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  1. These Irish representatives of the Covenanters were in the west almost what the Puritans were in the northeast, and more than the Cavaliers were in the south.

  2. Of course, the Cavaliers no more formed the bulk of the Virginia people than they did of Rupert's armies; but the squires and yeomen who went to make up the mass took their tone from their leaders.

  3. They reflected with almost greater bitterness the jealousy with which the older English cavaliers regarded those who had gained their influence at Court by a belated, and, it might be held, selfish, adherence to the Restoration schemes.

  4. Were the older cavaliers to be uppermost, and with them was Episcopacy to be restored?

  5. But when the Cavaliers came back, after the Puritan interregnum, they restored not in the style of Pugin but in the style of Wren.

  6. The Cavaliers also were aristocrats of the new classical culture, and used the word Gothic in the sense of barbaric.

  7. The Puritans defaced them, but the Cavaliers did not truly defend them.

  8. For six months the steel-clad cavaliers withstood the assaults of the Ottoman hosts, and their ponderous battle axes swept down the infidel assailers by scores.

  9. I remarked that sometimes the Emperor could with difficulty repress a smile as he witnessed the awkward appearance made by these cavaliers from the Ukraine, above all when they attempted to put on airs.

  10. To which may be added many other cavaliers whose names at present I cannot remember, all personages of influence and respectability.

  11. In this resolution they were backed by other cavaliers who were at variance with the archbishop, who, upon the whole, had many enemies on account of his haughty behaviour and the abuse he made of the important offices he filled.

  12. Cortes embarks with all his cavaliers and soldiers in order to sail along the south side of the island to the Havannah, and sends off one of the vessels to go around the north coast for the same port.

  13. It was upon this occasion also that Orteguilla explained to him the rank of every individual soldier, who were cavaliers and who were not, and many other things the monarch wished to know.

  14. Narvaez followed this counsel, which Olmedo had merely advised to vex all his cavaliers and soldiers.

  15. Cortes's occupations at Trinidad, and of the cavaliers and warriors who there joined our expedition, and other matters.

  16. When Cortes, therefore, beheld all these cavaliers together, his heart leaped with joy, and he sent off another ship for a further supply of provisions to the promontory of Guaniguanico, where Velasquez had landed property.

  17. The next morning early we attended mass, after which we marched to our vessels accompanied by the governor and a number of cavaliers in honorable escort.

  18. Among the great body of cavaliers in this place, every one strove hardest to have Cortes for his guest.

  19. Some cavaliers certainly mentioned Vasco Porcallo, a captain of great renown, and related to the earl of Feria, who, it was said, would shortly arrive to take the command.

  20. Though it may, perhaps, be rather out of place here, I must answer a question which has been put to me by several cavaliers respecting Alonso de Avila, with whom they were well acquainted.

  21. The maddest imaginings of the poets, the most fantastic tales of knightly wanderings and successes, seem slight beside the exploits of these daring, dauntless, heartless cavaliers of Spain.

  22. Sandoval, Ordaz, and the other cavaliers dashed into the water.

  23. It seemed almost an act of desperation; but the generous hearts of the Spanish cavaliers did not stop to calculate danger, when the cry for succour reached them.

  24. The cavaliers again set the example by plunging into the water.

  25. On the opposite side of the Court of Lions is the hall of the Abencerrages, so called from the gallant cavaliers of that illustrious line, who were here perfidiously massacred.

  26. The cavaliers found Alvarado unhorsed, and defending himself with a poor handful of followers against an overwhelming tide of the enemy.

  27. There were individual acts of valor, as heroic and soul-stirring as those of the old Cavaliers renowned in story and song, where all the energies of life were centred in one moment.

  28. Pizarro and the principal cavaliers went into mourning, and the troops listened with devout attention to the service of the dead from the lips of Father Valverde.

  29. It was arranged among the three associates, that the two cavaliers should contribute their little stock towards defraying the expenses of the armament, but by far the greater part of the funds was to be furnished by Luque.

  30. Pizarro, after seeing his best and bravest fall round him, was set upon by three or four cavaliers at once.

  31. Several of these, and among them some of the principal cavaliers in Panama, as well as in the squadron, expressed their willingness to join the royal cause, and aid the president in maintaining it.

  32. It required but little effort on the part of these cooler counsellors to convince the cavaliers of the folly of a conduct which must at once terminate the expedition in a manner little creditable to its projectors.

  33. Several of the vanquished cavaliers took refuge in the churches of Quito.

  34. Directing his course, at once, to Chicama, the two cavaliers soon had the satisfaction of embracing each other, and recounting their several exploits and escapes.

  35. The two cavaliers then continued their march until they extricated their forces from the sierra, when, taking up a secure position, they proposed to await there the arrival of Pizarro.

