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  1. The back-bone very constantly consists of twelve cervical, eight dorsal, ten or eleven pelvic, and seven to eight caudal vertebræ.

  2. Number of caudal scales in 44 female and 34 male A.

  3. The number of caudal scales showed some degree of sexual dimorphism; the average was 45.

  4. In general, caudal scales on the basal half of the tail are undivided, whereas those on the distal half are divided.

  5. In Asymmetron the caudal region is remarkable for the curious elongation of the notochord, which is produced far beyond the last of the myotomes.

  6. The keel of the ventral fin is continued past the anus into the expanded caudal fin, and so it happens that the anal opening is displaced from the middle line to the left side of the fin.

  7. The dorsal crest is continued round both extremities, becoming expanded to form the rostral fin in front and the caudal fin behind.

  8. Finally, the caudal region comprises the post-anal division of the trunk.

  9. Holding fast with one claw to their mother's poorly-developed caudal legs, they hung as to a strap, while with the other claw they fought among themselves as much as possible.

  10. In this way he lost the shelter that in the natural order of things he could still have reckoned on beneath the caudal fan of his great parent; but fate had nevertheless been kind to him.

  11. A long line of caudal ancestry must be dug up, therefore, in Borneo, and shipped to the Peabody Museum, before this tremendous stretch in the chain of animated nature is satisfactorily accounted for.

  12. For bear in mind that it was the loss of this prehensile power that resulted in the caudal atrophy of our monkey progenitors, who became men simply because they were tailless monkeys!

  13. Has he yet discovered the caudal man, except as the ever-fertile Mr. Stanley heard of one in Africa?

  14. But this conclusively accounts for only one of the many anatomical differences between man and his caudal progenitor.

  15. The hind-limbs are narrow, but retain their characteristic forward bend; the dorsal caudal scutes are replaced by numerous parallel transverse lines.

  16. Another point of interest is the replacing of the central row of caudal scutes by a plain ridge; so far as I am aware this is unique.

  17. The caudal and procephalic lobes are very similar in appearance, but the procephalic lobe is slightly the wider of the two.

  18. The subintestinal vessel, absent or only represented by the caudal vein and in part by the ductus venosus in higher Vertebrates and adult Fish, forms the main and only posterior venous trunk of Amphioxus and the embryo Scyllium.

  19. The filamentous dorsal lobe of the caudal fin still projected far beyond the permanent caudal fin (Plate 34, fig.

  20. This," he goes on to say, "seems to point to a difference in nature between the dorsal and ventral portions of the caudal fin, in at least most Elasmobranchii.

  21. In the region of the caudal swelling the relations of the germinal layers undergo some changes.

  22. The caudal protuberance is more prominent than it was, and somewhat bilobed; it is continued on each side into one of the bands, into which the ventral plate is divided.

  23. In Elasmobranchii and Chondrostean Ganoids the portion of the embryonic tail behind this lobe persists through life, and a special type of caudal fin, which is usually called heterocercal, is thus produced.

  24. The caudal musculature was brown with bluish green flecks; the fins were transparent with reddish brown flecks.

  25. The head and caudal musculature are dark brownish black, and the caudal fins are gray.

  26. By the time the larvae have developed to stage 21, external gills are present, the caudal musculature and caudal fin have been differentiated, and the head is distinguishable from the body.

  27. In both species the caudal fins are shallow in comparison with the depth of the caudal musculature, especially in S.

  28. The caudal musculature was creamy tan with brown flecks and streaks, and the iris was pale bronze.

  29. The body and anterior part of the caudal musculature are dark brown; posteriorly the caudal musculature is pale brown.

  30. The series of dark dashes on the dorsal edge of the caudal musculature is diagnostic of all stages studied.

  31. Mottling is rather dense on the caudal fins in all specimens; in some individuals pigment is concentrated along the anterior one-third of the lateral groove.

