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  1. Once in free space, there will be no gravitational pull to offset.

  2. The electromagnetic and gravitational fields between those atoms are strong enough to increase the curvature of the space between them.

  3. If we were midway between this star and that one, the gravitational effects of the two would be cancelled out, since we would be pulled as hard in one direction as the other.

  4. As we get farther out, our weight will decrease as the gravitational attraction drops off, but we would need such vast amounts of energy that they are beyond human conception.

  5. They had to wait for seven hours spinning dizzily around an improbably tiny star with an equally improbably titanic gravitational field.

  6. We'll have to use the gravitational attraction of that sun to help us.

  7. The gravitational pull on us now amounts to about five billion tons, which is equalized by the centrifugal force of our orbital velocity.

  8. The stars all have projections--shadows--in this space because of their intense gravitational fields.

  9. As a matter of fact, the gravitational field of the sun is so intense that we'll have to go out beyond the orbit of Pluto before we can use the space strain drive effectively.

  10. A gravitational field tends to warp space in such a way that the velocity of light is lower in its presence.

  11. Our space control drive does not use up energy except in the presence of a strong gravitational field; most of it is drained back into our storage coils, with very little loss.

  12. To move around near a heavy mass--in the presence of a strong gravitational field," Arcot said.

  13. Remember, we have to get far enough out from the sun so that the gravitational field will be weak enough for the drive to overcome it.

  14. We simply haven't got fuel enough to break loose from this star's gravitational hold, vast as the energy of matter is.

  15. But they had come in on the space drive, and had gotten fairly close before the gravitational field had drained the power from the main coil, and it was not until the space field had broken that they had started to accelerate toward the star.

  16. My only theory is that the double gravitational field, plus our own power field, produced a sort of cross-product that effected our brains.

  17. And so he felt disconcerted as if he were now walking through the gravitational force of a different planet.

  18. He connected the earth's tides with the gravitational pull of the moon.

  19. Magnetic and gravitational and electrostatic fields rotate polarized light or bend light or do this or that as the case may be.

  20. Light-centuries away, giant Cepheid suns expanded monstrously and contracted again, rather more rapidly than their gravitational fields could account for.

  21. In addition to this we were hanging behind the great electric field that the Radio Defensive Corps had spread like a screen before our forces, greatly to the embarrassment of the enemy in the use of his anti-gravitational machines.

  22. It virtually lifted our forces off the ground and made them almost the equal of an enemy who had succeeded in neutralizing the gravitational drag.

  23. The surface waves, which are waves of great length and long period and are propagated to great distances with practically a constant velocity, have been regarded as quasi-elastic gravitational waves.

  24. Love, "The Gravitational Stability of the Earth," Phil.

  25. These waves (which may be gravitational or distortional) are recorded as slow tiltings of the ground measured by angles of 0.

  26. It has a diameter less than that of Mercury and yet a gravitational pull as great as Earth.

  27. Anybody talks about gravitational pull," Grampa said, snorting, "deserves anything anybody could say about him.

  28. They were, he knew, the particles of a moon that had either come too close to Saturn's great gravitational pull to hold its shape, or else had never escaped far enough to congeal as one solid mass.

  29. First, the Earth itself possessed a gravitational phenomenon in this force outside of that intense, all-pervading field.

  30. He went on to explain that what then happened was that the vessel, exerting a tremendous counter-gravitational force, literally pushed itself up against Earth's drive.

  31. The ship came to its halting point, where the repulsion against the Sun finally braked it against the gravitational pull of the Sun.

  32. They will have to make the immense trip by some more powerful means--like the anti-gravitational drive.

  33. At the same time, this force could be used to intensify the gravitational pull of some other celestial body.

  34. Within the bulk of the top third of the ship was this massive power source, its atomic components, its uranium-hydrogen fuel, and the beam that channeled the gravitational drive.

  35. Burl could see the walls of the inner sphere whirl past him, a foot away, as the living quarters rotated to shift with the gravitational change.

  36. Once beyond the gravitational grip of its parent sun, the planet wandered through the darkness of interstellar space until it came within the influence of our own Sun.

  37. Those floating in the air crashed suddenly against the ceiling, then slid violently down the walls onto the floor as the inner sphere rotated on its gymbals to meet the new center of gravitational pull--this time away from the Sun.

  38. On the basis of these first discoveries, work has been going on in the development of negative gravitational drive for at least twenty years.

  39. The Museum of Galactic Life About the Author The Mysterious Ninth World While the circumnavigation of the solar system seems farfetched, it may not be once the problem of effective anti-gravitational control is solved.

  40. This involved some tricky work with the various gravitational lines, using Mars and the Sun for repulsion and certain stars for attraction.

  41. There was no gravitational drag, so that even as he stepped through the exit port, the scene shifted until he seemed to be standing on metal ground, looking upward at thousands and tens of thousands of silent white stars.

  42. Bors punched computer-keys and got the gravitational factor at this distance from Tralee's sun.

  43. When traveling outward from the sun and not under power, it should lose velocity by so many feet per second to the sun's gravitational pull.

  44. Magnetic and gravitational fields also did not follow the same laws in stressed space as in unstressed extension.

  45. But there were powerful gravitational fields in the void, so powerful as to warp space and bend the starlight passing through them.

