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Example sentences for "hygienists"

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  1. Hygienists agree in pronouncing grapes as among the best of fruits.

  2. The carrot has been classed by hygienists among flatulent vegetables, and as difficult of digestion.

  3. Brand, are accurate analytical instruments, and consequently quite delicate, and not easily manipulated by hygienists of middling experience.

  4. In self defense, I must make it very clear from the first word that hygienists and most other naturopaths of various persuasions, and especially I myself, have never in the past, never!

  5. One pithy old saying among hygienists goes, "if the body can't heal itself, nothing can heal it.

  6. What concerns me most about medicine today is that there seems to be ever fewer hygienists practicing.

  7. Hygienists usually inform the patient quite clearly and directly that the practitioner has no ability to heal them or cure their condition and that no doctor of any type actually is able to heal.

  8. In the most extreme cases hygienists use their most powerful medicine: a long fast on herb teas, or just water.

  9. The Sheltonite capital "N" Natural capital "H" Hygienists do not recommend any colon cleansing, ever!

  10. Hygienists pay a lot of attention to these organs, the liver especially.

  11. Some of the earlier natural hygienists were opposed to using vitamins.

  12. Hygienists have not paid sufficient attention to the genesis of diseases.

  13. The old-time hygienists defined enervation as a lack of or decline in an unmeasurable phenomena, "nerve energy.

  14. Most hygienists believe that when the colon becomes lined with hardened fecal matter it is permanently and by the very definition of the word itself, constipated.

  15. The hygienists spoke of "the mighty stream of morbid compulsion broadening down to more morbid compulsion.

  16. He denounced the hygienists as heartless experts and showed how science was really a conspiracy in favor of the ruling class.

  17. The hygienists made the great popular mistake of trying to save the stockyards man.

  18. The maternal duty of suckling her own children prescribed to mothers by hygienists is based on a physiological principle: the mother's milk nourishes an infant more perfectly than any other.

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