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  1. The disembarkation of the troops was consequently unopposed, but our outposts were much worried day and night by incessant firing and desultory attacks from the French, who had taken refuge in the surrounding jungle.

  2. Garibaldi remained on shore watching the disembarkation of the men.

  3. Not a moment was lost by the Garibaldians, and the disembarkation at once began.

  4. By four o'clock on the morning of the 9th the process of disembarkation had been successfully completed, and the soldiers had all found their pre-arranged billets on shore.

  5. Perfect order and discipline characterized the disembarkation of the Japanese, as it had characterized their embarkation.

  6. He first threw forward a division of 4000 men under Clinton, who landed in Gravesend Bay, Long Island, without opposition; their disembarkation being covered by three frigates and two bombs.

  7. The news of the disembarkation of these troops caused great sensation through all France; the bravery of the Vendean peasants in their recent conflicts had been deeply remembered.

  8. The next morning, therefore, he only marched ten miles to Lourinha, and thence advanced to Vimiera, eight miles farther, where he covered the disembarkation of the troops.

  9. There was then the choice of landing far enough north of Lisbon to ensure a disembarkation undisputed by the French, or else to sail south, join Spencer, and act against the French army under Dupont.

  10. The dangerous nature of the coast, and the certainty that, should a gale spring up, a large proportion of the ships would be wrecked, rendered it absolutely necessary to secure the disembarkation of the troops at once.

  11. These will be available to land on the morning after your disembarkation begins, if you so desire.

  12. Details as to disembarkation of these horses will be forwarded to you later.

  13. Water is plentiful throughout the Anafarta Valley, but pending the disembarkation of water carts a number of mules with special 8-gallon water bags will be attached to the units of your command.

  14. No allowance has been made in the tables for the disembarkation of your headquarters, as it is not known at what period of the operations you will wish them to land.

  15. Further, it offers certain facilities for disembarkation in winter gales.

  16. Special instructions regarding embarkation and disembarkation are issued to G.

  17. The disembarkation of your command, which may be expected to be opposed, though not in great strength, will be after dark at a point immediately south of Lala Baba.

  18. As regards the time at which the disembarkation may be expected to commence, no craft will be allowed to leave Kephalos Harbour till after dark, and the passage across will take from one and a half to two hours.

  19. Before the disembarkation of his troops, he determined to return Louverture's visit.

  20. Yet they looked at the wounded, questioned them, and then went on with their disembarkation in a matter-of-fact way, as if they were used to this sort of thing all their lives.

  21. Disembarkation on the Asiatic side of the Straits, followed by a march on Chanak.

  22. Arrangements, of course, had at once to be made for the distribution of the ships and the order of their procedure through the Canal (Alexandria was to be the port of disembarkation owing to lack of wharf accommodation at Suez).

  23. Ibrije has a bad beach, and the distance to Enos, the only point suitable to a disembarkation on a large scale, was so great that the enemy would have had time to organize a formidable opposition from his garrisons in Thrace.

  24. Just as a guess, I'd have said that the spaceport's disembarkation section was about six hundred feet square.

  25. Captain Brancker, as Quartermaster-General of the Presidency Brigade, was responsible for the disembarkation of the party.

  26. Disembarkation took place the following afternoon at about 4 p.

  27. No untoward incident however occurred, and on the 24th April the transport arrived at Marseilles and disembarkation at once took place.

  28. Disembarkation took place at once and the Battalion, preceded by its pipe band, marched to the Reinforcement Camp at Sanvic.

  29. The disembarkation commenced at once--the officers and men filing down the gangway on to the waiting barges.

  30. During the disembarkation it was noted that a destroyer had moved in on the right and was directing her searchlight on Gaba Tepe and vicinity.

  31. After daylight the transport entered Mudros Bay and before noon the disembarkation had been carried out at a pier near the northern end of Port Mudros.

  32. Nevertheless, preparations had to be made either for disembarkation at the first-named port or for the passage through the Canal.

  33. Nevertheless, the French naval officers did succeed in conveying the greater part of the expeditionary army to a point at which disembarkation was practicable.

  34. Yet he and his nominee were amongst the small fraction of the expeditionary body which never reached a place where disembarkation was possible.

  35. He, at the same time, sent Lord Dufferin a personal message urging that Alexandria should be the port of disembarkation for the Turkish troops.

  36. All hope of a disembarkation appeared as remote as ever.

  37. Amongst the Europeans, the greatest anxiety prevailed, and every one was asking when the disembarkation would begin.

  38. Public opinion declared against the traffic; severe laws were passed against it, and were so firmly enforced that in 1853 not a single disembarkation took place.

  39. He was watching the disembarkation of some troops when a shot was fired which narrowly missed him, and killed General Bitencourt, the minister of war.

  40. The disembarkation in France of the original British Expeditionary Force is completed, with Sir John French in supreme command (see Dec.

  41. In an hour from the time of disembarkation the train was ready to start, and the welcome cry of "All set!

  42. There was likewise a disembarkation of French soldiers in a train of boats, which rowed shoreward with sound of trumpet.

  43. The landing pontoons had been greatly augmented and improved during the last hour or two, and the disembarkation was proceeding more and more quickly.

  44. The Prince signalled to the officer superintending the disembarkation at Burnham to send forward the cavalry and horse artillery by batteries and squadrons as soon as they could be mounted.

  45. Through the whole day the disembarkation proceeded, the townsmen standing there helpless to lift a finger and watching the enemy’s arrival.

  46. The complete disembarkation at Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and East London would not be finished until early in December.

  47. The slow and hesitating movements of the Boer columns had but hastened the disembarkation and concentration of the troops destined for the relief of Ladysmith.

  48. The dates of the disembarkation of the remaining units of the corps for the relief of Ladysmith, to which a fourth brigade was ultimately assigned by Sir R.

  49. He decided to leave the rest of the Headquarter staff at Cape Town to supervise the disembarkation of the reinforcements from England and their formation into a field army.

  50. An army has over the holiday travellers the advantage of its long-established unity, its discipline, and its training, but embarkation and disembarkation are entirely outside its ordinary experience.

  51. Maritzburg to direct personally the heavy work falling on the line of communication staff in arranging for the disembarkation and equipment of the reinforcements, whose arrival at Durban was now hourly expected.

  52. That general was therefore directed to make, so far as was compatible with secrecy, preliminary arrangements for the disembarkation of this army at the three ports, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London.

  53. The delays in disembarkation of men and stores were slight, and, when they occurred, were due to insufficient berthing accommodation at Cape Town.

  54. On the 28th it reached Pevensey, and the disembarkation was quietly effected.

  55. The current having acted still more powerfully on the vessels which conveyed the third division, under Brigadier-General Morshead, two or three days elapsed before the disembarkation in Ance la Raye could be entirely executed.

  56. January, without opposition, at the Bay of St. Marie; and immediately possessed itself of the heights, so as to cover the disembarkation of the remainder of the 1st Division and the Reserve.

  57. With the one boat the disembarkation went on slowly during the night.

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