  36. But these cavaliers whom you shave--they speak to you, I suppose?

  37. He saw actually, and with his own eyes, those Spanish cavaliers and ladies whom he had beheld in imagination in that immortal story of Cervantes, which had been the delight of his youthful leisure.

  38. She followed him with trembling eyes; she saw him stop in the midst of the group of cavaliers who preceded the carriages, and who received him with their hats off.

  39. When it dispersed, of the six cavaliers and six horses but three men and three animals were on their legs.

  40. The foremost cavaliers passed rapidly through the crowd, pistols in hand, suspecting that something unusual was going on; but the postilion, who drove the horses of the first carriage, ran upon the stone and fell.

  41. It appears to me that I see upon yonder bastion several cavaliers in red uniforms who greatly resemble your light horse whom we thought to be killed.

  42. The voice is the first; she is the lady; the instruments, on the contrary, are the cavaliers who shall conduct the former before the public.

  43. Boabdil and his principal cavaliers should take an oath of fealty to the Castilian crown, and certain valuable territories in the Alpujarra mountains should be assigned to the Moorish monarch for his maintenance.

  44. In the heat of the action a panic seized upon them; they fled, leaving their sovereign exposed with his handful of cavaliers to an overwhelming force.

  45. The grandees and cavaliers now knelt and kissed the hands of the King and Queen and the prince Juan, and congratulated them on the acquisition of so great a kingdom, after which the royal procession returned in state to Santa Fé.

  46. Boabdil, at the head of the cavaliers of his guard, displayed the utmost valor, mingling in the fight in various parts of the field, and endeavoring to inspirit the foot soldiers in the combat.

  47. The Christian cavaliers well knew the harebrained valor of Hernando del Pulgar, yet not one hesitated to step forward.

  48. Finding the Christian King forbore to make an attack, Musa incited his cavaliers to challenge the youthful chivalry of the Christian army to single combat or partial skirmishes.

  49. The other cavaliers followed his example, and the battle instantly became general.

  50. Musa and his cavaliers in vain endeavored to rally them.

  51. Here the sovereigns were met by the unfortunate Boabdil, accompanied by about fifty cavaliers and domestics.

  52. Among the Moorish cavaliers was one named Yarfe, renowned for his great strength and daring spirit; but whose courage partook of fierce audacity rather than chivalric heroism.

  53. His devoted band of cavaliers followed him in gloomy silence; but heavy sighs burst from their bosoms as shouts of joy and strains of triumphant music were borne on the breeze from the victorious army.

  54. The Moorish cavaliers gazed with a silent agony of tenderness and grief upon that delicious abode, the scene of their loves and pleasures.

  55. He said no more, but passed mournfully on along the same road by which the Spanish cavaliers had come, descending to the vega to meet the Catholic sovereigns.

  56. These Cavaliers were a noble race of men.

  57. He allowed England, and her Puritan sons at the North, from the love of gain, to become the willing instruments, to force African slaves upon the Cavaliers of the South.

  58. They twisted waxed moustaches, and their coursers cantered to and fro in the gay parade, and among them only the charro cavaliers with a glitter of spangle let one guess that this could be Mexico.

  59. The toughened Boone gazed on the bright morning parade of ravishing shoppers and ogling cavaliers with the unterrified innocence of a child, or of an American.

  60. I glanced over my shoulder, and saw the cavaliers of Hampton coming on with drawn sabre.

  61. And with a laugh, which the general and his gay cavaliers echoed, I touched my gray with the spur, and set out toward the south.

  62. The comedy evidently afforded all engaged in it immense enjoyment--and the cavaliers humoring the angelic maid-servants, gravely advanced toward the table.

  63. They had struck the Central railroad, but the gray cavaliers were close on them.

  64. The hats of cavaliers and the caps of the workmen were all doffed, and Pocahontas acknowledged their courtesy with great dignity.

  65. As we advanced, groups and couples of cavaliers and carts and wagons joined the line of march from outlying farms, so that when we reached the rendezvous we must have formed a body of two hundred strong, or more.

  66. Among the cavaliers there were stalwart men and fair damsels--also little boys and girls, prancing in anxiety to get away.

  67. Might one not screw the neck of this base prince, who abuses the confidence of cavaliers so perfidiously?

  68. But at this motion ten or a dozen of the foremost among the young cavaliers started forward in advance of the Landgrave, in part forming a half-circle about his person, and in part commanding the open doorway.

  69. The Cavaliers clamoured for the return of the exiled House.

  70. A combination of Cavaliers and Patriots passed the Act of Security.

  71. They saw Minchmoor, too, and recalled Montrose and his cavaliers scurrying Tweedwards.

  72. Stockport was held first by one party, then by the other, as the respective fortunes of the Cavaliers and Roundheads ebbed and flowed.

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