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Example sentences for "ached"

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acetone; acetous; acetylene; ach; ache; achene; achenes; aches; acheter; achievable
  1. Yet, as I softly shut the little gate And walked across the garden, all the scents Of mingling blossom ached like inmost pain Deep in my heart, I know not why.

  2. His heart ached for a glance of her brown eyes and a word, but he held the reins in his great hands and his face showed only his usual impassive reticence.

  3. His heart sent the blood into his throat till it ached with the tension.

  4. Her bones and muscles ached from the constraint of the position in which the rope held them.

  5. Cass looked at her and at Curly, both of them radiant with happiness, and his heart ached for what he had missed.

  6. After the performance, my limbs ached as if I had been beaten across them with an iron bar, and I could scarcely stand or support myself for exhaustion and fatigue.

  7. I have but heard them once, and my sides ached with laughter.

  8. I was in dreadful pain; my neck and eyes ached insufferably.

  9. We often spoke after that, and he was ever busy with my head, which no longer ached save when he fingered it.

  10. From crown to sole I ached and throbbed; my vision was strangely blurred, so that I saw things falling in all directions.

  11. My head ached a great deal from the blow I had suffered; I was willing enough to lie quietly and watch the lights in the fort through the slow veil of falling rain; and presently I fell asleep.

  12. The boyish heart must have ached when the parcel came.

  13. His heart ached for those who like himself were suffering, and now he made a resolution that changed for life the course of his writing.

  14. His mother's heart ached for him, but, like other poor boys, he must make his way alone.

  15. He ached and shivered and burned, he drowsed and muttered, dreamed horribly, sweated and was cold, shuddered and was hot.

  16. Every bone in her body ached so cruelly that she could hardly drag herself along.

  17. But her friend had something more to say, and though her heart ached for the pain she might give, she could not leave it unsaid.

  18. He was sitting gazing into the fire, with a face so grave that his daughter's heart ached for his loneliness.

  19. Joan's back ached and her fingers tingled, but Miss Bacon's eyes behind the glasses were strained to the verge of tears, two hectic spots of colour burned in her cheeks and her fingers stumbled and faltered over the keys.

  20. Her mind was a tumult of angry thoughts, but her heart ached miserably.

  21. I fairly ached behind the ears trying to look sufficiently alert and bland and intelligent.

  22. The sweat dripped from me in streams; my eyes ached from the glare of the sun on the rocks and the bleached grasses.

  23. She told him she had passed a sleepless night, and her head had ached so in the morning she could not move.

  24. When they reached the beds they fell at full length on them, saying their feet and limbs ached like the tooth ache.

  25. They would not consent to try riding again, after their circus experience, and Mrs. Arcane said her limbs ached so much she did not think she could even go on the next day.

  26. Pausing an instant, we made a bandage for my wounded finger, which was bleeding freely and ached severely, the bone being much bruised.

  27. Waves of desperate homesickness assailed her, and with the memory of happy nights when they had gossiped together in their room at the little brown house, a lump ached in her throat.

  28. She felt as if every word she uttered was doing more damage, and her heart ached because she was quarrelling with Alma, and because Alma was changing more every day.

  29. Already his body ached all over, and the frantic effort to get breath nearly choked him.

  30. The lights of the theatre made him dizzy: his head ached from the hot atmosphere and from his own physical weakness.

  31. When he said that a thing wanted doing, his heart ached until he could do it.

  32. I loved this splendid girl, and my heart ached for her.

  33. My heart ached for the three women upon whom the blow would fall the hardest.

  34. So I freely own that my jaws ached with the effort of keeping my teeth from clicking together like castanets.

  35. And upon the surface of the white light floated a face, an awful face—whiter than the light upon which it floated; and so beautiful to see that he of the many happy names ached through all his limbs, and cried out and woke.

  36. His head ached and swam; his burning eyes saw strange, uncertain visions.

  37. One was a face that she had not seen before, yet her poor heart ached as she looked upon it.

  38. My breast ached much, so I said: ‘You think always of that baby man whose finger I bit.

  39. His breast ached with the ache of the lonesome, for even Death had fled him.

  40. He sat in his own room puzzling the matter out till his head ached and the flowers before him reeled in a dazzling whirl of colour.

  41. He knew that he was in time for this part of the programme, despite the fact that his head ached considerably from the force and vigour of Bell's assault.

  42. His neck ached horribly; his brain was on fire; his heart, which had been fluttering faintly, gave a great leap, trying to force itself out at his mouth.

  43. The track of the bullet through his head ached with an intenser anguish.

  44. Those days were long, and when night came Zorzi felt as if his heart were turning into a hot stone in his breast, and his sight was dull, and he ached from his work and felt scorched by the heat of the furnace.

  45. His face was scratched, his teeth ached intolerably, but, beyond that.

  46. His muscles were cramped, his neck ached intolerably.

  47. Ruth would have ached all over to see him working so hard!

  48. As his head ached less, his heart ached the more, nor did the help he ministered to his fellows any longer return in comfort to himself.

  49. The taste of last night's happiness was like ashes on her tongue; fearing to face the daylight, she lay with lids heavily closed on a brain which ached in its endeavour to resume the sensations of a few hours ago.

  50. Not his sincerity in the beginning; but he must long since have ached to free himself.

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