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Example sentences for "clairvoyant"

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  1. It is difficult for those who are not clairvoyant to understand what those who are clairvoyant describe, often with the most extraordinary precision and detail.

  2. Swedenborg, it will be remembered, also had a clairvoyant vision of a fire at a great distance.

  3. I shut my eyes and waited for sleep to come; instead of sleep, however, there came to me a succession of curiously vivid clairvoyant pictures.

  4. No doubt a clairvoyant could see their astrals keeping their silent watch by the dead.

  5. Unfortunately for myself I am not a clairvoyant, but on one occasion I had an experience which enabled me to understand something of clairvoyant vision.

  6. Mr. Browning's great uncle's studs brought vividly to the mind of the clairvoyant a smell of blood, and recalled all the particulars of the crime of which they had been silent witnesses.

  7. Clairvoyance is closely related to the phenomenon of the Double, for the clairvoyant seems to have either the faculty of transporting herself to distant places, or of bringing the places within range of her sight.

  8. The most remarkable experiment in clairvoyant detection that I have ever come across is told by Dr.

  9. Disavowing any especial clairvoyant ability, she yet achieved marvelous results from the Ouija Board.

  10. Carly Harper's face was frank and honest; she had no effect of mystery or clairvoyant power, and Zizi was bewildered.

  11. It requires no adept knowledge, but simply the natural gift of a good clairvoyant subject to see them passing to and fro, from man to objects and vice versa like a bluish lambent flame.

  12. The now familiar phenomenon of clairvoyant prevision, amply furnishing a natural explanation of the prophetic utterance without any unscientific theory of miracle, the laugh of certain Orientalists seems uncalled for.

  13. The old clairvoyant gaze, which he had not seen on her face for many years, returned.

  14. Again Rachel bent on her the same clairvoyant gaze which had so embarrassed her before.

  15. The thought itself appears first to clairvoyant sight as a vibration in the mental body, and this may be either simple or complex.

  16. His results resemble closely those arrived at by clairvoyant theosophists and others, and the general unanimity on the subject is sufficient to establish the fact, if the evidence be judged by the usual canons applied to human testimony.

  17. Its peculiar brownish-green colour at once indicates to the practised clairvoyant that it is an expression of jealousy, and its curious shape shows the eagerness with which the man is watching its object.

  18. Anything like inaccuracy in rendering naturally leaves a corresponding defect in the form, so that the exact character of the performance shows itself just as clearly to the clairvoyant spectator as it does to the auditor.

  19. He says that my clairvoyant faculty must be trained before it can be of any use.

  20. It was Alice who broke the spell of confused hatred, as, in spite of her clairvoyant faculty, she was apparently ignorant of the thunder in the air.

  21. But her clairvoyant power being in abeyance, she did not guess this, and so far as she was aware, only the strength of her love for Douglas enabled her to battle against the dark influences which tried hard to sap her strength.

  22. He will only make use of her clairvoyant powers, so she will suffer little.

  23. But this probably was imagination, as he was not sufficiently clairvoyant either to see or hear or feel the unseen.

  24. Therefore it was absolutely necessary that the latent clairvoyant powers of the girl should be brought to the surface and trained, if the safety of the Black Magician and his pupil was to be assured.

  25. But added to the ordinary feminine intuition she possessed a subtle clairvoyant instinct, undeveloped though it was, and without any positive proof she would have staked her existence on Eberstein's being a really good and helpful man.

  26. She might fall in love with him and that would in a great measure destroy her clairvoyant powers.

  27. I am not clairvoyant to the extent of remembering my former incarnations, nor can I--as some can--consciously leave my physical body at will and return to it with a recollection of what I have seen.

  28. The Adversary had withdrawn his protection, as Don Pablo knew in some mysterious way which he declined to explain to the Squire, so now was the time to put forth the dark influence of evil and make use of the girl's clairvoyant powers.

  29. Alice is quite ignorant of the use made of her clairvoyant powers last night.

  30. But none of them possess such great clairvoyant powers as I do, and that is why I am valuable to you.

  31. Death is here," she said at length, without removing her gaze from the burning logs, and Montrose knew enough of her clairvoyant powers not to exclaim at the weird remark.

  32. Yet the sound was quite distinct, and Enistor ardently wished that he was sufficiently clairvoyant to see who was present.

