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  1. These sinister changing lights, these tin-like reflections upon a leaden swell, these white scoriae clinging to the rocks, this slimy aspect of the waves suggest a gigantic crucible in which the metal bubbles and gleams.

  2. Pierce below this crust which sustains us as far as that crucible of lava which tolerates us.

  3. If the bleach has no action, incinerate some of the dyed fibre in an iron crucible and heat the ash on charcoal before the blowpipe.

  4. If a piece of paper is crumpled up, placed in a small crucible, and then ignited until all the carbonaceous matter has been burnt off, a residue is left in the crucible which may be white or coloured.

  5. There was a crucible and underneath it a blue fire that burned fiercely.

  6. Halfoff and Kwitoff were working as Serge had seen them before, beside the crucible with the blue flame on their faces.

  7. In India for ages the process has been as follows: pieces of forged iron are put into a crucible along with a certain quantity of wood.

  8. Our machinery was better, and pure charcoal was placed in the crucible instead of wood; but the process was long and costly, and only small pieces of steel were produced at a time.

  9. In 1862 he exhibited in London an ingot of finest crucible steel weighing twenty-one tons.

  10. Crucible steel, however, though more expensive, still holds its place as the best and most reliable that can be produced; and nothing else is ever used in the construction of a Krupp gun.

  11. A very important development of the manufacture of steel followed the introduction of the 'Bessemer process,' by means of which a low carbon or mild cast-steel can be produced at about one-tenth of the cost of crucible steel.

  12. This process is still carried on at Sheffield and elsewhere, and is what is generally known as the crucible or pot-steel process.

  13. This oxalate of lime is then heated to a dark red heat in a platinum crucible with lid until the oxalate of lime is converted into carbonate of lime.

  14. The cold ash is then moistened with a carbonate of ammonia solution, and the crucible again exposed until it is dark red; the weight of the ash is then taken.

  15. I perceived the next morning that the leaden crucible had resisted, and that the supporters were only glazed by the cinders.

  16. I pretend one Thing or other, either that the Crucible was crack'd, or the Coals naught, or the Fire not well tempered.

  17. These latter represent the unfinished material ready for the crucible and for the alloy which was to turn them into a bronze of special hardness.

  18. The raw material, copper, smelted and beaten or poured from a crucible into moulds, was in more ancient times used in its unalloyed purity--and it is still used in that state.

  19. Moissan's method of making diamonds is to dissolve coke dust in molten iron, using a carbon crucible into which the electrodes are inserted.

  20. When the whole mass is fluid, the crucible and its contents are suddenly dashed into cold water or melted lead.

  21. We find the remains or the imprint of it even in the minerals, as the statuary marble and alabaster, which have passed through the crucible of the most destructive fires.

  22. Innocent and peaceable, they engulf a world of scarcely organized creatures which die ere they lived, and pass unconsciously into the crucible of universal change.

  23. At every instant each passes through the crucible of death--and at every instant revives.

  24. At last the process was finished, and at the bottom of the crucible was found a teaspoonful of undoubted gold-dust.

  25. With ingenious candour, Fred prepared a crucible in front of his select audience after the various ingredients had been submitted to strict examination.

  26. Hasan stood up to him and would have kissed his hands; but he forbade him from this and suffered it not, saying, "O Hasan, set on the crucible and apply the bellows.

  27. FN#14] Then he bade Hasan blow upon it with the bellows, and he did so, till the contents of the crucible became a lump of gold.

  28. For more than a week he had allowed himself no sleep, nor had he permitted his eyes to wander from the vast crucible which had been heated to white beat for six consecutive months.

  29. The old man still watched; a whitish vapor rose slowly from the crucible; matter decomposed in this crucible seemed to be a prey to a fearful travail--to struggle in an internal conflict.

  30. Corrosive sublimate should be placed in the crucible as long as any blue flame is seen to come from it.

  31. The muffle furnaces of the Morgan Crucible Company of Battersea are favorably known.

  32. Reduction is the operation of removing oxygen, and it takes place usually in a crucible or scorifier.

  33. Musket balls, given by a soldier together with a grain of the "powder for projection," were placed in a crucible covered with cinders and the furnace fire was soon raised to a proper heat.

  34. Then the covering of the furnace was removed and the crucible with the melted mixture dropped into the tank of water.

  35. Charcoal and iron ore placed in a crucible and subjected to enormous heat electrically.

  36. I have been but a flame to you, burning out the dross from your nature so that she might pour into her heart's crucible only the pure gold.

  37. My share of him has been the coarse dross of passion that must be skimmed from the crucible of every strong man's hot heart; yours will be the refined gold of his soul's first and last real love.

  38. The painter IS a magician; the gold he at least wrings from his crucible is no delusion.

  39. Before 1880 Sir William Siemens showed that an electric arc could be used to melt iron or steel in a crucible, and he patented an electric crucible furnace which was the first attempt to use electricity in iron and steel manufacture.

  40. For three tons of steel eight to ten hours are required in the Heroult crucible furnace.

  41. Air from an air blast is introduced into the crucible to oxidize the impurities of the metal, particularly the sulphur and the phosphorus which are carried into the slag and this is removed by the tilting of the furnace.

  42. The actual process of steel-making consists of charging the crucible with steel scrap, pig iron, iron ore, and lime of the proper quality and in the right proportions, placing this material on the hearth of the furnace.

  43. The electric current enters the crucible through two massive electrodes of solid carbon, 70 inches in length and 14 inches in diameter, so mounted that they can be moved either vertically or horizontally by the electrician in charge.

  44. The furnace consists of a crucible in the form of a closed shallow iron tank, thickly lined with dolomite and magnazite brick, with a hearth of crushed dolomite.

  45. Hosts of ideas have passed through the crucible of the author's mind and have been refined by the process, coming forth individualized by the stamp of his personality.

  46. One gram of the pulverized sample should be weighed into a porcelain crucible equipped with a well fitting lid.

  47. This crucible should be supported on a platinum triangle and heated for seven minutes over the full flame of a Bunsen burner.

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