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Example sentences for "crowed"

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crowberry; crowd; crowded; crowding; crowds; crowes; crowing; crown; crownd; crowne
  1. The apple trees were in bloom, the cocks crowed on the dung hill.

  2. The boys crowed like cocks, and laughter was heard all over the place.

  3. Sometimes three months afterward she would suddenly burst into laughter, and exclaim: "Do you remember that actor dressed up as a general, who crowed like a cock?

  4. He crowed valiantly, to greet this splendid, blazing dawn.

  5. The cock crowed again, with the same lack of result.

  6. He crowed again and yet again, because he was anxious and disturbed.

  7. At last he flew up to the highest bunk, perched upon the edge of it, flapped his wings, and crowed repeatedly, as if announcing to the wilderness at large that he had taken possession.

  8. He crowed with studied insolence; but the fox, although that long and shrill defiance must have seemed a startling novelty, gave no sign of having heard it.

  9. Then he crowed scornfully, turned about, and resumed his lonely quest.

  10. The cocks now crowed on the gate-posts, the threshold, and everywhere, but the hens no longer crowed as an evil omen in the house of the old man, who had not many days of life remaining.

  11. The car is here all right," crowed Devar joyously.

  12. Good for you, Mr. Curtis, senior," he crowed delightedly.

  13. The cock that crowed when Peter had denied his Master thrice, is usually perched on the tip-top; and an ornithological phenomenon he generally is.

  14. It crowed like a cock twenty-five times running, with an interval of half a minute between each crow.

  15. She croaked like a Raven, She screeched like an Owl, She cawed like a Crow, She crowed like a Fowl--Oh yes!

  16. It was a glorious June afternoon, and the park was, if possible, gayer and more crowed than on the previous day.

  17. At last the ship reached the dock, the plank was thrown out, and a throng of passengers crowed the gangway.

  18. And the way they crowed and bragged about their "finds" wa'n't fit to put in the log.

  19. And the way he crowed over me made my hands itch for a rope's end.

  20. But the cocks crowed proudly from their elevated perches by the roadside, and the rooks cawed noisily in the sycamores as they saw their lofty homes rocked to and fro in the swell of the wind.

  21. The cock that had crowed all night crowed again, hoarsely, with a sore throat.

  22. One of them crowed and called out with such gusto that it sounded as if he wanted to be heard clear up to the sun: "This is Herr Dybeck's estate; the same this year as last year; this year as last year.

  23. This is the cock that crowed in the morn, that wakened the priest all shaven and shorn, that married the man, etc.

  24. A COCK, being perched among the branches of a lofty tree, crowed aloud, so that the shrillness of his voice echoed through the wood and invited a Fox to the place, who was prowling in that neighbourhood in quest of his prey.

  25. The cocks crowed defiantly, the hens fluttered and cackled in a state of the wildest excitement.

  26. As she entered the gate the cock crowed loudly, “Cock-a-doodle-doo!

  27. It stretched its neck and crowed, and crowed again.

  28. The noise wakened the cock and it stretched its neck and crowed “Cock-a-doodle-doo!

  29. The Never bird saw at once what he was up to, and screamed her admiration of him; and, alas, Peter crowed his agreement with her.

  30. How clever I am,' he crowed rapturously, 'oh, the cleverness of me!

  31. Gerard crowed a little, we all like to be proved in the right; and was all attention when Denys offered to relate how his conversion was effected.

  32. Denys lingered, and crowed over his dead foes.

  33. He flew onto the top rail of the pasture fence and crowed as loudly as he could.

  34. Here he strutted and crowed and crowed and strutted, while the fowls in the pasture below looked at him and wondered how he dared go so high.

  35. The Cock did the same, only he crowed and crowed and crowed, as much as to say, "How fine it is to be able to stretch once more!

  36. It ended by the White Cock staggering and running away from the blows, while the other stood proudly where he was and crowed and crowed and crowed.

  37. It is not strange that he crowed over it, because every night the fowls had been fighting for the highest roosting places, and the strongest were sure to win.

  38. At last the Cock decided to put a stop to this sort of game, in which the Baby seemed to be having all the fun, so he flew to the top of the pasture fence and crowed as loudly as he could.

  39. He crowed and strutted and strutted and crowed.

  40. The cocks crowed vociferously at all the neighboring farmsteads and we could hear them plainly across the considerable distances from us to each.

  41. Babies crowed and prattled, mammas chatted together, old people found they had not forgotten how to laugh, and boys and girls rejoiced over the discovery of a new delight for holidays.

  42. They crowed like cocks, and the conceit seemed to please them.

  43. Trumpets blew, and the lad’s chin went up as though his manhood crowed an answer to the trumpets.

  44. The raven crowed again in a rapturous manner which plainly said, 'Those are certainly some of my characteristics, and I glory in them.

  45. Don't I tell you that His blessed Majesty King George the Third would no more stand a rioting and rollicking in his streets, than he'd stand being crowed over by his own Parliament?

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