths were out withindoors, making a delicious smell.

  5. He drove his feet through some clumps of grass and weeds, yearning to wipe off every stain of the place before taking this child out into the world.

  6. Here and there clumps of stunted hollies jostled each other, their whisperings making the evening seem doubly gray and dreary.

  7. After good hunting we used to romp home together over the furze-dotted land or across the fen, and from sheer high spirits vixen and cubs alike used to bound over the bushes or clumps of rushes and sags across our path.

  8. They grow under cool rich woods, with pink Lady's Slippers scattered in clumps among them.

  9. They grew sometimes singly, sometimes in clumps of fifteen or twenty blossoms, and were scattered over the whole glade as if a flight of rose-colored butterflies had just alighted.

  10. The pasture slopes down through dark needle-pointed clumps of balsam fir, and scattered hawthorn and cherry trees, which were in flower.

  11. As you get up towards the Height of Land you come to what makes the returning New Englander draw breath quickly, the pleasure is so poignant: upland pastures dotted with juniper and boulders, and broken by clumps of balsam fir and spruce.

  12. This is due to the clumps of bacilli having fallen owing to gravity.

  13. There is a characteristic which fortunately aids us in the diagnosis of this disease in the tissues, and that is the arrangement of the bacilli, which are rarely scattered or isolated, but gathered together in clumps and colonies.

  14. The process is of course observed by means of the microscope, but the clumps soon settle in the fluid and ultimately form a sediment, leaving the upper part clear.

  15. By this is meant the aggregation into clumps of the bacteria uniformly distributed in an indifferent fluid; if the bacterium is motile its movement is arrested during the process.

  16. One disadvantage under which this place labours is badness of water, while the country around it is a dead level, with clumps of very open woodland.

  17. The nest is built in clumps of willows or canes, and always in the vicinity of water; it is formed of the stalks of plants, straw, or fibrous roots, and is lined with wool or horsehair.

  18. Le Vaillant tells us that the Mouse Birds pass the night hanging in clumps upon the branches, like bees upon a hive while swarming.

  19. The Chaffinch inhabits all kind of woods, frequenting the larger forests as readily as clumps of trees, plantations, and gardens, only avoiding marshy or boggy ground.

  20. They kept good watch, both behind and ahead, nor were they set upon again, though whiles they saw clumps of men on the hill-sides.

  21. There were willows about the banks of the river, and in an ingle of it stood a grange or homestead, with many roofs half hidden by clumps of tall old elm trees.

  22. If the blood be from a case of typhoid, they will gradually lose their motion and gather together in clumps (Fig.

  23. Pseudo-reactions, in which there are a few small clumps of bacilli whose motion is not entirely lost, together with many freely moving bacilli scattered throughout the field, should not mislead.

  24. The clumps should be large, and the few bacilli remaining isolated should be motionless.

  25. They frequently form large clumps and are easily recognized.

  26. Very far away, in the green savannahs, they saw the herds of cattle straying between the clumps of trees.

  27. The raiders rose from the grass-clumps with a cheer.

  28. This striking off through the dark to the southerly point of the island was inexplicable to the boy, and as they made their way along, sometimes stumbling over rocks and clumps of beach-plum bushes, he confided his bewilderment to Joe.

  29. It was partially screened from seaward by some clumps of trailing bushes, but was plainly enough to be seen on close inspection.

  30. The rises were topped by clumps of meagre trees, with their branches showing high on the sky as if they had been perched upon stilts.

  31. There are also from time to time a few sparse clumps of young elms and willows, somewhat different from ours, but nevertheless recognizable, just showing their first tiny leaves.

  32. The wind, blowing in sudden gusts, seemed to moan as it struck the sonorous leaves of the nopal and the clumps of juniper.

  33. Immense clumps of rock, grown over with dank moss, were interspersed through the dark pine forest.

  34. On, and still on, up, further up the mountain, through thick pine forests and gigantic clumps of rock the demon guide led his unresisting prey.

  35. Clumps of the ferns, drawing closer together, served as the advanced guard of a gloomy virgin forest on the horizon.

  36. The prairie became more broken, here and there clumps of trees diversified the landscape, and in the distance rose hills, the first spires of the Sierra Madre, which jagged the blue horizon, and undulated the soil.

  37. The various birds chattered in clumps along the highway, and then would rise over our heads in flitting flocks, steering their course to the south and seemingly accompanying us on our wandering way to the great metropolis.

  38. Beautiful hills swell in slopes more or less abrupt on all sides, while lakes fringed with thickets and clumps of good-sized poplar balsam lie lapped in their fertile hollows.

  39. Clumps of trees dotted the undulating surface, and lakelets glittering in the bright sunshine spread out in sheets of dazzling whiteness.

  40. Keeping the snow-storm on my left shoulder, I went along through little clumps of stunted bushes which frequently deceived me by their resemblance through the driving snow to horses grouped together.

  41. Crossing the now fast-frozen Saskatchewan, we ascended the southern bank and entered upon a rich country watered with many streams and wooded with park-like clumps of aspen and pine.

  42. The stream babbled past him over mossy ledges, under the dark shade of clumps of spruces, and it grew smaller as he progressed toward its source.

  43. The trail led out over open grassy shores, with a few pines straggling down to the lake, and clumps of spruces raising dark blurs against the background of gleaming lake.

  44. So he kept uphill, above the cabin, and made his careful way through the thicket coverts, which at that place were dense and matted clumps of jack-pine and spruce.

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