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  1. Lime is so infusible that it is frequently employed for the materials of crucibles in which the highest melting metals are fused, and for the pencils in the calcium light because it will stand extremely high temperatures.

  2. Crucible steel may also be made by placing crude steel in the crucibles in place of the iron.

  3. Furnaces to hold the crucibles, and made of iron cylinders lined with fire brick, whereby the crucibles were subjected to greater heat, were also known.

  4. Gill considers that these crucibles mean Christ and his ministers; while Bunyan, with his enlarged mind, identifies them with the whole of Christ's followers.

  5. Some of these crucibles prove not to be genuine, and perish in the using, not being able to abide the fire.

  6. The crucibles are then removed from this furnace, by means of a little truck, and placed upon a movable platform, which is operated by hydraulic power.

  7. Practical deductions as to nickel crucibles and gauze 9294 The Capillarity and Density of Liquids.

  8. The steel crucibles which have now been in use some time show but little wear, and indicate indefinite use in future, thus reducing the first item of cost in the older process to a fraction.

  9. The crucibles containing these materials are first heated in a small furnace at a low temperature, the object being to expel the hydrogen from the caustic alkali and bring about quiet fusion.

  10. It will be highly useful in plating chemists' crucibles and so on.

  11. As soon as the crucibles are cool, they are broken open and the cakes of steel are found rounded at the bottom.

  12. For crucibles in which acids are employed, and for galvanic batteries.

  13. Small graphite crucibles with covers, as shown in section, in Fig.

  14. Several crucibles are then pulled out of the hole, and their contents carefully poured into a metal mold, forming an ingot.

  15. Yes, the four crucibles contain the metal in different stages of production, some having been on eleven hours, some twelve.

  16. The Navajos are not good potters; their earthenware being limited to these crucibles and a few unornamented water-jars; and it is probably in consequence of their inexperience in the ceramic art that their crucibles are not durable.

  17. Crucibles are made by the more careful smiths of clay, baked hard, and they are nearly the same shape as those used by our metallurgists, having three-cornered edges and rounded bottoms.

  18. The Hessian crucibles are tolerably good; but the best are made of Limoges earth, which seems absolutely infusible.

  19. All the crucibles made in the neighbourhood of Paris are of this kind, and consequently unfit for most chemical experiments.

  20. To procure tungstic acid perfectly pure, the fusion of the ore with carbonat of potash must be made in a crucible of platina, otherwise the earth of the common crucibles will mix with the products, and adulterate the acid.

  21. Crucibles are made of various forms, according to the operations they are intended to perform.

  22. When a very intense fire is necessary, earthen crucibles may be used; but we generally use the word evaporation to express what is produced by the temperature of boiling water, or not much higher.

  23. Hence, in all ages, chemists have been extremely solicitous to procure crucibles of very refractory materials, or such as are capable of resisting a very high degree of heat.

  24. For small trial crucibles ordinary clay mixed with pitchers and powdered coke proves satisfactory; the coke when fired out renders the body porous and the heat penetrates more swiftly.

  25. Small trials can be fired in crucibles in an open fire or on a gas ring.

  26. For this purpose iron vessels covered with hemispherical metallic covers are employed, or else simply clay crucibles covered by other crucibles.

  27. Usually these crystals are sublimed by heating them in crucibles or pots, when the vapours of sal-ammoniac condense on the cold covers as a crust, in which form the salt comes into the market.

  28. A charcoal lining is often used in crucibles for heating many substances, as it does not melt and resists a far greater heat than many other substances.

  29. When mixed with clay, graphite is used for making crucibles and pots for melting metals.

  30. In a word, he would have us leave the laboratory and its crucibles for the sibyl's cave and its tripod.

  31. All our crucibles and alembics leave unaccounted for the great mystery of style.

  32. The crucibles commonly used for fusing metals are formed of clay, or a mixture of plumbago and clay.

  33. Platinum crucibles are not acted on by carbonated alkalies at a high temperature, but they are liable to be seriously damaged by the caustic alkalies.

  34. Earthen crucibles are used both in the burnt and unburnt state.

  35. When the charcoal is saturated it is evaporated to dryness, and heated to redness in covered Hessian crucibles till the water and acid are dissipated.

  36. These furnaces are made in two distinct types; one with a perforated cover to the crucibles and muffles to attain the maximum heat; the other with a slide chimney and a double lid over the crucible.

  37. The following kinds of earthen crucibles are much used in the arts:-- =Crucibles, Cornish.

  38. When smaller and less refractory crucibles are needed, the same mixture is employed, with the addition of an eighth part of China clay, or Kaolinite from St. Austell.

  39. These crucibles of Stourbridge clay are made large enough to hold forty pounds or more of melted brass.

  40. There was a great cast-iron mortar fitted on a concrete stand, crucibles of various sizes, and the place looked quite ship-shape.

  41. If an adept seeks power and wealth, the desire is instigated by our needs; he grasps treasure as a thirsty dog laps water while he swims a stream, because his crucibles are in need of a diamond to melt or an ingot of gold to reduce to powder.

  42. We have tried in our crucibles the acorn which produces the oak, and the embryo from which grows a man; from this tiny substance results a single principle, to which some force, some movement must be given.

  43. The crucibles are heated in a wind furnace for 1 to 1-1/2 hours, then allowed to cool, the inner crucible removed, and the coke weighed.

  44. Charcoal is the fuel used, and the crucibles stand upon the bottom of the clay lining.

  45. Small air-furnaces with hot plates or sand bath flues were formerly much employed in chemical laboratories, as well as small blast furnaces for crucibles heated with charcoal or coke.

  46. Huntsman showed that the mere act of freeing these slag-bearing steels from their slag by melting them in closed crucibles greatly improved them.

  47. He could make only high-carbon steel, because he could not develop within his closed crucibles the temperature needed for melting low-carbon steel.

  48. Weigh into platinum crucibles two portions of the ground feldspar of about 0.

  49. Iron, nickel or silver crucibles are used in special cases.

  50. Roast the ore at dull redness for ten minutes (Note 1), allow the crucibles to cool, and place them and their contents in casseroles containing 30 cc.

  51. Porous crucibles of a material known as alundum may also be employed to advantage in special cases.

  52. It attacks iron and nickel as well; but crucibles made from these metals may be used if care is exercised to keep the temperature as low as possible.

  53. Platinum crucibles stained in use may often be cleaned by the fusion in them of potassium or sodium acid sulphate, or by heating with ammonium chloride.

  54. In general, platinum crucibles should be used whenever such use is practicable, and this is the custom in private, research or commercial laboratories.

  55. Porcelain or silica crucibles may be used with acid fluxes.

  56. Silica crucibles are less likely to crack on heating than porcelain crucibles on account of their smaller coefficient of expansion.

  57. Sometimes they made use of crucibles with a false bottom.

  58. When their maws are full, the crucibles are once more brought into an erect position, and the process of converting iron into steel begins.

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