  32. It was a condition chiefly confined to the caudal end, the sarcode having became diffluent, hyaline, and intensely rapid in the protrusion and retraction of its substance, while the nuclear body becomes enormously enlarged.

  33. The larv\'91 are humpbacked, and have two caudal appendages.

  34. A suborder of Gephyr\'91a, having a cylindrical body with a terminal anal opening, and usually with one or two caudal gills.

  35. An order of Arachnoidea having the palpi terminated by large claws, as in the scorpions, but destitute of a caudal sting; the false scorpions.

  36. Under the tail; -- applied to the bones which support the caudal fin rays in most fishes.

  37. A genus of transparent, free-swimming marine worms having lateral and caudal fins, and capable of swimming rapidly.

  38. Fishes move through the water chiefly by means of the caudal fin or tail, the principal office of the other fins being to balance or direct the body, though they are also, to a certain extent, employed in producing motion.

  39. An order of wingless hexapod insects which have setiform caudal appendages, either bent beneath the body to form a spring, or projecting as bristles.

  40. One of the small, spiniform scales found on the front edge of the dorsal and caudal fins of many ganoid fishes.

  41. Any one of numerous species of pulmonate arachnids of the order scorpiones, having a suctorial mouth, large claw-bearing palpi, and a caudal sting.

  42. It is formed by the union of a number of the last caudal vertebr\'91, and supports the uropigium.

  43. The tail of fishes consists of the tapering hind portion of the body ending in a caudal fin.

  44. The caudal forceps-shaped appendage of earwigs and some other insects.

  45. Raising the dead animal by its caudal appendage, he angrily exclaimed, "That's my dog!

  46. Illustration: Raising the dead animal by its caudal appendage, he angrily exclaimed, "That's my dog!

  47. On the abdomen six pairs of powerful biramose natatory feet with long setae have been formed beneath the Nauplius-skin, and behind these are two short, setigerous caudal appendages (Figure 58).

  48. Note the long inferior antennae, which are closely applied to the body, and of which the apex is visible beneath the caudal appendages.

  49. To this primitive body belong the two pairs of antennae, the mandibles and the caudal feet ("posterior pair of pleopoda," Sp.

  50. The caudal appendages sprout forth like other limbs freely on the ventral surface, whilst in other Prawns, the Porcellanae, etc.

  51. The spatuliform caudal lamina bears from five to six pairs of setae on its hinder margin.

  52. The arrangement of the processes of the carapace, and, still more, the similar number of the caudal setae in the most different Zoeae of Crabs (Figures 19 to 23) prove this.

  53. In Microdeutopus, as Spence Bate has already pointed out, one is even led to regard small processes of this tubular caudal piece as rudimentary members.

  54. Like the antennae, the caudal feet may also become the bearers of high sensorial apparatus, as is shown by the ear of Mysis.

  55. The V- shaped subvertebral arches which inclose the caudal blood vessels in some animals.

  56. The ventral and anal fins are white, tinged with pale red; and the dorsal, pectoral and caudal tipped with black.

  57. The male widow-bird; remarkable for his caudal plumes, certainly seems to be a polygamist.

  58. Here, then, the three embedded caudal vertebrae plainly correspond with the four coalesced vertebrae of the human os coccyx.

  59. For instance, Mr. Murie informs me that in the skeleton of a not full-grown Macacus inornatus, he counted nine or ten caudal vertebrae, which altogether were only 1.

  60. Only sixteen genera of Devonian trilobites were available for tabulation, and it is not always possible to ascertain the exact number of segments in the pygidium, although genera with smooth caudal shields had nearly all disappeared.

  61. The subjoined table, which is that compiled by Barrande with the proportional length of the pygidium added, is not as complete as could be desired, but affords a very interesting history of the growth of the caudal shield.

  62. The caudal rami of Neolenus were evidently sensory, and the animal was prepared to go in either direction.

  63. It has a pair of lateral expansions and a flattened caudal fin, a narrow median alimentary canal, and a pair of rather long simple tentacles.

