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Example sentences for "disembarked"

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  1. The position of affairs when the Spaniards disembarked on the shores of Peru is already known to you.

  2. There was no Mexican empire, then, at the moment when Fernando Cortes disembarked near Vera Cruz, but there was a federation.

  3. When Pizarro and his companions disembarked in Peru, the great Inca, Huayna Capac, had but recently completed the empire by the conquest of the kingdom of Quito.

  4. The boys disembarked with the aeroplane at Seward and found the chief and three of his men awaiting them, with the news that they believed that they had discovered the cave.

  5. The next day he disembarked amid files of silent soldiery and crowds of enthusiastic people.

  6. The expedition then disembarked at the port of Juan Griego, the Royalists concentrating their forces at Pampatar and Porlamar.

  7. The first division, under Las Heras, disembarked in the bay on the 8th September, and the same evening occupied the town without resistance.

  8. Here the boats remained tied up until the 18th of March, when we moved up to Pittsburg Landing, disembarked and went into camp, one-quarter of a mile from the river, on the 19th.

  9. The Regiment remained at Fort Donelson until the 22d of February, when the Brigade proceeded up the Cumberland River to Fort Sevier near Clarksville, where they disembarked and went into camp on the 25th.

  10. These people give the following account of themselves, saying that their ancestors starting from Cyme, arrived in that country, and disembarked to found a settlement.

  11. Sailing to the point where the enemy's vessels lay, he had no difficulty in capturing the crews, who had disembarked from all the ships with one exception.

  12. Every day for four days they held out in this fashion, but at evening as soon as it was dark he disembarked his men, so that the enemy might not suspect what they were after.

  13. On every corner were groups of Moroccan infantry, recently disembarked or convalescing from wounds, young soldiers with red caps and long cloaks of mustard yellow.

  14. Once he had disembarked in the island of Pantellaria, situated halfway between Sicily and Africa.

  15. He disembarked in Phoenician and Greek ports choked up with sand that had left only a few huts at the foot of mountains of ruins, and where columns of marble were still sticking up like trunks of lopped-off palm trees.

  16. The Indians remained with the canoes; but the white men disembarked with considerable baggage.

  17. Less than a hundred patriotic Green Mountain Boys had disembarked from the boats under the shadow of Ticonderoga.

  18. The Pacific was his aim and thither he went, disembarked in Olympia, via San Francisco by boat, 1872, where he remained three weeks.

  19. Norwegian parents, removed to the city from Cowlitz county where he had disembarked two years prior.

  20. In 1870, the time that Eller Graham, a native of Norway, disembarked at the mouth of Skagit river, a white man was a curiosity.

  21. Zolan remained where he was for a distance, disembarked and strolled about near an air lock as he mind-impressed his message on a comm capsule.

  22. The manifest of the transport from which you just disembarked listed you as 'cargo' transferred to this station from the temporary holding jails of Earth, Luna or Mars, or wherever you were being held.

  23. Whereupon we all agreed (to proceed thither) and disembarked from on board the good ship Union, and with Capt.

  24. Manes disembarked troops from it, and went against Ravenna.

  25. We disembarked at the camber, a huge pile of masonry, whose weight upon an insecure foundation has already split the sea-wall in more than one place.

  26. Arrived at Bishopscourt, we disembarked and visited the place.

  27. The troops were disembarked on Staten Island, and fortifications thrown up on some of the most commanding hills.

  28. The troops had all been disembarked before his arrival, and the Virginia levies, selected by Sir John St. Clair to join the regiments of regulars, were arrived.

  29. The American army under general Wilkinson disembarked the whole of the troops and passed Prescott.

  30. The Plymouth colonists disembarked on cape Cod, and proceeded to make discovery of the country, and search for a convenient place of settlement.

  31. The remaining part of the Division also disembarked at Alexandria, in order to relieve the Regular garrisons of Alexandria and Cairo.

  32. He was standing near to some Indian muleteers when the Manchester Territorial Brigade disembarked on Gallipoli.

  33. One moment," I answered, drawing him back a step as he was in the act of coming into collision with a beautiful girl who had just disembarked from her gondola upon the arm of a grey-haired man.

  34. I disembarked from my gondola at the steps, and having bade the man wait for me, which he did on the other side of the street, I rang the bell.

  35. My star was still in the ascendant when we reached the palace, for when I had disembarked at the steps, the old man who did menial service for Nikola, had just opened it and looked out.

  36. When at last two ladies disembarked and made their way across the stones towards Florian's cafe, where we were seated, I thought he would have made an exhibition of himself.

  37. Now, gentlemen, let us be moving," said Nikola, and taking the Don with him he set off quickly in the direction of the spot where we had disembarked from the gondola.

  38. Arrived at Ostend on the 27th at daylight and disembarked from on board the Winsley-dale packet.

  39. When we disembarked in this country first we had 100 rank and file.

  40. Sidenote: 22nd] Disembarked on the 22nd of July at Portsmouth.

  41. And Miss Flamm and Josiah and me disembarked from the carriage right onto the end of it.

  42. Wall, we disembarked from the cars, and we found the old mair and the "Democrat" a waitin' for us.

  43. Starting with a company of about a hundred and ninety Spaniards and a few Indians, he skirted the coast of Panama to a point near Cape Tiburon, and there disembarked and headed inland.

  44. The force on the lake disembarked under cover of a point of land, which hid them from the English.

  45. By noon it had disembarked at the extreme north end of Lake George, and near the river conducting to Ticonderoga they built an entrenchment, to protect their bateaux.

  46. Needless to say we lost no time in utilizing our third and last boat, and in about an hour everybody, including the still unruly Boche captain, whom Baldens disembarked last of all, was ashore.

  47. In the middle of the night I disembarked in Venice, where two carabinieri conducted me to a hotel hermetically sealed so that no ray of light escaped.

  48. Indeed, some had actually started, and a number of transports left the northern harbours and had to anchor in Port Phillip Bay, where the troops were disembarked altogether or each day for a fortnight or more.

  49. I saw a whole brigade of British troops disembarked from the massive Mauretania and bivouacked under the open sky.

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