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Example sentences for "epigraph"

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  1. The verse you chose as an epigraph is altogether beneath criticism.

  2. The quotation, therefore, has not the significance of a programme, but was merely an epigraph added to the score.

  3. Footnote 3110: See the epigraph of his "Mémoires sur la Lumiere.

  4. Now it is one of Nietzsche’s most incisive points which is chosen as the epigraph of a modern tragedy, now one of his pregnant turns of expression incorporated in the established usage of language.

  5. The Habit of the Knights was a long White Mantle embroider’d with Ermins, and the Collar of Gold compos’d of the Letter O, to which hung in an Oval the Epigraph Decorum.

  6. The work is dedicated to Cormenin, with a dedicatory epigraph in Latin, and in the text is an epigraph taken from Homer, all in Greek.

  7. There is a wide gap between the sentence of St. Augustine that Shelley has taken as epigraph for his “Alastor”[148] and the spirit of the great Greek and Roman classics.

  8. Calderon, to whom several anonymous pieces, with the epigraph de un ingenio de esta corte, are ascribed.

  9. This authorship is confirmed by the epigraph in the church of S.

  10. Lobato’s attitude toward education may be gleaned from his child’s book Little Snub-Nose and the epigraph from Anatole France.

  11. From Heine, to whom he is indebted for something of his social aspiration, he took as epigraph for his collection Os Escravos, a sentiment that reveals his own high purpose.

  12. The song of the story might serve as the epigraph to much of what Netto has written: No coração de quem ama Nasce uma flor que envenena.

  13. But, then, the epigraph is never lyrical.

  14. Of nineteenth-century writers, the most admirable composer of the epigraph has been Landor, who in this, as in some other respects, may be placed in the same category with Herrick.

  15. Every part of nature has its mystery and its beauty, its logic and its explanation; and the epigraph given me by Fabre himself, which appears on the title-page of this volume, is in no way deceptive.

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