  46. The thirty-foot disk, tuned for short range, pictured every gravitational field in the solar system.

  47. If M-387 had a gravitational field at all, which in theory it had to have, it would be on the order of millionths of the pull of Earth.

  48. Their circuits would be changed to treat the suddenly increasing gravitational fields as radiation, so that they would first project back a monstrous field of the same energy, and then dive down it to presumed collision with the ships.

  49. It could not have an atmosphere, and its gravitational field would not hold even a moderately active microbe on its surface.

  50. The electromagnetic theory has to be modified to allow for the presence of a gravitational field.

  51. For example the gravitational field due to a material object at rest in a certain time-system may be expected to exhibit in its formulation particular reference to spatial and temporal quantities of that time-system.

  52. It is provable that the assumption as to light by which these experiments and the influence of the gravitational field on the light-rays are explained is deducible as an approximation from the equations of the electromagnetic field.

  53. But the atoms which form the tail, being almost without weight, yield to the electrical rather than to the gravitational influence, and so fly away from the sun.

  54. He touched the lever and the Skylark moved slowly toward the wreckage, the scattered fragments of which were beginning to move toward and around each other because of their mutual gravitational forces.

  55. This figure represented a compromise between the gravitational forces of the two worlds upon which the different parties lived.

  56. Further, no gravitational field could be that intense.

  57. The mutual gravitational friction of each ring would accelerate some and retard others, until they had all acquired the same angular velocity.

  58. Outlined in a few words, it is an attempt to explain all the major phenomena of the universe as due, directly or indirectly, to the gravitational impact of such meteoric particles, or specks of cosmic dust, as comets are composed of.

  59. The characteristic effects described above are to be found only under the action of gravitational stimulus; they will be absent when the organ is held in a vertical position and thus freed from geotropic excitation.

  60. Does gravitational stimulus, like stimulus in general, induce this excitatory reaction?

  61. The electric response of the lower side of the organ to gravitational stimulus is of opposite sign to that of the upper side.

  62. We have now to inquire whether the reaction of the root to gravitational stimulus is specifically different to that of the shoot.

  63. Before taking up the subject of the geo-electric response of the root to gravitational stimulus, I shall describe the effects of other forms of stimuli on the mechanical and electrical response of the root.

  64. Recently Picard has attacked the problem in a new way (and) concludes that not only the root tip but also the entire growing zone is capable of perceiving gravitational stimuli.

  65. It must be borne in mind that this holds good only in the case of gravitational stimulus, for the decapitated root still continues to respond to other forms of stimulation such as chemical or photic.

  66. The reciprocal gravitational pressure of the different parts of our body, which is certainly felt in some manner, vanishes in free descent, or, in the case of the elevator, is diminished on the beginning of the descent.

  67. Most of the men had passed through the torments of gravitational conditioning.

  68. Short of Gravitational conditioning, there is nothing to stop you from going to Terra.

  69. The dark companion, no longer able to hide itself by its obscureness, was brought out into the light of direct observation by means of its gravitational effects.

  70. We could scarcely go wrong in attributing the light of the nebulæ to the conversion of the gravitational energy of shrinkage into molecular motion.

  71. Men are forever and gloriously struggling onward towards better things, but there is always the gravitational pull of original sin which scientists denominate "reversion to type.

  72. This lowered gravitational pull helped to explain to the pilot that outer world.

  73. It is my opinion that he did not fall; his figures indicate that he must have thrown his ship beyond the gravitational influence of Earth.

  74. He was glued to the ground by the tremendous gravitational pull of a planet so much greater in size than his own.

  75. He showed that the path of a body traveling within the gravitational force of the sun is a circle, an ellipse, a parabola, or a hyperbola.

  76. Gravitational condensation would at first produce rise of temperature, followed later by cooling, ultimately freezing, giving solid bodies, collision between which would produce meteoric stones such as we see them.

  77. The first rule dealt with the general simplicity of Nature's mode of working, and therefore the general simplicity which must govern our hypotheses in perfecting any theory as to the cause of all phenomena, gravitational or otherwise.

  78. So that through Faraday's experimental researches we are again led to the hypothesis enunciated by Lord Kelvin in his paper "On the Clustering of Gravitational Matter in any part of the Universe," viz.

  79. Here, then, we have the exact equivalence of a certain amount of gravitational motion expressed in terms of heat.

  80. As all weight is essentially a gravitational measure, depending upon the intensity of gravity at the place, then, whenever a body is raised or lifted, the work so done is done against the gravity of the earth.

  81. Action at a distance" has long ceased to be recognized as a possible phenomenon, although up to the present, the medium and method of gravitational attraction have not yet been discovered.

  82. Then, when we come to deal with the causes of the forces involved in gravitational phenomena, we find that exactly similar hypotheses in regard to the Centrifugal Force have been postulated by Herschel, Bredichin, M.

  83. The reason is that the pressure varies in proportion to the surface of the body acted upon, while the gravitational attraction is proportional to the volume, or the total amount of matter in the body.

  84. Such a body is presumably gaseous throughout, the component gases being held in a state of rigidity by the compression produced by the tremendous gravitational force of their own aggregate mass.

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