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Example sentences for "funerals"

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  1. All of these funerals were of men who were good fellows, and we mourned their loss.

  2. A writer[100] mentions it as follows: At almost all funerals there is an irregular crying kind of singing, with no accompaniments, but generally all do not sing the same melody at the same time in unison.

  3. Because resurrection was then only in prospect; and funerals then were a kind of pledge of the expected resurrection; and it was fitting that the pledge should be magnificent according to the glory of that which it pledged.

  4. Accordingly, worship and funerals are now, in like simplicity, to bespeak the Church's faith in accomplished mysteries.

  5. This killing at funerals I used to think would be more easily done away with in the Delta than among the Tschwi tribes, but a little more knowledge of the Delta's idea about the future life showed me I was wrong.

  6. The chances are you are only a trade slave boy and have stolen these things"; and in consequence of this, killing at funerals will be a custom exceedingly difficult to stamp out in these regions.

  7. At these funerals they employ music to heighten the shew, together with coloured umbrellas and canopies, carrying their principal idol, which they call Joostie de Batavia, under one of their canopies.

  8. The funerals of the Chinese are very singular, as well as very rich and pompous, forming grand and solemn processions, in which sometimes at least 500 persons of both sexes assist, the women being all cloathed in white.

  9. And there have not been many funerals or weddings in the valley lately.

  10. In the Roman Catholic Church the rate of fees for funerals is fixed.

  11. However, in the absence of such a notice, at the public funerals of prominent persons elaborate designs may be sent.

  12. Funerals should be private, and only those intimately interested should be invited.

  13. There were three funerals and every single one of them crossed my route and I had to wait for them to pass.

  14. You know how Henry gets mad and stops playing when he has to stand still too long--well, every one of those funerals got me in bad.

  15. Surely persons who expect to figure in plots of stories have no business looking as though they were coming from funerals when they have been to weddings.

  16. Monks or bonzes are very numerous; they live by alms and in return they teach the young to read, and superintend coronations, marriages, funerals and the other ceremonials which play a large part in the lives of the Cambodians.

  17. In 1848 another mission station was established at Bimbia, the king agreeing to abolish human sacrifices at the funerals of his great men.

  18. Going to funerals we used all Marse's wagons.

  19. In dem days funerals was slow fer both de white and de black folks.

  20. When any niggers died they had funerals like they do now, 'cept the pallbearers den would sing.

  21. Weddings and funerals of slaves were about like white folks.

  22. Hot Cockles' as a game played at funerals in Yorkshire, and the lines here given show that this was the game.

  23. Other funerals have I seen with grown-up eyes, since that day, of which the burden has been the same childish burden.

  24. Up the long roads that led to the kirk on its windy height the scanty funerals wended their way.

  25. These lekythi may with certainty be identified with the white Athenian variety decorated with appropriate subjects and made specially for funerals (see Chapter XI.

  26. In Walking Funerals it is considered a mark of respect for friends to become pall-bearers.

  27. In the funerals of young persons, the pall should be borne by their companions, wearing white gloves.

  28. He can best advise upon the observances to be attended to, since the style of funerals differs with the station of the deceased's family, and is further modified by the customs of particular localities, and even by religious views.

  29. Special invitations to funerals are not considered requisite to be sent to near relatives; but to friends and acquaintances such invitations should be sent.

  30. Most persons who attend funerals will provide themselves with gloves; but it is well to have a dozen pairs, of assorted sizes, provided in case of accident.

  31. Visits of condolence after funerals should be paid by relatives within from a week to a fortnight; by friends within the second week of the fortnight; friends of less intimacy should make enquiries and leave cards.

  32. Satan was there, too; which was proper, for it was on account of his efforts that the funerals had happened.

  33. Both funerals took place at the same time in our little church next day.

  34. From the earliest times the cypress has had a mournful history, being associated with funerals and churchyards, and as such is styled by Spenser "cypress funereal.

  35. The tolling of bells at funerals is referred to in "Hamlet" (v.

  36. The funerals of knights and persons of rank were, in Shakespeare's day, performed with great ceremony and ostentation.

  37. After so many funerals of thy own, Art thou restored to thy declining town?

  38. It would not be worth while to allude to this building, or the hearse-vehicle it contains, but that the latter has been the means of introducing a change much to be lamented in the mode of conducting funerals among the mountains.

  39. At the Badaga funerals witnessed by Mr. E.

  40. The Tug of War at funerals in Chittagong and Burma.

  41. The buffoonery that was sometimes practiced at Roman funerals seems to have come from the natural love of fun, here particularly, also, through the reaction from the oppressive solemnity of the occasion.

  42. Their duties also included the summoning of members to weddings and funerals of brethren.

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