  64. These little animals lack the carapace, and the body is short, with typically ten free segments and a telson bearing caudal furcae.

  65. The cast of the interior shows, rather faintly, the exopodites of the right side of the thorax and of the left side of the cephalon, and, still more faintly, the caudal rami and a few pygidial endopodites.

  66. It may be objected that the longitudinal muscles were too small to permit the use of a caudal fin.

  67. There seem to be sexual differences in the form of the anterior cephalic and caudal appendages, but this is not fully established.

  68. The abdomen consists of four cylindrical segments, the last with a pair of expanded caudal rami.

  69. Two caudal rami project a little distance beneath the posterior margin of the dorsal shield.

  70. In the Torpedo the body is nearly round, the tail short and fleshy, with two dorsals and a caudal fin.

  71. The same sort of structure (it is as rough as a file) is to be seen in the smaller caudal holders.

  72. The tail, which exceeds the body in length, presents towards the end two small dorsals, terminating in a caudal fin.

  73. The tail is thick, short, and conical, carrying part of the ventral, and terminating in a sort of caudal fin.

  74. The dorsal fin commences about the mouth, and extends up to the caudal or terminal fin.

  75. Most of the species have the dorsal fin, and contain two others besides--a fin behind the vent, and a distant caudal fin.

  76. The caudal fin is divided into two very unequal lobes, the upper extending in a sloping direction to twice the length of the other.

  77. Their chief organ of natation is the caudal fin, but they are distinguished from all other fishes by the manner in which they use this oar.

  78. The tail is broad and flat, the caudal laminæ of which are furnished with long hairs on the terminal margins.

  79. The tube of the muzzle is long and flat, and from the caudal fin springs a terminal filament nearly as long as the body.

  80. Or did thy jealous wife Detect yer In some sly flirtation, And, after caudal lecture, Bite off thy termination?

  81. The depth of head, body, and caudal peduncle are greater in N.

  82. Body, elliptical and very small at the base of the caudal fin.

  83. Head, about one-fourth of the whole length from the snout to the base of the caudal fin, varying much with age and size.

  84. Their fore-limbs have been transformed into rigid paddles, only movable at the shoulder-joint; upon the back and the tail there are ridges with a form somewhat similar to the dorsal and caudal fins of fishes.

  85. A membranous appendage extended beyond the end of the reduced caudal vertebrae, as the so-called ‘soft tail.

  86. There would be no reason why the existing vertebrae should be degenerate as in the majority of the caudal vertebrae of the dogs examined by Bonnet.

  87. The anus is situated on the dorsal side of this ventral process, and between it and the caudal spine of the shield above.

  88. The body becomes greatly elongated, and the caudal fork more developed.

  89. The ecdysis commences at the caudal extremity, and the whole of the last segment is completely thrown off.

  90. The abdominal region is also distinctly trilobed and divided into nine segments; the last, which is merely formed of a median process, being the rudiment of the caudal spine.

  91. Posteriorly the body is prolonged into a kind of blunt caudal process, at the commencement of which are a pair of lateral papillae.

  92. The caudal appendage of Pterotrachea and Firoloidea is formed as an outgrowth of the upper border of the hind end of the foot.

  93. The segments continue to increase in number by the continuous addition of fresh segments between the one last formed and the caudal lobe.

  94. By a continuous elongation the ventral plate comes to form a nearly complete equatorial ring round the ovum, the procephalic and caudal lobes being only separated by a very narrow space, the undeveloped dorsal region of the embryo.

  95. The former constitutes the ovary, and is situated in front of the septum dividing the tail from the body; and the latter, in the caudal region of the trunk, forms the testis.

  96. The dorsal surface between the prominent caudal lobe and the procephalic lobes forms more than a semicircle.

  97. He believes however that the anterior segment forms the procephalic lobes, the posterior probably the telson and five adjoining caudal segments, and the middle one the remainder of the body.

  98. B, which meet however in front in the procephalic lobes, and behind in the caudal lobes.

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