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Example sentences for "conjures"

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conjurations; conjure; conjured; conjurer; conjurers; conjuring; conjuro; conjuror; conjurors; conk
  1. But the greatest dread of the mariners in these seas is the shark --that rapacious and terrific monster whose very name conjures up a train of horrors.

  2. The assembly conjures all future synods not to load the Churches with a multitude of ordinances, "seeing that where orders abound, disorder superabounds.

  3. But the Emperor conjures you not to permit yourselves to be led astray by him, and to contribute rather to the happy issue of this national assembly.

  4. Our Divine Master not only conjures us to forgive our brother for His sake, but also makes it our own infinite interest so to do, promising to pardon us our immense debts in the same manner as we pardon others.

  5. The opportunity of murdering the King immediately offers; the wife of Macbeth conjures him not to let it slip; she urges him on with a fiery eloquence, which has at command all those sophisms that serve to throw a false splendour over crime.

  6. How bold and powerful the language of his poetry when he conjures the ghost of his father, when he spurs himself on to the bloody deed, when he thunders into the soul of his mother!

  7. He is keenly interested in the barbarities of the peasant wars of the Middle Ages; he conjures up the age of Charles IX.

  8. Quick the hero, Lemminkainen, Conjures there of ice a passage From one border to the other, Thus escapes his second danger, Thus his second trouble passes.

  9. With half a dozen homely touches Verga conjures up the life of a Sicilian village and strikes out his characters in bold outline.

  10. Across the way is Parliament, and this conjures up a long train of events of vast import.

  11. These epochs are so well marked that history has given them a designation, and to call them by their name, conjures up, as by the wand of an enchanter, the heroic representatives of our race.

  12. Gratitude, worse than witchcraft, conjures up the pale, meagre ghosts of dead forgotten kindnesses to haunt and trouble [his memory].

  13. It is Clara, at the table of Wolmar; where the child, with such simplicity, conjures up the infantine but almost perfect semblance of the dead.

  14. What scenes this history of an inanimate object conjures up to the mind's eye.

  15. The name of Solyman conjures up visions of the glowing glory of the Eastern Empire, of the force and vigour of Islam, for Selim had enjoined upon his son to carry war into the countries that professed the faith of the Cross.

  16. Indeed I dislike the idea that those I have loved are immortal in any real sense; it conjures up dim uncomfortable drifting phantoms, that have no kindred with the flesh and blood I knew.

  17. It is true also on the former side that for the great majority of people one knows personally, any sort of household but a monogamous one conjures up painful and unpleasant visions.

  18. A fire not to be quenched, he yet conjures us not to fan and feed the flame.

  19. Conjures the wand'ring stars, and makes them stand Like wonder-wounded hearers?

  20. What black magician conjures up this fiend To stop devoted charitable deeds?

  21. She conjures you not to go to Rambouillet, as your lady of honor, and the friend of your mother; she even forbids your doing so.

  22. Our names, our virgin names, I find cut out on several of the old elm trees: this conjures up a thousand pleasing ideas, and brings back those days when we were inseparable.

  23. There is something of the icy aloofness of the laboratory in him, even when the images he conjures up pulsate with the very glow of life.

  24. His mind works upon a colossal scale; he conjures up the general out of the particular.

  25. He is saluted king by his partisans; he sends ambassadors in every direction, he conjures them to adhere firmly to their promise.

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