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  1. It is to be feared that such care is not general in the industry, as a Trade Union representative reports that headaches are very common.

  2. By this means, and by the use of eye-shades to keep off the glare of the light, she finds headaches can be largely prevented.

  3. That is why you generally have those violent headaches on Sunday," said Herbert Dare, laughing.

  4. But with irregular periodicity the blinding, prostrating headaches would return--a week of pain, nausea and prostration.

  5. Headaches of the real kind did come later, and, as his habits changed not, the Brights which first appeared at fifty-eight progressed without interruption to his death at sixty.

  6. Several physicians were consulted and several varying courses of treatment undertaken, but no betterment came which lasted, and the headaches remained a mystery, not only to her mother, but to others who seriously tried to help.

  7. Her headaches have always been a mystery," her mother had said again and again, and this saying had been accepted by family and friends.

  8. Anna has been behaving badly, Malcolm; she fainted at church on Sunday, and had one of her worst sick headaches afterwards.

  9. If these headaches continue I shall ask Dr.

  10. Poor Dinah will have one of her bad sick headaches to-morrow--worry always brings them on.

  11. Unreasonable fits of weeping and long headaches were, nevertheless, very disconcerting; and she was bound to search her mind for the cause.

  12. Headaches overtook her more easily now, and fits of depression were more frequent.

  13. In long-continued wear the mouthpiece would irritate the gums and lips of the soldier, and the face-piece band would cause excruciating headaches after a few hours.

  14. The pressure of the mask on the forehead must come above the supraorbital nerves which are just above the eyebrows, or else intense headaches will result from a few moments' wear.

  15. But if his headaches have ceased, I suppose one need not be anxious any more.

  16. But I had the most dreadfully trying time up in Scotland, and those horrible headaches did not make things easier.

  17. Maud told me you had had several very bad headaches up in the North.

  18. For Thurso's anxiety about his people, a purely mental or spiritual condition, had kept him awake last night, and he had come down this morning with one of those excruciating neuralgic headaches to which he had been liable all his life.

  19. When Lady Ann Warblington was not writing letters in her bedroom--which was seldom, for she had an apparently inexhaustible correspondence--she was nursing sick headaches in it.

  20. Lady Ann had breakfasted in bed and lain there late, as she rather fancied she had one of her sick headaches coming on.

  21. What headaches to-day, je parie, in spite of the excellence of the wines.

  22. Much imitation champagne and many headaches come from here.

  23. For fifteen years, with few exceptions, she had had severe neuralgic sick headaches monthly or oftener.

  24. It may be said, for short, that every organ of the lower body became chronically diseased, and that the headaches increased in violence.

  25. On the Monday before, one of her severest neuralgia sick-headaches came on.

  26. He had had no headaches for weeks, his eyes were clear blue as the sky, his bronze was beautiful with perfect health; life swelled through his veins in full and magnificent flood.

  27. At my suggestion, however, he gave up smoking and drinking; though why such a magnificent animal as he should have headaches at all puzzles me.

  28. It was those cursed headaches brought it on.

  29. These queer feelings about the head that are often raised to the dignity of headaches by attention and auto-suggestion may be distracted away completely.

  30. Headaches are {551} frequently due to sinus troubles, especially to disturbances in the frontal sinus and to intranasal difficulties.

  31. There are headaches that are due to the taking of stimulants, as is well known from common experience.

  32. Many of the aches which are spoken of as headaches are really forms of tenderness associated with the integuments of the skull.

  33. Probably every physician has had the experience of headaches being cured by some interesting exercise, especially if taken in the open air.

  34. For both congestive and anemic headaches mental treatment is important.

  35. External applications of many kinds relieve headaches in these regions, particularly in the frontal region.

  36. This is particularly true of so-called headaches in the back of the head.

  37. Gradually stopping the alcohol will do more to relieve these headaches than anything else.

  38. An interesting thing about this class of headaches is that nearly always they are increased by lying down.

  39. The headaches and the teno-synovitis point to the existence of a relatively mild hysteria, generally latent, but becoming manifest under the influence of exhaustion.

  40. She did this, she said, to disperse the severe headaches which occurred after the attacks.

  41. You've had headaches in other days, but yesterday's was the first that made you moan.

  42. Headaches without organic causes are generally the result of repressed anger," Hall went on.

  43. When your headaches become sufficiently severe, you say that you have hallucinations," Hall said.

  44. It came out that her fainting and vomiting spells and headaches usually followed bitter quarrels, and on other matters these symptoms usually placed the victory on her side.

  45. Then she remembered that for a long time it had been so though she had never connected the headaches before with the masturbation.

  46. There is no regular period of occurrence of these headaches except that there is also some relation to quarrels, etc.

  47. At this point we halted for the night, intending to push on higher in the morning, but two of the Kirghizes were so overcome with weariness and headaches that they asked to be allowed to go down again.

  48. But still the surface of the ice rose towards the heart of the South Polar continent, and the singing headaches from which they suffered were a consequence of the elevation.

  49. Stanley took out a bottle of ammonia, and told them that it was good for headaches and snake-bites.

  50. We find, as a rule, that severe headaches and neuralgias are but the forerunners of more serious conditions, and are therefore deserving of special attention.

  51. I feel sure of a permanent cure as I do not have the headaches as formerly.

  52. The great majority of headaches and neuralgias are due to the presence of poisons in the blood.

  53. Headaches of a similar character result from the presence in the blood of an excess of the active principles of coffee and tea.

  54. Leonora's headaches seemed to have gone for good.

  55. You see--when she came back from Nauheim Leonora began to have her headaches--headaches lasting through whole days, during which she could speak no word and could bear to hear no sound.

  56. And even when she had the worst of her headaches she liked to have her door open--I suppose so that she might hear the approaching footsteps of ruin and disaster.

  57. Then, finding that Leonora's headaches had gone, she suddenly told Leonora that Mrs Brand had divorced her husband.

  58. Leonora had one of her headaches and we were waiting for Florence and Edward to come from their baths.

  59. These headaches of Miss Keggs were a symptom of the very bad health from which she suffered, and on the occasions of Rosalie's visits to her room Miss Keggs was very communicative about her ill health.

  60. He knew for certain that she had seen and recognised him; for his sick headaches had often taken him to the Sanatorium and he had always been rather a favourite of hers.

  61. It was rather disturbing; for though it was no news to Edwin that Mrs. Beaucaire’s headaches were euphemistic, the fact had done no more than contribute to the ideal qualities with which he had invested her daughter.

  62. Sink your romance sufficiently to get at realities, and it will save you heartburns, headaches and red eyes hereafter.

  63. For a week before the onset of the present illness she had complained of severe headaches and dizziness.

  64. Not much can be done except to relieve the headaches and keep down the blood pressure, if this is high, by means of rest in bed, the iodides, aconite, or the nitrites.

  65. She has, as we all know, suffered everything from her headaches and dyspepsia, besides the limb that was broken at the fire.

  66. She felt one of her oft-recurring sick headaches coming on and every thought grew blacker and more disconsolate.

  67. Who knows what headaches and heartaches were brought on by the unconscious absorption of his impatience or bitterness?

  68. He had been tortured with terrible neuralgic headaches all through the winter; but though the doctor urged him to try the effect of a sojourn abroad, nothing would induce him to leave Greenriver.

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