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Example sentences for "heralded"

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  1. Buelow had left nothing undone that could contribute eclat to his friend's first public appearance in Meiningen, which he heralded a few days beforehand by giving a performance of the German Requiem at an extra concert of the court orchestra.

  2. My brother had heralded the fact that I (then a young woman of twenty-eight) was a mighty rider (I had followed the Essex County hounds in New Jersey)!

  3. How thrilling is each event that is heralded by music!

  4. My genius lives no longer: I regret Its death: I own I should have loved that yet My lays had waked his sympathy; my name Might still have reach'd him, heralded by fame.

  5. Loud and hearty cheers, so unanimous they were like one immense multitudinous shout, heralded the royal carriage.

  6. If she gave a few pennies to a blind beggar at Margate, the amiable act was heralded as one, of almost divine beneficence, and the beggar pitied, as never before, for his blindness.

  7. This decision was heralded all over the city, and women felt as if their millennium had come.

  8. It reappears in the last words of the shepherd king, whose grand prophetic picture of the true King is heralded by 'The Book of Israel spake to me.

  9. It is remarkable that the very system which was emphatically one of law and retribution should have been thus heralded by a word which is perfectly 'evangelical' in its whole tone.

  10. A gunboat was coming up the river, and its presence heralded the approach of the fleet, with reenforcements and with supplies for the half-famished men in the line.

  11. Is it heralded in the newspapers that by an effort he has exhibited the mere brute courage which has distinguished thousands of humble privates whose names will never be printed?

  12. All other days heralded it, or followed in its train.

  13. The aorist may refer to the event of the First Advent, when our eternal Sun was heralded by Himself the Morning Star.

  14. There is no other personage in human history, himself a moral miracle, heralded by a verifiable foreshadowing in a complex literature of previous centuries.

  15. The occasion had been heralded by a train of circumstances drawing everybody to the spot.

  16. It is probable that he positively refused to have his induction to the office heralded with such solemn pomp.

  17. The events of that night were horrible, and the true extent of the losses on both sides was only revealed when the flames died down and the parting clouds above heralded another grey and toilsome day.

  18. Virgin: Spica Virginis and Arcturus heralded the coming of the Sun, 507-u.

  19. Truth which creates the Future heralded by the Star of Knowledge at its birth, 843-m.

  20. Nile, Sirius heralded the inundation of the, 15-u.

  21. And such is the philosophy which is heralded to us from over the sea as the newly found and wonderful truth, which is to satisfy the hungering soul of man and still its persistent cry for bread.

  22. A shrill whistle heralded the return of Nazim Pasha's train.

  23. Clouds of dust heralded the coming of Crum, their King, with a large host amid flocks of sheep and goats.

  24. The appearance of the great luminary was hailed with joy, as the omen of a happier fate than had been heralded by the clouds and storms of evening.

  25. These are not Sunday-school stories invented to frighten children; the facts occurred, and were heralded broadcast throughout the land.

  26. The much-heralded combat between Whiz Deagen and Carl Hemmer was proving a washout.

  27. Rated as two evenly matched sextets, Taber and Siddall High Schools drew a capacity crowd at the Taber rink to witness what had been heralded as probably their most spirited encounter.

  28. The saddest sight ever witnessed in St. Louis street was that which heralded to its awe-struck denizens the issue of the momentous conflict on the adjoining heights in Sept.

  29. The event, after the discouraging news which had prevailed, was heralded all over England by the ringing of the bells, and public thanksgiving.

  30. Had the advent of the St. Malo vikings been heralded by watchful swift-footed retainers to swarthy king Donnacona, the ruler of the populous town of Stadacona, and a redoubtable agouhanna of the Huron nation?

  31. The place where River and mountains meet had been heralded to us long before we reached it.

  32. Four miles up the Stehekin we reach Rainbow Falls, heralded by distant gusts and eddies of mist, which at first seem to be from woods on fire.

  33. All such great achievements of the race are heralded long before by signs which those who study the lives of men may know.

  34. I noticed there were only about half seats enough for the guests, so that one half stood while they waited, and it was nearly an hour from the time we began to gather for the much heralded "full meal" before we were served.

  35. It was twenty degrees below zero when I arrived at Milwaukee and this extremely cold weather heralded the speedy gathering of the ice crop.

  36. Its driving force is the energizing influence generated by the Revelation heralded by the Báb and proclaimed by Bahá’u’lláh.

  37. Sight and scent became remarkably keen, while his hearing developed such acuteness that in his sleep he heard the faintest sound and knew whether it heralded peace or peril.

  38. An oath from Perrault, the resounding impact of a club upon a bony frame, and a shrill yelp of pain, heralded the breaking forth of pandemonium.

  39. As they rowed toward the spot their approach was heralded by a shower of arrows.

  40. The archers as usual heralded this advance with showers of arrows, which shook the ranks of the French and opened the way for the cavalry.

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