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  1. Congestive seizures frequently last for days and may prove fatal or, on the other hand, the patient may have recurrent attacks and finally die of exhaustion or some accidental disease, such as pneumonia.

  2. The patient is now peculiarly liable to what are called congestive seizures or epileptiform attacks.

  3. Death may occur as the result of exhaustion, or a congestive seizure, or of some intercurrent illness.

  4. There is a form of congestive apoplexy affecting cattle which are in a plethoric condition.

  5. Fernie also says that a decoction of the dried flowers is emetic, and when sweetened will, as an emetic, serve most usefully for relieving the congestive bronchial catarrh of children.

  6. For congestive headaches it is as valuable as Belladonna, Glonoine, Nux vomica, or Sepia.

  7. If tremulous, it denotes congestion and lack of functional ability; this may be observed in congestive fevers.

  8. Frequently this congestive difficulty may be entirely obviated, and the circulation of the blood restored to the surface of the body, by the administration of a few doses of this pleasant remedy.

  9. Full-blooded animals are much more predisposed to congestive diseases than those of a lymphatic character or those in an anemic condition.

  10. So we find founders, congestive colics, and staggers more frequent in summer than in winter.

  11. With respect to the general causes, tending to produce that congestive state of the brain, precursory to its inflammation, he remarks, that they are of three kinds; 1st.

  12. Congestive chills were quite prevalent there that fall.

  13. I was called to attend him whilst visiting in that city, in an attack of congestive chills, which he had contracted whilst on duty in the State of Louisiana.

  14. In any case its employment is worth trying, for it possesses much of the pain-controlling efficiency of opium and morphia, with less of their congestive action upon the brain.

  15. It is a congestive decomposition rather than any normal reconstruction of the brain.

  16. For both congestive and anemic headaches mental treatment is important.

  17. Perhaps the most familiar example of this is the well-known liability to dream after eating things that disturb digestion and seem to interfere, probably by congestive tendencies, with the circulation of the brain during sleep.

  18. If there are certain positions in which pain is felt while it disappears in others, there is some local inflammatory or congestive condition and not mere hypersensitiveness of nerves at the bottom of it.

  19. The same thing is true with regard to congestive headaches.

  20. Aconite: in congestive form in plethorics; or sequent to sudden arrest.

  21. Ergot: in congestive cases at commencement, especially if following sudden arrest.

  22. Langley, a military surgeon, states that in Canara the natives employ the leaf juice in congestive headache, soaking pledgets of cotton with it and introducing them into the nasal fossæ; the resultant nose bleed relieves the headache.

  23. The root bark is used in India as an emmenagogue in the congestive and neuralgic forms of amenorrhoea.

  24. Guerin emphasizes the vascular increase in periosteum, bone, and marrow; Trousseau and Lasegue the congestive character of the local tumefaction, besides fever and pain.

  25. Abolish the congestive and inflammatory element of a remittent, and it at once becomes an intermittent.

  26. Malarious fevers, from their congestive tendency, give rise to the more acute forms of gastro-enteric inflammation.

  27. It is possible that occasionally I have recorded as inflammatory what was simply a congestive lesion, but I do not think I have incorporated a {737} sufficient number of such cases to vitiate the statistics.

  28. It is therefore dangerous in all cases complicated with diseases of the heart or brain, or any visceral affections of a congestive character.

  29. The copious use of diluents is recommended in all acute inflammatory diseases not of a congestive character, and to promote the action of diuretics and sudorifics.

  30. For outward application, to relieve inflammatory pains, or congestive neuralgia, hot fomentations made of the infused Chamomile "blows" are invaluable.

  31. The juice of the root is very acrid when sniffed up the nostrils, and causes a copious flow of water therefrom, thus giving marked relief for obstinate congestive headache of a dull, passive sort.

  32. It will then serve most usefully for relieving the congestive bronchial catarrh of children, being sweetened, and given one third at a time every ten or fifteen minutes until it provokes vomiting.

  33. An infusion [37] made from these roots will assist against jaundice, and congestive torpor of the liver.

  34. Elecampane is specifically curative of a sharp pain affecting the right elbow joint, and recurring daily; also of a congestive headache coming on through costiveness of the lowest bowel.

  35. For congestive headache a small roll of Mustard paper or Mustard leaf may be introduced into one or both nostrils, and left there for a minute or more.

  36. Nervous and congestive dysmenorrhœas are particularly adapted for the hygiene of home treatment.

  37. Acute inflammation in this instance is no different in its characteristic symptoms from inflammations elsewhere; it develops suddenly, and there is congestive swelling and pain.

  38. Congestive dysmenorrhœa is oftener in the nature of an acute or sudden attack, except when it is due to a chronic inflammation of the lining membrane of the womb.

  39. In the congestive stage, upon applying the ear to the sides, no sound will be detected; While in the inflammatory stage, a crackling or crepitating sound will be distinctively heard.

  40. The congestive is generally the result of cold suddenly applied to an overheated animal, causing a determination of blood to the lungs, which sometimes causes death by suffocation.

  41. In the congestive stage, plenty of pure air will be necessary.

  42. The fever is a congestive intermittent of a severe type.

  43. K, L, M, Vegetation in the urine of chronic cases of severe congestive type.

  44. On an average, about 1/5 to 1/4 of the deaths annually occur from bilious remittent, congestive and typhus fever.

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