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Example sentences for "decrees"

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decreases; decreasing; decree; decreed; decreeing; decreet; decreeth; decrement; decrements; decrepid
  1. If by any means thou canst break the harsh decrees of Fate, thou wilt be--Marcellus!

  2. It would be excessively embarrassing for you were it to be altered on this occasion, for the decrees have of late years been very strict about birth.

  3. Would these decrees exclude me from this invitation?

  4. More particularly his Majesty decrees that the august people do declare its will upon the formation of a constitution and other grave matters, by appointing representatives of the Third Estate to the Assembly of the Estates-General.

  5. The two decrees of Rosetta and of Canopus, however, mention reductions granted by the Ptolemies after an insufficient rise of the Nile.

  6. Notwithstanding the two decrees of the senate--Duobus senati decretis.

  7. Can we read in the designs of Providence the blessed decrees which such scenes called forth?

  8. The chief cause of these interruptions was the difficulty of bringing an Irish Parliament, even when composed of Englishmen, as was the case up to 1541, to pass the decrees of supremacy, denial of Roman authority, etc.

  9. Thenceforth it became an engine for the issuing of decrees of persecution.

  10. The Irish, by numerous decrees of English kings and parliaments, were deprived of every thing which a man not guilty of crime has a right to enjoy.

  11. All the decrees of the Parliaments of Henry VIII.

  12. Alcibiades, lying under these heavy decrees and sentences, when he fled from Thurii, passed over into Peloponnesus, and remained some time at Argos.

  13. He boldly defended the decrees of Nice, till at last, tired out with hearing the blasphemies of the heretics, he withdrew to Constantinople.

  14. For the reformation of manners, especially of the clergy, he procured many synods to be held, in which decrees were framed, which are called his Capitula.

  15. The good patriarch, pursuant to the decrees of the synod, restored holy images throughout the extent of his jurisdiction.

  16. Baillet and some others, who, without regard to the decrees of Urban VIII.

  17. The compiler declares that the epithets of Saint and Blessed are never employed in this work, but with entire submission to the decrees of Urban VIII.

  18. He had accordingly, in 349, together with his predecessor Maximus, received the decrees of the council of Sardica, and consequently those of Nice.

  19. After the council he was taken up in concerting measures for carrying its decrees into execution, particularly those relating to the crusade in the East.

  20. Zadig, humbly prostrating himself on the ground, "Hast thou then descended from the empyrean to teach a weak mortal to submit to the eternal decrees of providence?

  21. His decisions and decrees were generally impartial.

  22. It also made inoperative all royal decrees unless the Captain-General chose to sanction them.

  23. La Torre the first printing press was established in Havana in 1747; there were printed the decrees and reports and other official documents of the government, and sometimes matters of general interest were published on loose sheets.

  24. In his colonial administration Espoleto tried to follow the example of Ricla and Buccarelli, ordering the publication of the decrees which they had enacted and which in the course of time had been forgotten, and did his best to enforce them.

  25. The evils produced by these new decrees were set forth in a petition to the king and were amply discussed in the paper.

  26. Their decrees are obeyed with readiness, and the other members of the tribe are rarely called upon to enforce them.

  27. Only a few years after the founding of Manila royal decrees began to issue on the subject of complaints received by the King over the usurpation of lands on the part of the priests.

  28. Royal decrees ordering inquiries into the titles to the estates of the men of poverty and those providing for the education of the natives in Spanish were merely sneered at and left to molder in harmless quiet.

  29. This is what the holy decrees say and he who does not obey will be excommunicated.

  30. Again, when Paul had come to Jerusalem the second time, (fourteen years from the time he met the Apostles in conference where they established the decrees for the churches.

  31. Then to make the prophecy harmonize with the scripture, he must have meant times and laws established by God, because he might think and pass decrees as he has done, but he, nor all the universe could ever change God's times and laws.

  32. But is it not evident from the four first verses in the same chapter of Romans, that Paul is speaking of feast days; giving them again in substance the decrees which had been given by the Apostles in their first conference, in A.

  33. It is important," said a deputy, "that the Assembly should know the decrees of the administrative bodies when they tend to assure public tranquillity.

  34. As if to push the wretched monarch to extremities, the National Assembly passed two decrees which struck him to the heart.

  35. He reminds them of the law, and the decrees forbidding armed gatherings which have been issued by the Commune and the Department.

  36. Four councils were held without his returning the decrees submitted to him for consideration.

  37. He answers simply: "I will do what the Constitution and the decrees ordain that I shall do.

  38. Caesar had conquered and pacified Gaul, and the successors of Augustus fulminated their Imperial {052}decrees against the Druids, as slayers of men, while the same knife continued to shed the blood of the Germans.

  39. How public opinion has stoutly held its own in defiance of all the decrees of the Church.

  40. The just decrees of God have denied me even a friend to close my weary eyes; and my dust must mingle with the dust of strangers, far, far from the sepulchre of my fathers, and the home of my childhood.

  41. Lo, here the wretched Agamemnon stands, The unhappy general of the Grecian bands, Whom Jove decrees with daily cares to bend, And woes, that only with his life shall end!

  42. Thy Juno knows not the decrees of fate, In vain the partner of imperial state.

  43. Thy rage in safety through the files of war: But come it will, the fatal time must come, Not ours the fault, but God decrees thy doom.

  44. Hereupon the King cast aside all cark and care and robed the wizards and dismissed them with splendid honoraria; and he resigned himself to the will of Heaven and acknowledged that the decrees of destiny may not be countervailed.

  45. Also during this night all Divine Decrees for the ensuing year are taken from the Tablet and are given to the angels for execution whilst, the gates of Heaven being open, prayer (as in the text) is sure of success.

  46. As soon, therefore, as the Carlsbad Decrees had been passed, Metternich summoned anew the different States of Germany, to discuss the improvement of this clause.

  47. The soldiers were forbidden to read the National Zeitung; while on the other hand printers and publishers offered to print the decrees of the Assembly without any compensation for loss of time.

  48. There Constitutions had been proclaimed in Bavaria, Wuertemberg, and Saxony; and Metternich resolved to follow up the Carlsbad Decrees by a still more crushing enactment.

  49. These decrees seem a sufficiently crushing engine of despotism; but there still remained a slight obstacle to be removed from Metternich's path.

  50. The years in lengthened course have fled Untroubled o’er the vulture’s head, And now he lies in death, for none The stern decrees of Fate may shun.

  51. So all who see with prudent eyes The hand of Fate must recognize, For virtue rules, or love, or gain, As Fate’s unchanged decrees ordain.

  52. In short, he dares to arraign the decrees of Heaven itself, if it please Providence to make him suffer in a manner which he does not himself approve.

  53. But Rome had its own way of dealing with prophecies and discounting the decrees of destiny.

  54. The senate therefore decrees that you must remove to some point ten miles distant from the coast.

  55. Canute’s command to the tide was not one whit more vain than their verbose decrees hurled against the relentless and irresistible sequence of cause and effect.

  56. Assuredly, we have our food policy, but the essential of it is that the decrees should be executed.

  57. Although they were promulgated long ago, the decrees relative to the distribution of food products by the state never have been executed because the peasants will sell nothing for paper money.

  58. The Bolsheviki have published decrees and articles on education with great freedom, but they have done little else except harm.

  59. The All-Russian Central Executive Committee considers and enacts all measures and proposals introduced by the Soviet of People’s Commissars or by the various departments, and it also issues its own decrees and regulations.

  60. Now that they were in power these madmen hoped that in the twinkling of an eye, by the mere issuance of decrees and manifestoes, they could eradicate the evil thing.

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