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  1. They have studied food from a hygienic point of view, and they watch the effect of every mouthful.

  2. Arnaud de Villeneuve examines seriously the advantages of this Hygienic custom.

  3. But this latter fact is probably due to poor nourishment and bad hygienic conditions rendering the poorer classes more susceptible to tuberculosis.

  4. It will then be possible to carry out hygienic measures easily, which to-day can be carried out only at a great expense and insufficiently, and often only in the residential quarters of the wealthy classes.

  5. Hygienic and ethnological conditions of the German Empire.

  6. Rubner, an authority on hygiene, professor at the University of Berlin, and director of the Hygienic Institute, expresses a similar opinion.

  7. How insufficient, for instance, are the hygienic institutions in most stables, how inadequate are the provisions made for the feeding and care of the cattle and poultry!

  8. Complete hygienic protection was incompatible with the conditions of patrol duty.

  9. But hygienic arrangements were almost prehistoric, and although politeness itself, mine host and hostess showed strange nonchalance towards their guests.

  10. The hygienic and atmospheric effects of the Eucalyptus globulus in Algeria are hardly more striking than the amelioration wrought here in a natural way.

  11. In this institution intemperance is not regarded as a disease, which may be cured through hygienic or medical treatment, but as a sin, which must be repented of, resisted and overcome through the help of God.

  12. With the co-operation of the patient, and such medicinal remedies and hygienic and sanitary measures as may be required, the most hopeful results may be confidently looked for.

  13. One who executes or performs; a doer; as, an executor of baseness.

  14. He [the teacher] himself should have his desk on a mounted estrade or platform.

  15. Then this land was famously enriched With politic grave counsel.

  16. All the scruples of an apostle of hygienic dress, all the uneasiness of an economist at the prospect of unpaid bills, disappeared before the pleasure of a young woman face to face with an extremely pretty reflection in a pier-glass.

  17. Her clothes were made on hygienic principles which she treated as a branch of morals, and she often refused to offer the small change of polite society because it weighed somewhat light in the scales of truth.

  18. The absence of good drainage and inattention to hygienic rules will in part account for the bad repute that the port has among the shipping masters who frequent the coast.

  19. The hygienic map of a State is quite as valuable as its geological map, and it is the business of every practising physician to know it thoroughly.

  20. These may be useful in prudent hands, but how insignificant compared to the great hygienic conditions!

  21. The Therapeutics of Gynæcology and Obstetrics, comprising the Medical, Dietetic and Hygienic Treatment of Diseases of Women as set forth by Contemporary Specialists.

  22. The Therapeutics of Gynæcology and Obstetrics, comprising the Medical, Dietetic and Hygienic Treatment of Diseases of Women, as set forth by distinguished contemporary Specialists.

  23. With an Appendix on the Common Ailments of Infancy, with their Hygienic and Curative Treatment.

  24. Contribution to the Hygienic Treatment of Paralysis, and of Paralytic Deformities.

  25. He will be with us tonight, so this is your chance to turn the stream of his benevolence into more hygienic channels.

  26. If you had started me with a modern asylum, equipped with nice, clean, hygienic cottages and everything in running order, I couldn't have stood the monotony of its perfect clockwork.

  27. From the parapet they passed to the fire-escapes and through the labyrinth of chimney stacks to a similar window leading into the top storey of 94, the office of Mr. Algernon Mainwaring, Hygienic Corset-maker.

  28. In view, therefore, of the superior hygienic conditions, together with intelligent medical care, it is not surprising that seemingly marvellous cures should result, especially of impressionable persons affected with nervous disorders.

  29. This was supplemented by practical therapeutic and hygienic treatment, such as baths, friction of the skin, and a strict diet.

  30. Meanwhile, hygienic or medical treatment may be used to correct the accompanying physical defects.

  31. Conditions of nutrition, which are always accompanied by a combination of other hygienic conditions all tending toward the same effects, have also an influence upon the development of puberty.

  32. Such individuals ought, like the macrosceles, to live under the necessary and perpetual tyranny of a hygienic regime, adapted to correct or to diminish the morbid predispositions associated with the organism.

  33. In America at the present time the hygienic rule of sleeping at night, winter and summer, with the windows open, is gaining ground, and even the practice of sleeping in the open air.

  34. Good hygienic surroundings, good feed, with alteratives and tonics, frequently ameliorate the symptoms, and often do so to such an extent that the animal would pass the examination of any expert as a perfectly sound animal.

  35. But osteoporosis may occur on rich, fertile soil, in the most hygienic stables, and in animals receiving the best of care and of bone-forming feeds with a proper amount of mineral salts in the drinking water.

  36. In treatment hygienic measures occupy a front rank, but are in themselves insufficient to establish a cure.

  37. Among hygienic measures, I have several times found relief follow a sojourn at the sea-shore, and ocean bathing.

  38. I have seen a number of cases which had resisted all hygienic measures, and the simple removal of the apparent cause, yield to a few doses of this remedy.

  39. Chief among them are embraced those measures which tend to improve the general health of the patient, and which are chiefly of a hygienic character.

  40. The schoolroom and the nursery displayed a triumph of judicious shopping and arrangement, the best of German and French and English things had been blended into a harmony at once hygienic and pedagogic and humanly charming.

  41. There is undoubtedly a hygienic case of a certain force against wool.

  42. Dormitories are in defiance of hygienic rules.

  43. Also, if it is always more or less smelly, it is contrived on sound hygienic principles.

  44. But such essential furniture, from a hygienic point of view, as benches with backs had been provided, for it is considered by the national educational authorities that kneeling in the Japanese manner is inimical to physical development.

  45. Japanese dress, easy, hygienic and artistic though it is, and admirably suited for wearing in Japanese dwellings, is ill adapted for modern business life, not to speak of factory conditions.

  46. Kuwata concerning bad food and "defiance of hygienic rules," see Appendix XLII.

  47. The inspection of kit, from a sanitary point of view, is another important phase of the hygienic question.

  48. Under ordinary circumstances no special constitutional treatment is necessary beyond that of securing good hygienic surroundings, easily digested food, restricted at first, and free action of the bowels.

  49. The treatment, besides local rest and heat, consists of the administration of antirheumatic remedies and hygienic precautions.

  50. The most essential features in the conduct of these cases are rest and the establishment of ideal hygienic conditions.

  51. Because he had no natural resistance, he received no benefit from such hygienic measures as serve to arrest the disease in the Caucasian.

  52. He lived a very hygienic existence, having excellent food and sleeping outdoors, but still he was often sick.

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