  33. Of course the marriage with the Spaniard, by making possible the training of Alice's clairvoyant powers, would soon disclose this last.

  34. As the contents of both were identical, a clairvoyant Spirit that could answer No.

  35. You have a clairvoyant streak in your Scotch blood?

  36. Then the letters of the word floated before his eyes; and finally he consciously saw the full sign stretching across two windows: "Madame le Claire, Clairvoyant and Occultist.

  37. It had been agreed between them that the clairvoyant was to describe "their house"--both were satisfied that she had; but one was thinking of the town and the other of the country house!

  38. The clairvoyant said that we were arm in arm talking.

  39. The clairvoyant writers have greatly the advantage of the sceptics in one respect, viz.

  40. She is now getting into the clairvoyant state.

  41. The last time I done straight clairvoyant work, it was in a family hotel with three rooms and a bath and breakfast in bed.

  42. She was absolutely clairvoyant to-night, and this time he fairly cried out, "Stop it!

  43. As a matter of fact, as all developed occultists know, the aura really extends very much further than even the best clairvoyant vision can perceive it, and its psychic influence is perceptible at quite a distance in many cases.

  44. Remember, this is simply a matter of trained ordinary sight,--not clairvoyant vision.

  45. In this book, I speak of the human aura, and its colors, as being perceived by astral or clairvoyant vision, for this is the way in which it is perceived and studied by the occultist.

  46. To the highly developed clairvoyant vision, the human aura is seen to be composed of all the colors of the spectrum, the combinations of colors differing in various persons, and constantly shifting in the case of every person.

  47. The clairvoyant seats herself before the writers, and the medium rubs her forehead with a handkerchief to put her in a trance.

  48. Then the clairvoyant takes it from her forehead to see if she was right.

  49. He believed (and had already made curious experiments to prove it) that animals were more often, and more truly, clairvoyant than human beings.

  50. At the same time, you have become clairvoyant in the true sense.

  51. It is indeed," returned John Silence significantly, "and if all the people nowadays who claim to be clairvoyant were really so, the statistics of suicide and lunacy would be considerably higher than they are.

  52. The true clairvoyant deplores his power, recognising that it adds a new horror to life, and is in the nature of an affliction.

  53. On the day of the battle of Bothwell Brig, Mr. Cameron, minister of Lochend, in remote Kintyre, had a clairvoyant view of the fight.

  54. The free spirit of the clairvoyant in bondage meets other spirits in its wanderings.

  55. A clairvoyant dream is recorded on the authority of 'Dr.

  56. A clairvoyant dream was also vouchsafed to Dr.

  57. Scheffer is copious on the clairvoyant feats of Lapps in trance.

  58. Another clairvoyant feat is to read the contents of a sealed envelope, provided the contents are not a folded letter.

  59. I speak here of the simple clairvoyant practice of taking a sealed envelope which contains only a strip of written paper, pressing it to the forehead and reading the contents.

  60. Probably in the end, or after a time, the sitter will tell people how the clairvoyant saw the form of her darling child "at once.

  61. A sitting was arranged, and the lady, who wore a mask, gave a clairvoyant demonstration that could not be surpassed in all the annals of Spiritualism.

  62. Mrs. Thompson is another clairvoyant and automatic writer who has been much appreciated by modern Spiritualists.

  63. To be clairaudient is simply to be able to lay hold upon a different set of pulsations in the ether, and to be clairvoyant is to perceive directly without the aid of the eye, which is only a little camera, after all.

  64. She had become clairvoyant also, and saw many forms about the room.

  65. I have never come across any other clairvoyant who has seen them, though I have read that many do so.

  66. I have added the experience of a clairvoyant officer in the company of the girls upon the third and unsuccessful attempt to get photographs.

  67. The beard in the little gnome seems to me to be some sort of insect-like appendage, though it would, no doubt, be called a beard by a clairvoyant seeing him.

  68. To the clairvoyant the new spirit seems like a filmy outline.

  69. If that be so--and it would not seem to be a very far-fetched proposition--we have at once an explanation both of psychic photographs and of the visions of the clairvoyant seer.

  70. In the resurrection we shall see our friends for ever as we see them in these clairvoyant hours.

  71. Could some friendly power once have made her at that time clairvoyant and shown her the reality of the man whom she was seeing through the prismatic glass of her own enkindled ideality!

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