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Example sentences for "gravitate"

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gravimetric; graving; gravings; gravior; gravis; gravitated; gravitates; gravitating; gravitation; gravitational
  1. In virtue of this tendency the great orbs which hang suspended in space gravitate toward one another; the moon and the earth fall toward each other, and they both gravitate toward the sun.

  2. A planet, therefore, twice our distance from the sun, will gravitate four times less than we do—the product of two multiplied by itself being four.

  3. If this were true, the planets might be supposed to gravitate toward the sun, and to be restrained thereby from flying off under the action of the centrifugal force.

  4. He states: "The time has come when the United States must gravitate rapidly towards Europe or else diverge from Europe as far and as fast as possible.

  5. His heart undoubtedly would slowly and surely gravitate in the same direction.

  6. If inherent sympathy is to be found the two gravitate toward each other with inevitable certainty.

  7. Through some law unknown to science, all dishes seemed to gravitate toward the main center of Dicky's trencher, thereby leaving the rest of the table comparatively bare.

  8. The cities of Hamburg and Elberfeld, in Germany, have led the way in granting to us similar assistance, and it can only be a question of time before we gravitate into an equally honoured position elsewhere.

  9. In the erect posture of the body this pressure is increased, for the viscera now gravitate and force downwards and forwards against the abdominal parietes.

  10. The thoracic viscera gravitate according to the position of the body.

  11. The spot was, indeed, a near relation of night, and when night showed itself an apparent tendency to gravitate together could be perceived in its shades and the scene.

  12. Short of the worst eternal torture, souls with insatiable craving for fleshly delights, gravitate to a birth into low animal forms.

  13. In the usual construction of a triple system, the secondary star of a binary is resolvable into two, each star being in mutual revolution, whilst they both gravitate round their primary.

  14. It is by these upheavals and convulsions of the solar atmosphere that the light and heat are maintained which illumine and vivify the worlds that gravitate round the Sun.

  15. If the pig is held up by the hind parts, the intestines will gravitate back into the abdominal cavity, but as soon as a pig lies down or stands they again return into the scrotum.

  16. When a pig is placed on its back the intestines will gravitate into the abdominal cavity, providing the intestines have not adhered to the walls of the rupture.

  17. And the same man who eschews London will generally be found to gravitate in the country to a society in which he is the chief personage.

  18. Abscesses arising in the abdominal cavity or its parietes are peculiarly apt to gravitate into the pelvis and to communicate with the rectum.

  19. I gravitate then towards one of them, that of pleasure.

  20. But, with proper training and given the proper opportunities, he will always gravitate surely to the mental and intellectual phases of his bent.

  21. If given an opportunity to gain knowledge, and freedom in the exercise of choice, he will almost surely gravitate into his natural line of work.

  22. If the projectile was to gravitate round the satellite in an elliptical orbit, why was not its heaviest part turned towards it, as the moon turns hers to the earth?

  23. The projectile, following an immutable law, will continue to gravitate round the moon till the end of time.

  24. As the medical schools gravitate to cities, and the rural institutions flicker out one by one, so in the end the effectively trained reporter will gravitate to a large city.

  25. No longer even a probable hypothesis, since the establishment of the atomic theory; it being now certain that the integral particles of different substances gravitate unequally.

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