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  1. Condillac, a century later, is justified in saying that it is in itself a systematic means of decomposition and of recomposition, a scientific method analogous to arithmetic and algebra.

  2. Of this depth of superficial soil probably not over one half has been derived from decomposition of vegetable growths.

  3. There is a rudely chipped spear-head, about three or four inches in length and from one to two in breadth, characterized by the same kind of decomposition of the surface which is seen upon the palæolithic implements.

  4. By decomposition with sulphuric acid it yields leucin and tyrosin, as does albumin.

  5. It is chiefly derived from the decomposition of common feldspar.

  6. Indigo does not exist in the plants as such, but is obtained by decomposition of the glycoside indican.

  7. Not destructible; incapable of decomposition or of being destroyed.

  8. The greater quantity of CO2 in ground air is due to the process of oxidation and decomposition taking place in the soil.

  9. At its best, however, the privy vault is an abomination, as it can scarcely be so well constructed as not to contaminate the surrounding soil, or so often cleaned as to prevent decomposition and the escape of poisonous gases.

  10. The heads of the cans should always present a concave surface; if they are convex, it is a sign of decomposition of the contents.

  11. Owing to the rapid color changes and early decomposition of fresh meat, artificial colors are often used to conceal the former, and preservatives like boric acid or saltpeter to retard the latter.

  12. What is commonly understood by the term is the air of sewers, the ordinary atmospheric air, but charged and contaminated with the various products of organic decomposition taking place in sewers.

  13. The odor of decomposition can be readily detected; stale and musty odors are soon recognized.

  14. Neither the campestris nor any other mushroom should be eaten when over a day old, since decomposition quickly sets in.

  15. The organic constituents of the soil are the result of vegetable and animal growth and decomposition in the soil.

  16. Decomposition is not necessary for some of the blue greens to give off a bad odor, however.

  17. In order for the sewer to be self-cleansing, its size must be proportional to the work to be accomplished, so that it may be fully and thoroughly flushed and not permit stagnation and consequent decomposition of its contents.

  18. This odor of decomposition is best detected in the gills.

  19. Chlorine= is a good germicide, but is very irritating, poisonous, and dangerous to handle; it is evolved by the decomposition of chlorinated lime with sulphuric acid.

  20. In the spontaneous decomposition of the solution a large proportion of the sulphur resumes the form of the volatile disulphide.

  21. Viscose silks,' by the decomposition of sulphocarbonate of cellulose (Cross and Bevan).

  22. In distilling for furfural by the usual methods of boiling cellulosic products with condensing acids, the furfural is accompanied by volatile acids, also products of decomposition of the cellulosic complex.

  23. From the products of decomposition the author obtained the osazone of hydroxypyruvic acid [Will, Ber.

  24. But viscose is a complex product and essentially variable, through its pronounced tendency to progressive decomposition with reversion of the cellulose to its insoluble and uncombined condition.

  25. The starting-point is a cellulose hydrate, since it is the product obtained by decomposition of the sulphocarbonate.

  26. Such mixtures seem peculiarly liable to decomposition if the cellulose nitrate is not of exceptional stability (J.

  27. Therefore, we cannot determine the relationship of a given product of decomposition to the parent molecule save by means of a quantitative mass-proportion.

  28. The decomposition of water is not the only thing that we shall describe pertaining to this subject.

  29. This change or decomposition continues so long as the charging current is on.

  30. Within a few minutes the action of electrolysis will be apparent by the formation of numerous bubbles on the plates, followed by the decomposition of the organic matter in the water.

  31. The product of decomposition is a flocculent matter which moves upwardly through the water, giving it a milky appearance.

  32. Decomposition of exudates anywhere in the body, as in empyema, bronchiectasis, and large tuberculous cavities.

  33. The urine always becomes alkaline upon long standing, owing to decomposition of urea with formation of ammonia.

  34. This prepares a fresh solution of sodium hypobromite with excess of caustic soda, which serves to absorb the carbon dioxid set free in the decomposition of urea.

  35. Acetone is derived from decomposition of diacetic acid, and this in turn from beta-oxybutyric acid by oxidation.

  36. Decomposition sets in rapidly, especially in warm weather, and greatly interferes with all the examinations.

  37. Decomposition may be delayed by adding five grains of boric acid (as much of the powder as can be heaped upon a ten-cent piece) for each four ounces of urine.

  38. Detection of indican depends upon its decomposition and oxidation of the indoxyl set free into indigo-blue.

  39. Greek democracy, tending to the decomposition of things, led to the Sophists and Sceptics.

  40. Decomposition of the Socratic and Platonic Systems in the later Academies.

  41. The philosophy of Plato arises from the decomposition of a primitive idea into particulars, that of Aristotle from the union of particulars into a general conception.

  42. The circumstances of its growth rendered it certain that a decomposition would take place in the political, and not, as was the case of the ecclesiastical Roman system, in the theological direction.

  43. No matter what might be the plausible guise of the beginning, and the ostensibly cogent arguments for its necessity, once let the decomposition commence, and no human power could arrest it until it had become thorough and complete.

