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Example sentences for "gravitating"

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gravior; gravis; gravitate; gravitated; gravitates; gravitation; gravitational; gravitative; graviter; gravitie
  1. The analogy between the phenomena of the electric fluid and of heat furnishes another argument in support of the existence of heat as a gravitating fluid.

  2. We therefore turn from gravitating matter as affording no rational account of the past.

  3. Universal equilibrium of gravitating particles would have been indestructible by internal causes.

  4. Doubtless, posted in the Rocky Mountains, at the station of Long's Peak, he was trying to find the invisible projectile gravitating in space.

  5. To diminish the item of expenditure on this head, various kinds of mechanical furnaces have been adopted, all of which can be classified under three heads of gravitating furnaces, mechanical stirrers and revolving furnaces.

  6. By gravitational instability is meant the tendency of gravitating matter to condense into nuclei when slightly disturbed from a state of uniform diffusion; this tendency has been shown by J.

  7. Initial stress due to body forces becomes most important in the case of a gravitating planet.

  8. The gravitating motions include the annual and diurnal rotation of the earth and planets, the flux and reflux of the ocean, the descent of heavy bodies, and other phænomena of gravitation.

  9. The farther the process of expansion proceeded in depth, the more was the column of liquid matter lengthened, which, gravitating towards the centre of the globe, tended to check any further expansion.

  10. The gravitating point of Christian theology is found in the Divine declaration, "God is Love" (1 John iv.

  11. The gravitating point of the Christian doctrine of "God the Creator" is not Omnipotence, nor yet Wisdom, but always Love.

  12. The ambitious designs of Lithuania, in which Poland and Hungary, and the German Knights and Latin Christianity, were all involved, had been checked, and the disappointed state of Lithuania was gravitating toward a union with Poland.

  13. Every one bowed before him, and everything seemed to be gravitating toward him as toward a central sun.

  14. We find that they have gravitating power, and by comparing this influence with that exerted by the earth, we are enabled to weigh the mass of one planet against another.

  15. Thus throughout the universe the balance of gravitating force is unerringly sustained.

  16. So far from this, we know the law of gravitating force.

  17. A gravitating catch, as for fastening a shutter, the end of a chain, or a hasp.

  18. The cause of the earth's gravitating at all, is simply the sun; but the cause of its gravitating with a given intensity and in a given direction, is the existence of the sun in a given direction and at a given distance.

  19. If the Solar System was formed by the concentration of diffused matter, which evolved heat while gravitating into its present dense form; then there are certain obvious corollaries respecting the relative temperatures of the resulting bodies.

  20. It is held in place by a long iron strap screwed to the window sill, and the weight of the gravitating catch consists of a casting representing a bunch of grapes.

  21. Shutters and blinds were held back against the face of the wall in an open position by quaint wrought-iron turn buckles or gravitating catches and other simple fasteners.

  22. A gravitating instrument for measuring the motion of a ship and thereby assisting the accuracy of her gunnery in regulating horizontal fire.

  23. A gravitating instrument for the same purpose as the training-pendulum.

  24. But so large an addition to the gravitating power of the sun would quickly become sensible in the movement of the bodies dependent upon him.

  25. If such an argument be advanced against a gravitating Aether, then I must differ from those scientists who advance such an objection.

  26. If the Law of Gravity teaches us anything at all, it distinctly teaches us that the gravitating power of any body is regulated by the mass of the body, as the law states that the attraction is proportionate to the product of the masses.

  27. The suggestion which arises to our mind in view of the atomic and gravitating Aether is, that the planetary nebulae are exactly what their names imply, that is, nebulous matter around planets.

  28. I have yet to learn, however, that while it moves between the trees as separate and distinct objects, such a movement militates or destroys its gravitating properties.

  29. Thus, by the acceptance of an atomic and gravitating Aether, we may form a physical conception of one of the greatest problems in optical phenomena, viz.

  30. This solution alone ought to stamp the theory of an atomic and gravitating electro-magnetic Aether with that authority that is always associated with the names of two such great thinkers and experimentalists as those just mentioned.

  31. Centripetal Force and Universal Attraction are one and the same; as the Centripetal Force always acts towards the centre, and must therefore be in its operation and influence a gravitating or attractive power.

  32. The same original mystery of gravitation, then, would remain, though our senses enabled us to discover every gravitating particle in the intimate structure of the gravitating mass.

  33. The idea here set forth is the natural supplement of his previous notion, that it is gravitating force which constitutes matter, each atom extending, so to say, throughout the whole of the solar system.

  34. The whole process consists of a transference of molecular motion from the muscle to the weight, and gravitating force is the mere go-between, by means of which the transference is effected.

  35. The gist of this communication is that gravitating force acts in lines across space, and that the vibrations of light and radiant heat consist in the tremors of these lines of force.

  36. When he goes into the open air and permits his helices to fall, to his mind's eye they are tearing through the lines of gravitating power, and hence his hope and conviction that an effect would and ought to be produced.

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