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Example sentences for "headboard"

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  1. The headboard of this immense bed rose several inches above the numerous cushions which still further enriched it by the good taste of their harmonious tints.

  2. A candle was burning behind the headboard on a table, and another on a commode near the door.

  3. She couldn't tell, positively, but surely, surely it looked as if it might once have been the headboard of an ancient bed.

  4. The headboard of a bed against a wall,' is pretty practical, and doesn't seem to mean anything else.

  5. Perhaps it was merely a pocket of leather or canvas, that hung behind the headboard of his own bed.

  6. Anything in reference to the headboard of a bedstead caught Patty's attention, and she read the paragraph over again.

  7. This carved oak chimney-piece is, I have reason to believe, the headboard of some magnificent, ancient bed.

  8. I recall sitting by one that was thickly covered with grass and without a headboard while I ate my evening meal, and of sleeping by it at night.

  9. A tall, rank growth, and a low, half-sunken headboard are seen against the sky in which lingers yet a red flush of the twilight.

  10. Defn: A board or boarding which marks or forms the head of anything; as, the headboard of a bed; the headboard of a grave.

  11. Striding toward the bedstead, he seized hold of the headboard and tried to move it out into the center of the room.

  12. It was evident that the assassin was in doubt, since the headboard shaded the bed, as to whether the eldest brother or the little girl was stretched before him.

  13. But after she had hidden herself behind the headboard of the bed, he came forward and ate up the flies without stopping to take a breath between gulps.

  14. This headboard is one of the best preserved in the cemetery; the black letters stand out as clear and bright as if just executed, but the white paint has nearly disappeared.

  15. Wood headboard is in good state of preservation.

  16. He looked at the headboard intently a long time, partly because the Irish voice had come from that direction, and partly because he was afraid to look round toward the table.

  17. He looked up at the ornamental figure carved on the rich headboard of his bed as if he suspected that the headboard of English walnut had spoken in Irish.

  18. Beds were large, and mostly of the arcaded headboard type.

  19. They were of great size with a high headboard supporting a very heavy cornice, the other end of which was borne by posts set at the lower corners and often detached from the bottom of the bed.

  20. The other headboard was the same, except that the name "Bill Robbins" had been inserted.

  21. One, with Bill Robbins' headboard over it, was covered with a mound of earth.

  22. He bent again over the headboard that bore that name and as if to reinforce the senses of sight and hearing ran his forefinger along the rudely carved letters.

  23. The Son But the headboard of mother's bed is pushed Against the attic door: the door is nailed.

  24. I made him nail the door shut, And push the headboard of the bed against it.

  25. She ran into her cabin and scrouged behind the headboard of a bed.

  26. I remember having the utmost confidence in the headboard of my bed, which was toward the window.

  27. The soldiers fired haphazard in the windows and the wardrobe in which my clothes were hanging caught seven bullets and the headboard of my bed, four.

  28. If it had been placed as it should have been, the high headboard would have sheltered me.

  29. To support the inside stem-piece, some form of headboard was usually fitted near each end after the sheathing was in place.

  30. The ends of the gunwales were supported by a narrow headboard sharply bellied toward the end of the canoe.

  31. This complicated bending of the stem-piece, in conjunction with use of a headboard and a brace member, served to stiffen the end structure sufficiently to meet the requirements of service.

  32. Many canoes had the space between the headboard and the stem-piece stuffed with shavings, moss, or other dry material to help mold the bark to form beyond the sheathing in the ends.

  33. The headboard was in the form of a rounded ~V~ that was widest at midheight, at the gunwales, which were let into its sides.

  34. At the bow the gunwales are bent around a horizontal headboard tenoned over the stem head but at the stern there is no headboard.

  35. The end section developed into a tumble-home form, so that a section through the top of the headboard was rather oval.

  36. The purpose of the headboard was to strengthen the stem-piece, and in many cases it was an integral member of the end structure itself and helped to maintain its form.

  37. The headboards were sometimes stepped on the unsplit heel of the stem-piece; a notch was made in the bottom of the headboard to allow this.

  38. The berths were flat, naked wooden shelves thirty inches wide, separated by a partition headboard six inches high and without railing in front.

  39. In these sections passengers spread their beds, sleeping heads together, separated only by a headboard six inches high.

  40. A headboard was considered almost indispensable, although it is absent in some cases.

  41. As we have just said, Charles uttered these words in a low tone, yet Henry thought he heard behind the headboard something like a dull exclamation of anger.

  42. This farthingale hung every night from a hook which was secured by a padlock behind the headboard of her bed.

  43. It was the headboard that had forced her struggle for composure.

  44. Mormon carefully adjusted the headboard he had fashioned from a thick plank, to be carved later when the lettering was decided upon.

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