  44. In pursuing the different stages of the decomposition of the ligneous matter, I observed no appearance of a disengagement of sulphuretted hydrogen, to which many travellers attribute the smell perceived amidst mangroves.

  45. Can these flames be attributed to the decomposition of water, entering into contact with the pyrites dispersed through the schistose marl?

  46. It is only by decomposition that it becomes white, after having acted on the surrounding air.

  47. Towards the summit of the Peak the Urceolarea and other plants of the family of the lichens, help to work the decomposition of the scorified matter.

  48. This clay is produced by natural decomposition of a mica-slate reddened by oxide of iron.

  49. The experimentalist now decided that the decomposition of the air afforded them sufficient nutriment; by this theory invalidating the proverb 'that it is impossible to live on air.

  50. There are still many persons engaged in the decomposition and transmutation of metals;--viz: the coiners of base money.

  51. Thus under such circumstances the decomposition of any formation is impossible, for the inherent properties of a thing cannot be separated from it.

  52. That is to say, the annihilation of everything consists in the decomposition and the separation of elements.

  53. For instance, we observe that the existence of beings is conditioned upon the coming together of various elements and their non-existence upon the decomposition of their constituent elements.

  54. Various elements unite harmoniously in composition but when these elements become discordant, repelling each other, decomposition and non-existence result.

  55. For decomposition causes the dissociation of the various elements.

  56. The Indians of Guiana dip their arrows in the juice of the Woorara, and the Curara, which also occasions rapid death and decomposition of the lungs.

  57. Horses in a rapid state of decomposition literally covered the field.

  58. The hot sun made decomposition rapid, and the dead that had fallen on the steep incline their heads had left the body and rolled several paces away.

  59. These sawyers form a fine feast for the woodpeckers, and jointly they assist in promoting the rapid decomposition of the gigantic forest- trees, that would otherwise encumber the earth from age to age.

  60. The decomposition is rendered still slower by the presence in each vial of about 10 drops of a very dilute solution of soda.

  61. When not exposed to light at all the decomposition is very slow; and with the least practicable exposure, by care in using it, it is not rapid.

  62. The spleen softens very early as the result of decomposition, and this decomposition should not be mistaken for a pathological condition.

  63. When a body is buried in low ground in a damp, swampy, clay soil, decomposition advances rapidly, as also when the grave is shallow so the body can be exposed to constant variations of temperature.

  64. So also the softening of the organs and tissue resulting from decomposition should be carefully distinguished from those resulting from inflammation.

  65. The only absolute sign of death from electricity is decomposition of the tissues, but the usual signs are to be relied upon to the same extent as in ordinary cases of death.

  66. Yet in exceptional cases the external results of putrefactive decomposition have been so delayed or modified as to produce very small changes in the features even after many years of burial.

  67. The march of putrefactive decomposition would, of course, be regulated by circumstances.

  68. The rapidity of decomposition in water varies, being most rapid when the temperature is from 64° to 68° F.

  69. This change in color is owing to a gradual decomposition of the hæmoglobin of the blood.

  70. Putrid decomposition is the chief obstacle to diagnosis in a body that has been drowned.

  71. The darkish brown or purple discolorations which are sometimes seen as the result of decomposition are due to the imbibition from the vessels of decomposed hæmoglobin.

  72. When decomposition is advanced all the cavities are often empty.

  73. The first in this category represents the ultimate stage of decomposition of bronze and forms the outer incrustation of the statuettes.

  74. Another cause may be found in the action of water which contains in solution ammonia and ammonium carbonate produced by the decomposition of organic matter.

  75. Thus the chief part in this rapid decomposition is played by the chlorine compounds, as indeed was previously determined[21] by the experimental proofs already given.

  76. It is not to be expected that bronzes which are in an advanced state of decomposition (e.

  77. An impure odor, caused by decomposition of the body, attracted the attention of some members of the regiment passing by upon the road; they searched the swamp and found him.

  78. The decomposition of the ammonium chloride by means of "alkali waste" is carried out in a specially designed still.

  79. The next stage of the process, if we follow on after the preparation of the pure carbonic acid, is the employment of the gas for the decomposition of the ammonium sulphide absorbed in a brine liquor as above explained.

  80. This decomposition is obviated by preserving the copper salt in a separate solution from the tartrate and alkali, and mixing before use.

  81. The formation of the ammonia produced in the process is probably due to the decomposition of nitrogenous bodies contained in solution in the liquor--the sulphocyanide, for instance; the nitrogen being given off in the form of ammonia.

  82. The urea of acid urine on standing is changed by a putrefactive ferment into ammonic carbonate, but this decomposition in a state of health should not take place for at least twenty-four hours.

  83. Thus prepared, the peptone shows no signs of decomposition on keeping.

  84. In such a hot climate, those pools which are not fed by running streams soon become adulterated by the decomposition of organic and inorganic matter.

  85. Black earth is occasionally met with on the mountains, where it may probably have originated in the decomposition of those forests to which tradition gives existence in ancient days, but of which no other vestige now remains.

  86. Gradual decomposition and decay has produced on the base, and produces still, conglomerates of various thickness and extent.

  87. Conditions of temperature in the igloo allowed of decomposition occurring in seal meat.

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