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  1. It is this formation and increase of the army, which is necessary for the support of power, that has introduced a decomposing principle into the social concept of life.

  2. Electrolysis acts by decomposing the blood and tissues into their constituent elements--oxygen and acids appearing at the positive, hydrogen and bases at the negative electrode.

  3. The cavity is filled with effete and decomposing epidermis, which has a most offensive odour.

  4. This kind of poisoning sometimes takes place from the absorption of decomposed exudation in diphtheria, and, though rarely, from decomposing organic products collected in the lungs.

  5. Decomposing or modifying by the application of electricity.

  6. Blood-poisoning from the absorption of decomposing pus or "matter.

  7. Others that had lain perhaps scores of years in the wet underbush had decayed and rotted, leaving rich masses of decomposing vegetation, from which trees had sprung that in their turn also must fall and suffer the same change.

  8. In commencing operations, the electrolytic vessels are charged with a solution of common salt, through which a current of electricity is then passed, thus decomposing or splitting up the salt into its elements, chlorine and sodium.

  9. Boron phospho-di-iodide is a very hygroscopic substance, moisture rapidly decomposing it.

  10. Footnote 25: Sternberg's careful experimentation seems to show the identity of Neisser's gonococcus with the Micrococcus ureæ, commonly found in decomposing urine.

  11. In diphtheritic ulcerations, and in endometritis due to decomposing remains of the ovum, the load condition is often complicated by the invasion of the neighboring tissues.

  12. Latterly, attention has been called by Selmi and other observers to the existence of complex compounds called ptomaïnes in decomposing animal substances--e.

  13. Bergmann in 1868 sought to determine the poisonous element contained in decomposing animal substances, and for this purpose chemically treated putrid fluids, hoping to find the agent that would excite all symptoms of septic poisoning.

  14. There is no doubt that the soluble and more active (caustic) forms of alkaline bodies exert a powerful decomposing and solvent action on peat.

  15. The gas that bubbles up through the water of a peat-bog, especially if the decomposing matters at the bottom be stirred, consists largely of marsh gas and nitrogen, often with but a small proportion of carbonic acid.

  16. The bodies that separate from the decomposing vegetable matter are carbonic acid gas, carburetted hydrogen (marsh gas), nitrogen gas, and water.

  17. It is on account of the formation of soda and carbonate of soda from the lime and salt mixture, that this mixture exerts a more powerful decomposing action than lime alone.

  18. From the above it is seen that in soils containing little decomposing organic matters--as the forest sub-soils--the quantity of carbonic acid is no greater than that contained in an equal bulk of the atmosphere.

  19. He eats human flesh but not the diseased livers of geese and he prefers his meat decomposing as some like their game.

  20. The poison is simply the decomposing matter of dead men or animals.

  21. Now this trick of decomposing continuous motion into successive pictures like the kinetoscope and decomposing continuous space into successive spots like the printing process, is the way we do our thinking.

  22. Lavoisier's experiments proved the same, by the endless variety in the residue and product, from decomposing and recomposing the same water several times.

  23. They lay about on rotten grass and straw, on rags and scraps; they were covered with vermin and filth and surrounded by the decomposing bodies of their comrades.

  24. The towns and villages were filled with the smoke of burning houses and the stench of decomposing corpses.

  25. These Orchids and Monotropa have their roots and underground stems covered and wrapped round by the fungus threads, which extend from them in every direction, breaking up and decomposing the dead leaves.

  26. In a third kind of meter the chemical effect of the current is brought into play-- that of Edison, for example, decomposing sulphate of copper, or more commonly of zinc.

  27. It appears from these facts that electricity has the power of disturbing or decomposing the neutral state of a neighbouring conductor, and attracting the unlike while it repels the like induced charge.

  28. Added to the danger from the thousands of decomposing bodies both of men and of beasts, which still lie under ruined houses and along the gulf shore, is the danger from the unflushed sewers and closets in the city.

  29. A pestilence is feared from the decomposing animal matter lying everywhere.

  30. The chief danger of pestilence was due almost entirely to the large number of unburied cattle lying upon the island, whose decomposing carcasses polluted the air to an almost unbearable extent.

  31. Some tracts, hundreds of yards wide, were covered with a layer of dead fish on which they were compelled to trudge and which formed a mass of decomposing flesh with an intolerable stench to it.

  32. Were they going to leave him to die of starvation and asphyxia, in this huddle of sticky, decomposing flesh, above which floated the inarticulate plaint of death?

  33. By operating on the hydrate in a bent tube hermetically sealed, Mr. Faraday found it easy, after decomposing it by a heat of 100 deg.

  34. In the above experiments a small chip of wood was employed as the decomposing agent.

  35. No living animal besides man could stand such a trial; no other could breathe for hours, and day after day, like these workmen, an atmosphere so charged with decomposing impurities.

  36. As the chloride of lime and the products of its decomposing action upon infectious matters may be hurtful to cattle, these matters have to be carefully washed off by a second and final flushing.

  37. With the intention of avoiding this solubility of the gases as much as possible, I arranged the decomposing plates in a vertical position (707.

  38. During all the time there was scarcely a trace of decomposing action of the fluoride, and what did occur, seemed referable to the air and moisture of the atmosphere, and not to electrolytic action.

  39. When Sir Humphry Davy uses more particular expressions, he seems to refer the decomposing effects to the attractions of the poles.

  40. But as far as the effects can be understood, he refers them to the opposite electrical states of the portions of the decomposing substance in the neighbourhood of the two poles.

  41. Diluted sulphuric acid, of different strengths, was introduced into different decomposing apparatus, and submitted simultaneously to the action of the same electric current (714.

  42. The ice was now removed, and experiments made with other solid bodies, for which purpose they were placed under the end of the decomposing wire instead of the solution of iodide of potassium (125.

  43. The superior decomposing power of a battery over a single pair of plates is rendered evident in two ways.

  44. Arrangements were then made in which no metallic communication with the decomposing matter was allowed, but both poles (if they might now be called by that name) formed of air only.

  45. On removing the decomposing apparatus and interposing a galvanometer instead, heating the points e as the needle would swing one way, and removing the heat during the time of its return (302.

  46. Iodine was evolved at the anode, and alkali at the cathode, of the decomposing body.

  47. So, that, if in a battery of fifty pairs of plates, ten of the cells contain a weaker charge than the others, it is as if ten decomposing plates were opposed to the transit of the current of forty pairs of generating plates (1031.

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